Two army officers who attempted to extort money from businessman arrested

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Officers of the Special Task Force of the Hambantota camp in a raid have arrested two army officers for attempting to extort money from a businessman. The two suspects have asked for money from a businessman to obtain the assistance of the high-ranking police officers including the STF commandant for the businessman to continue his sand business without interference. They had asked for extortion money from a sand businessman in the Ethiliwewa area in Thanamalwila. The two suspects have asked for Rs. 500,000 from the businessman and they were arrested when they were going to obtain an advance of Rs. 100,000. One of the suspects is an Army Captain of the Weerawila Army Camp and the other is a Lance Corporal in Thunkama Army Camp. […]

Lord Naseby is Inundated With False and Misleading Claims and Provides an Incorrect Portrayal of the War.

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Opinion Piece About Sri Lanka by British Politician Lord Naseby is Inundated With False and Misleading Claims and Provides an Incorrect Portrayal of the War. By Taylor Dibbert Sri Lanka’s civil war ended tragically in May 2009. Ten years on, the wounds of war remain unhealed. That has significant implications for the country’s future trajectory and ensures that, absent some big changes, a return to violence at some later date cannot be ruled out. Besides, victims and their family members deserve justice. Unfortunately, a recent opinion piece by Lord Naseby, a British politician, is inundated with false and misleading claims. Naseby incorrectly describes how the war ended. He also paints a misleading portrayal of the current state of play. Moreover, his suggestion that the country […]

JVP deserves a chance

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However much and in whichever manner one shuffles the pack of cards in Sri Lankan politics, five jokers constantly appear right at the front: an incompetent Ranil Wickremasinghe (RW), a schizophrenic Maithripala Sirisena (MS) and sanctimonious Rajapaksas – Mahinda (MR), Gota (GR) and Basil (BR). These are the ones who are desperately on the run looking for some electoral configuration to win the forthcoming election race and capture the presidency and prime ministership. It appears that the country has no credible alternatives other than the above five, and a feeling of despondency seems to paralyse the voting public. However, a serious review of the situation should consider JVP as a promising alternative. Even if it emerges with enough seats in the Parliament to hold the […]

Hindu Struggle Committee holds conference on India Sri Lanka friendship and geo politics

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SriLankan Member of Parliament AS Yogeshwaran on Wednesday raised the issue of mutual cooperation between India and Sri Lanka and pressed for the operation of free Ship service for poor pilgrims of both countries. During his address on the topic India Sri Lanka Friendship and Geo-Politics, he said that the SriLankan government was eagerly waiting for the response of the Indian government to commence the services. SriLankan Member of Parliament AS Yogeshwaran on Wednesday raised the issue of mutual cooperation between India and Sri Lanka and pressed for the operation of free Ship service for poor pilgrims of both countries. During his address on the topic India Sri Lanka Friendship and Geo-Politics, he said that the SriLankan government was eagerly waiting for the response of […]

Names of eight politicians’ sons who use drugs: Ranjan

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I will reveal eight names of sons of prominent politicians who were involved in drug smuggling and used drugs, State Minister Ranjan Ramanayake said yesterday. Speaking to Daily Mirror, he said the sons of current ministers, former ministers and those who left politics were included in the list. “I hope to submit the names in writing to the Speaker in the near future. Some names are already known to the people and legal actions have also been taken against them. However, there are more sons whom we do not think of, would be revealed soon,” State Minister Ramanayaka said. Meanwhile, he said he had all the evidence to prove how former President Mahinda Rajapaksa was engaged in safeguarding the criminals and drug kingpins. He uttered […]

Who was behind the arrest of Makandure Madush?

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Jagamuni Sujeewa de Soyza alias Kosgoda Suji, Annasi Moril and Kalu Sagara in Tangalle, are well known leading drug dealers in the country (but Police will not arrest them?). A Sri Lankan Police Inspector had played a role in the operation Kosgoda Suji, Annasi Moril and Kalu Sagara alerted the Dubai police about the  party    Sri Lanka’s Police department was unaware about the entire operation    The arrest of 40-year-old Samarasinghe Arachchige Madush Lakshitha alias Makandure Madush by the Dubai law enforcement authorities has emerged as the biggest talking point in the country today. Although he and his gang members as well as his colleagues such as well-known singer Amal Perera were arrested by the Dubai authorities two weeks ago on February 4, it is […]

UN complains after official threatened at gunpoint by Sri Lankan army in Jaffna

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UN complains after official threatened at gunpoint by Sri Lankan army in Jaffna Senior United Nations officials have reportedly lodged a complaint with Sri Lankan authorities stating that one of their staff was threatened at gun point by two members of the army in Jaffna last year. The Sunday Times reports that two people who claimed to be from the army entered the residence of a UN official in Jaffna, pointing a pistol at the staff member and warning that an investigation was underway against them. The military has not taken any action on the case, denying that any members of the security forces were involved in the incident. See more from the Sunday Times here.

