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The UK’s All Party Parliamentary Group (APPGT) for Tamils has expressed serious concern at the arrest and detention of Mr S.Yogalingam. In an urgent letter sent to the British Home Secretary today, the APPGT said: ‘Dear Secretary of State, We write to express our serious concerns at the recent arrest of Mr Sockalingam Yogalingam, outside the Oxford Union on Monday 8 October, as he peacefully protested the speech being delivered by the Sri Lankan Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe. We understand Mr Yogalingam is still in police custody. According to information provided to us by sources at the scene, the arrest was carried out at the behest of Sri Lankan Government officials who were filming the protest. As you know, every UK citizen has the right […]

Sri Lanka PM rejects international accountability in Oxford talk, TGTE protesters arrested

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Sri Lanka’s prime minister has spoken out against international involvement in investigations, during his talk at the Oxford Union today. “At the moment we don’t feel there is a need for foreign input into these investigations,” said Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. President Srisena too had said that they don’t need International investigations it is common in Sri Lanka that the without the international investigation all crimes against the Tamils will be covered and truth will not to light. Since May 2009 when the conflict came to an end the government promised an independent investigation and no body in the government Army were arrested or punished but most of the war crime accused were given diplomatic states to stay safe. Sri Lanka agreed to investigate into war-time […]

Activists raise concerns ahead of Reparations Bill debate

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Proposed Office will make policy with massive cost implications and constitutionally Parliament has full control over public finance: legal experts counter-argue In anticipation of Wednesday’s parliamentary debate on the Bill to establish an Office of Reparations, civil society groups and activists have voiced concerns that as it stands, the legislation could create an office that is weak and dysfunctional. Chairman of the Office on Missing Persons (OMP), Saliya Peiris has hope for the Bill, “if the office is implemented in the spirit in which the law is being introduced,” but others are urging parliament to amend the Bill, fearing even if it is implemented, the office will be too dependent on the Government to function properly. The Reparations Bill is the second pillar in a […]

Minister Mark Field, you’re utterly mistaken

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‘Next year Sri Lanka will have enjoyed 10 uninterrupted years free from the misery of armed conflict. Whatever your view on how Sri Lanka has progressed since, that very fact alone is one to cherish. ……………………………….. Sri Lanka still has an historic opportunity to take the steps necessary to build enduring stability and prosperity. I firmly believe this is the future that the vast majority of Sri Lankans want, whether they be at home or overseas, and we all have a part to play in achieving that shared goal.”  – Why does reconciliation in Sri Lanka matter to the UK? 4 October 2018,–156376.html The South is free from the misery of amed conflict. Only the military assaults of the war ceased in May 2009. But the […]

Unfortunate and unfair to say UN resolution an interference: UK

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UK’s Minister of State for Asia-Pacific at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Mark Field, ahead of a visit to Sri Lanka, said that it is ‘unfortunate’ and ‘unfair’ to represent the Geneva resolution as interference by the international community in Sri Lanka’s domestic affairs. The UK Minister’s visit follows President Maitripala Sirisena’s speech last week at the UN General Assembly where he urged the international community to allow Sri Lankan people to solve their problems on their own and as an independent country it did not want any foreign power to exert influence on it. UK’s Minister Mark Field who will be arriving in the country this evening said in an op-ed article to the Daily Mirror: “There are also those who like to represent the […]

Mangala Samaraweera claimed his government was able to halt a United Nations investigation into human rights violations committed by the military and saved former president Mahinda Rajapaksa

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Mangala claims to have halted UN investigation and saved Rajapaksa  Sri Lanka’s finance minister Mangala Samaraweera claimed his government was able to halt a United Nations investigation into human rights violations committed by the military and saved former president Mahinda Rajapaksa from facing trial at an international tribunal. “Our country was marked as a blood stain on the world map,” said Samaraweera. “We were accused of violating human rights in the war. An international investigation was to be held even without our involvement.” “The UN halted the international investigations on this government’s promise. This government paved the way for the former president to go abroad and boast. If not for this government he would have been punished by an international court… Mahinda Rajapaksa was able […]

Scotland’s police cancel Sri Lankan police visit following pressure from Tamil activists

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Scotland’s police announced a last minute cancellation of a visit by a contingent of Sri Lankan policemen to the UK, which was scheduled for this month, following pressure from Tamil activists. The Sri Lankan contingent, which included controversial head of the Sri Lanka Police IGP Pujith Jayasundara, were due to visit for a training program. However, on Friday night the Foreign Office said “plans for the delegation have changed and the visit is now no longer going ahead next week”. The Scotsman reports that the cancellation came following pressure from Tamil activists, with artist M.I.A. stating the Sri Lankan states treatment of Tamils was “genocidal”. “I hope Scottish independence activists and leaders will protest the police chief’s visit because allowing the relationship between the Sri Lankan […]

Indian Joker and the Sri Lankan Liar.