Colonisation more pressing than development in Mullaitivu – TNA MP

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Occupation and colonisation in Mullaitivu are more pressing issues than development, a Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP told the Sri Lankan prime minister. Speaking at a meeting during prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s visit to the North on Saturday, TNA MP Shanthi Sriskantharajah highlighted that development efforts were secondary to the need to end and reverse the occupation and appropriation of Tamil lands in Mullaitivu. “In Mullaitivu District, colonisation is a bigger issue than development. Firstly, our people’s lands were grabbed and given to the Mahaweli Authority through gazette notifications,” Sriskantharajah said. “Moreover, lands are being given here to people of other districts, for example people of Anuradhapura District in the name of Mahaweli. Tanks are being restored but lands are not given to the people […]

Navy abductions case: Witnesses fear for their lives

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Right wing politicians have taken up cudgels against Navy officials testifying against senior rankers implicated in an abduction for ransom racket in 2008-2009. Investigators worry the campaign of intimidation could hamper the probe and deter key witnesses from coming forward In 2012, Naval Intelligence officer Lieutenant Commander Krishan Welagedara became one of the CID’s key witnesses in an investigation into a gory abduction racket by Sri Lanka Navy personnel in 2008-2009. Welagedara’s statement helped the CID to establish that 11 young men abducted from Colombo were held in subterranean detention cells at the Trincomalee Naval base. Lt. Commander Welagedara’s life has not been the same since. As CID sleuths close in on high ranking naval officials linked to the abduction case, right wing politicians are […]

Powers already devolved to the Provinces had to be fully utilised before more was asked for!

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Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has told the Northern politicians a few home truths. A TNA MP complained, at a recent development review committee meeting, at the Kilinochchi Divisional Secretariat, that Pradeshiya Sabhas had not received funds for housing from either the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) or the government. Responding to him, the PM reportedly said that powers already devolved to the provinces had to be fully utilised before more was asked for. The TNA considers Wickremesinghe a friend and it should, therefore, heed his advice. One cannot but agree with the PM, on this score. The TNA-controlled NPC hardly did anything constructive or useful to the public. Its sole purpose of being was apparently adopting resolutions against the government, one after the other, and there […]

Mahinda for ‘Economic and Social Rights’ and NOT ‘Civil and Political Rights’

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BY HARIM PEIRIS The undeclared front runner for the Rajapaksa clan / SLPP / JO nomination is undoubtedly former Defence Secretary. So his views and vision for Sri Lanka, which he is now periodically presenting as his undeclared presidential candidacy commences, merit serious attention. A democracy requires that there be debate and dialogue on policies and decisions affecting national life and, in that respect, the military is the last institution one wants to learn democratic norms from. The military personnel are trained are over a lifetime to obey lawful orders without question and have orders carried out without question. Accordingly, in recent times, opinion leaders in support of a Gotabaya candidacy and Mr. Rajapaksa himself have been making comments that indicate that within the new […]

Germany calls for more transparency in SL as bilateral ties expand

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Sri Lanka and Germany footprint in each other on the rise Greater private sector interactions this year following opening of German Trade Office in Colombo Ambassador says post-Constitutional crisis, regaining investor confidence with stability and reforms is key Suggests liberalisation of shipping and freight forwarding if Sri Lanka is to successfully achieve maritime hub status Warns corruption and lack of transparency dampen investor confidence Says tender procedures must be clear and transparent and concluded without delay By Nisthar Cassim Amidst growing bilateral ties, Germany is calling for improved efficiency and transparency in Sri Lanka to achieve a more robust and win-win partnership. “Germany’s footprint in Sri Lanka and vice versa have been growing, resulting in greater bilateral cooperation,” German Ambassador in Sri Lanka Jörn Rohde […]

24 MPs addicted to drugs and have become billionaires by being involved in drug trafficking?

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By Shiran Ranasinghe and Methmalie Dissanayake State Minister of Highways, Road Development and Petroleum Resources Development Ranjan Ramanayake yesterday (18), said that he had revealed the names of politicians, including Members of Parliament, who allegedly consume cocaine and other illegal narcotics to Speaker Karu Jayasuriya on 17 February. Speaking to Ceylon Today, Ramanayake said that he revealed those names to the Speaker via telephone. “I would not reveal these names to the Media and the general public as there should be a thorough investigation first. This list contains names of some current Cabinet Ministers, former Cabinet Ministers and some people who currently engage in politics,” he claimed. Furthermore, he claimed that it is not a secret that some politicians, including current and former Cabinet Ministers, […]

Will the lawyer PC Shantha Abeymanasingham respond to the allegations made in the video below. and refund the fees.

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Will the lawyer PC Shantha Abeymanasingham respond to the allegations made in the video below. and refund the fees. Will the lawyer PC Shantha Abeymanasingham respond to the allegations made in the video below and refund the fees. Please listen to the video below which was telecasted in a Prominent Colombo tv station have given a translation below.  How could lawyer AbemanasIngham justify charging this person 1 and a 1/2 Laks and had for him only twice in court without taking any meaning full action to release him? Shantha has not done anything other than cautioning him that the charges made against him are serious and he could end up in a live sentence. Thena young lawyer appeared for him and explain to the judge the nature of the charges and […]

Only one BOI project in the North funded by Diaspora, says report

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Highlights: Slow industrial growth, low incomes, soaring indebtedness, more suicides, poor child nutrition levels Sri Lanka’s war-torn North has only 23 Board of Investment (BOI) companies, just one of which is funded by the diaspora, the lowest number of industrial enterprises in the country and an industrial sector growing far slower than the national average, a new report reveals. In the ten years since fighting ended, employment creation has also not met demand while the Mullaitivu and Kilinochchi districts record the nation’s lowest monthly incomes. Indebtedness has soared. There is an increase in suicides and attempted suicides. Child nutrition levels have plunged and women’s participation in the labour force is well below the national average, says the Master Plan for an Economic Development Framework for […]

Sri Lanka to revive small scale rice millers to boost competition

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ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka will be providing one billion rupees in financing for the farmers’ guaranteed price paddy purchase program through small and medium scale rice millers in order to boost competition and correct government failure, a minister said. “What we want to make sure is we put in place a set of policies where we try to reactivate competition in the milling market to solve the problem of market failure without causing a government failure,” Economic Reforms and Public Distribution Minister Harsha de Silva said. “What happens sometimes is government failure happens. That is worse than market failure,” he said. Responding to a question from a journalist on why he is resorting to interventions in a protected market to create competition, de Silva said […]

Sri Lanka had turned into a Drug Haven by 2014

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Minister of Justice and Prison Reforms Thalatha Atukorale stated that certain Prisons Department officers and Police officers were among those who were detained by Dubai Police early this month. She stated that the country had turned into a drug haven by 2014. Atukorale also said that instead of judicial zones, there will be administrative Districts and administrative electorates where JPs will be in charge. The Minister revealed this at an event to appoint new JPs in Kahawatta, Ratnapura yesterday. Over 220 JPs were appointed at the event. Speaking further, the Minister said, “We hope all of you will serve the country efficiently. However, the public were questioning the work rendered by some JPs in the past. This position is a respected position and it is […]

Next Presidential Election: Who will win in a three-cornered fight?

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“Privacy is dead, and social media hold the smoking gun.” ~Pete Cashmore, Mashable CEO  The social media is quite busy. One of its main political thrusts has been towards promoting one single individual of the United National Party (UNP). And that is Sajith Premadasa, the incumbent Housing and Cultural Affairs Minister, the son of the late Ranasinghe Premadasa. Ranasinghe Premadasa was a totally different kettle of fish. His modus operandi consisted of real hard work and he was never ever considered a ‘softie’. His contribution towards the déclassé still remains unmatched and his masterful skills in oratory were never surpassed other than by another mob-orator, Rohana Wijeweera. However, R. Premadasa lived in a different time; an era that was devoid of the social media. The social media […]

NFF MP Premaratne’s ability to pay Rs. 725,000 a month to a state bank for Rs 80 mn loan? Drug money?

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Political opponents had questioned NFF MP Premaratne’s ability to pay Rs. 725,000 a month to a state bank for Rs 80 mn loan drawn from the parliament branch of the bank. National Freedom Front (NFF) MP Premaratne for paying his last respects to 62-year-old Samarasinghe Arachchige Lakshman, father of Makadure Madush in August 2018. By Shamindra Ferdinando Pivithuru Hela Urumaya (PHU) leader and UPFA member Udaya Gammanpila, yesterday, claimed that so far there was no basis for allegations that UPFA Matara District MP Niroshan Premaratne had laundered underworld kingpin Makadure Madush’s drug money. Those who accused MP Premaratne of money laundering owed an explanation as to how they had arrived at that conclusion, attorney-at-law Gammanpila said. The Colombo District MP said so when the media […]

When the president unjustly and unsupportably lambasts

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It is no matter for jest when the President of a country publicly singles out national oversight institutions for ferocious censure. And without a doubt, it is even worse when that institution happens to be a national human rights institution. By the very nature of the work that it does and the statutory mandate on which it is obliged to act, it is perhaps the most vulnerable of oversight agencies and needs support by the political constituency as well as by the public. Profoundly unclear logic in the criticism          This week, betraying all these cautions, President Maithripala Sirisena went for the jugular of Sri Lanka’s National Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka, alleging among other things, that the deaths of two Sri Lankan peacekeepers in […]

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