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By N Sathiya Moorthy By visiting neighbouring India’s capital of New Delhi with politician-son Namal Rajapaksa and his SLPP party chief and ex-ministerial colleague G. L. Peiris, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa may have sought to send out a message of sorts, back home. The message was clear: India is no more an adversary. Nor possibly was India adversarial to his return to power, as Mahinda R. in particular had averred after his historic electoral defeat in January 2015. In a way, the timing of the visit was as much crucial as it was not. ‘Crucial’ because, Sri Lanka for months now has been on election-mode. The reference is to the presidential polls that are not due before January 2020 but about which speculation is rife […]

Ian Paisley Jr’s Sri Lankan Beach Holiday: On Mediocrity, High Costs & Public Disregard

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Ian Paisley Jr’s Sri Lankan Beach Holiday: On Mediocrity, High Costs & Public Disregard The Government of Sri Lanka lost more than GBP 100,000 [a lot more, according to some MPs and parties with insight in Colombo] – all public funds. Paisley’s Sri Lankan sojourn provides insights into the mismanagement of Sri Lankan foreign policyunder the Rajapaksa administration [Dec 2005-January 2015]. The Recall Petition came at a cost of some GBP 188,000. No one would be surprised if Ian Jr did celebrate wrapping himself around a Sri Lankan flag! To note that such high sums were spent on a lost cause, and on a fine example of neoconservative, misogynist, homophobic and anti-human rights political mediocrity ought to be a fine eyeopener to all critically-minded citizens and people’s […]

UK urges Sri Lanka to fast-track UN resolutions

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In a statement to the UNHRC, on behalf of the Sri Lanka Core Group, the United Kingdom urged Sri Lanka to prioritise and drive forward implementation of the UNHRC Resolutions 30/1 and 34/1, before the Council next considers Sri Lanka in March, next year. The Sri Lanka Core Group comprises Germany, Macedonia, Montenegro and the UK. “Our view remains that, with determined leadership and a clear time-bound action plan, this Government can make more progress towards delivering its Council commitments, and that doing so will better position Sri Lanka and its people to enjoy a more enduring reconciliation and prosperity,” the UK said. “We welcome further recent steps Sri Lanka has taken to implement commitments made to the Council in 2015 and 2017. We welcome […]

What do ‘Human Rights’ mean for Sinhala politicians in the South..?

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(Lanka e News – 20.Aug.2018, 5.45AM) ‘Human rights’ may be a new phenomenon for many Sinhala Buddhists – SB and for some Tamils including a few members of the diaspora. I have seen many participants in UN human rights forums in Geneva without any basic knowledge of human rights. But to the outside world, they claim to be human rights activists and defenders. This crowd never wanted to educate themselves in human rights nor grasp a wider knowledge by listening to experts and lectures of scholars. Since the independence of then Ceylon/Sri Lanka and the birth of UN human rights mechanisms, the SB, especially thugs blessed by politicians in the South and the Buddhist clergy, started to violate human rights by physically attacking innocent Tamil […]

Penneys to “walk the talk” to raise funds to provide engine boats & nets to fishing families affected by the war in the North and East

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Dear friend, I am sure you would remember the email I sent you on the above matter. Mr & Mrs Penney will be walking 55km on 25th August to raise funds to assist the IDP fishing families in the north and east of Sri Lanka to restart their lives after many years of displacement. They have almost reached 50% of their target of donating 10 boats (£14,000). You can click the link of their fund raising page below and can see from the list of donors the majority donated so far has been from their friends and family, and a handful of Tamil diaspora. Although the Penneys have no direct connection to the victims of war in the north and east of Sri Lanka, they are undertaking this painful […]

NO Political Package?

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DR ARUJUNA SIVANANTHAN This the outcome of ongoing and relentless lobbying by the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils, Hon Paul Scully, Conservative MP for Sutton, Vice Chairs Rt Hon Theresa Villiers PC and Conservative MP for Barnet, Hon Robert Halfon MP, Chairman of the Education Select Committee, Hon Bob Blackman, Conservative MP for Harrow East, Hon Andrew Rosindell, Conservative MP for Romford, Hon Zac Goldsmith, Conservative MP for Richmond, and other Friends in the Party. It is also a result of the significant interest that successive Conservative Prime Ministers and Ministers at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office have taken in the plight of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Family resettlement and peacebuilding in Sri Lanka boosted by £1 million UK funding […]

Colombo high rises a major fire risk, says UK expert

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The fire risk in high rise buildings in Colombo is very high according to Dr. David Kirkham. Why? Because many developers are using combustible cladding. Cladding is a covering or coating on a building. It was made infamous by the Grenfell Tower fire in the salubrious area of North Kensington in West London which left 72 people dead last year. File picture of the collapsed Wellawatte building Dr. Kirkham, an internationally recognised expert in fixed fire-fighting systems, has examined in minute detail the causes behind the Grenfell Tower fire, labelled “The Shame” by a public enquiry in the UK. Why shame? Simply because it needed a major disaster for legislation to be changed in the UK. “I hope Sri Lanka is clever enough not to […]

British High Commissioner hosts visiting Commonwealth SG

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British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka  James Dauris hosted visiting Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland and representatives of Commonwealth countries based in Colombo at a roundtable meeting at his residence, today ( August 3). The meeting was attended by representatives from the High Commissions of Australia, Canada, Pakistan and South Africa, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka, the British HC in Colombo said in a media release. Introducing the Secretary General, the British High Commissioner reminded colleagues that the UK has three central intentions for its two years as Chair in Office. The first, to ensure fulfilment, as far as possible, of the commitments made at the very successful CHOGM, earlier this year. The commitments made fall under four strands: fairness, sustainability, […]

Mahinda and Sajin Vaas put Ian Paisley in trouble!

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Former President received a Dubai night life gift from Sajin Vass! It took only one night for Sajin Vaas to take complete control over Mahinda Rajapaksa. The former President met Sajin Vaas for the first time in Dubai. Popular businessman Ravi Wijeratne had acted as the intermediary between the two parties. Sajin Vaas gifted the former President a chance to experience Dubai night life. By the time Mahinda Rajapaksa returned, Sajin Vaas had already become his chief counselor. Those who know about Sajin Vaas say it is a miracle to see someone who does not surrender to his Wine, Women and Wallet theory. Eventually, an MP of the British parliament also became a victim of Sajin Vaas. Sajin Vaas put Ian Paisley in trouble! MP […]

Sri Lanka to transfer military run schools but Pre-School Construction in the Wanni Continues, 24 July 2018

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1.Post-war towns/villages must be built with plans for sustainable development UN committee tells Sri Lanka to transfer military run schools, 8 February 2018, But where are the MPs/NPC raising their voices? Opposition Leader? Pre-School Construction in the Wanni Continues, 24 July 2018 The 6th pre-school, to be built in coordination with private sector donors in the Wanni area commenced on Friday (20) during a simple ceremony, held in Mahakachchikodiya area. To be in line with the ongoing construction of pre-schools under the ‘Piyawara’ project of the Hemas Outreach Foundation, the new construction received funds from Mr Sunil Malawana, Managing Director at ‘Speedmark’ Transportation (Pvt) Ltd. Foundation stones for the construction were laid by Mr and Mrs Sunil Malawana, together with Major General Kumudu […]

House of Commons – Investigating Ian Paisley, MP

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Andrea LeadsomLord President of the Council and Leader of the House of Commons  3:29 pm, 24th July 2018 I beg to move, That this House– (1) approves the Third Report of the Committee on Standards HC 1397; (2) endorses the recommendations in paragraphs 34 and 35; (3) accordingly suspends Ian Paisley from the service of the House for a period of 30 sitting days, beginning on Tuesday 4 September; and (4) notwithstanding the provisions of Standing Order No. 45A, directs that Mr Paisley’s salary shall be withdrawn for 30 days, from Tuesday 4 September till Wednesday 3 October. It is always regrettable when the House has to debate a motion of this kind, and we do so following a full process of investigation and consideration by a recognised due process. This motion follows […]

MP Ian Paisley is suspended from Parliament for 30 days over FREE Sri Lanka trips (paid by SL Government to mislead British Government)!

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IAN Paisley has been suspended from the House of Commons for 30 sitting days after he failed to declare two free luxury family holidays to Sri Lanka. MPs supported the punishment recommended by the Committee on Standards during a Commons debate this afternoon. Mr Paisley was not present in the chamber for the debate. Jim Shannon from the DUP was the only party member present. After MPs voted to ratify a recommendation from the House of Commons’ standards watchdog the DUP also announced that the North Antrim MP would be suspending pending the outcome of further investigation. The North Antrim MP could now face a by-election. His suspension will begin on September 4 and will run until November. Today’s vote automatically triggers a ‘recall petition’ process that could cost the […]

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Sri Lankan reform has ‘ground to a halt’ with torture used freely – UN   Black July 1983: Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka Delayed or Denied? Sri Lanka’s Failing Transitional Justice Process by the Numbers We though these British MPs in tie and coat were honest respectable people, but they are worse – Bribes to British MPs Bribes to British MPs: Probe calls in Sri Lanka parliament Buddhist Monk strangled a police sergeant to death – Resurgent of LTTE, Islamic terrorists or Christian conspirators. UK MP wrote to David Cameron on 19 March 2014 to lobby AGAINST supporting a UN resolution on human rights abuses in Sri Lanka, after receiving FREE holidays from Sri Lanka Government British MP Ian […]

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