What do ‘Human Rights’ mean for Sinhala politicians in the South..?

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(Lanka e News – 20.Aug.2018, 5.45AM) ‘Human rights’ may be a new phenomenon for many Sinhala Buddhists – SB and for some Tamils including a few members of the diaspora. I have seen many participants in UN human rights forums in Geneva without any basic knowledge of human rights. But to the outside world, they claim to be human rights activists and defenders. This crowd never wanted to educate themselves in human rights nor grasp a wider knowledge by listening to experts and lectures of scholars. Since the independence of then Ceylon/Sri Lanka and the birth of UN human rights mechanisms, the SB, especially thugs blessed by politicians in the South and the Buddhist clergy, started to violate human rights by physically attacking innocent Tamil […]

Penneys to “walk the talk” to raise funds to provide engine boats & nets to fishing families affected by the war in the North and East

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Dear friend, I am sure you would remember the email I sent you on the above matter. Mr & Mrs Penney will be walking 55km on 25th August to raise funds to assist the IDP fishing families in the north and east of Sri Lanka to restart their lives after many years of displacement. They have almost reached 50% of their target of donating 10 boats (£14,000). You can click the link of their fund raising page below and can see from the list of donors the majority donated so far has been from their friends and family, and a handful of Tamil diaspora. Although the Penneys have no direct connection to the victims of war in the north and east of Sri Lanka, they are undertaking this painful […]

NO Political Package?

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DR ARUJUNA SIVANANTHAN This the outcome of ongoing and relentless lobbying by the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils, Hon Paul Scully, Conservative MP for Sutton, Vice Chairs Rt Hon Theresa Villiers PC and Conservative MP for Barnet, Hon Robert Halfon MP, Chairman of the Education Select Committee, Hon Bob Blackman, Conservative MP for Harrow East, Hon Andrew Rosindell, Conservative MP for Romford, Hon Zac Goldsmith, Conservative MP for Richmond, and other Friends in the Party. It is also a result of the significant interest that successive Conservative Prime Ministers and Ministers at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office have taken in the plight of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Family resettlement and peacebuilding in Sri Lanka boosted by £1 million UK funding […]

Colombo high rises a major fire risk, says UK expert

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The fire risk in high rise buildings in Colombo is very high according to Dr. David Kirkham. Why? Because many developers are using combustible cladding. Cladding is a covering or coating on a building. It was made infamous by the Grenfell Tower fire in the salubrious area of North Kensington in West London which left 72 people dead last year. File picture of the collapsed Wellawatte building Dr. Kirkham, an internationally recognised expert in fixed fire-fighting systems, has examined in minute detail the causes behind the Grenfell Tower fire, labelled “The Shame” by a public enquiry in the UK. Why shame? Simply because it needed a major disaster for legislation to be changed in the UK. “I hope Sri Lanka is clever enough not to […]

British High Commissioner hosts visiting Commonwealth SG

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British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka  James Dauris hosted visiting Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland and representatives of Commonwealth countries based in Colombo at a roundtable meeting at his residence, today ( August 3). The meeting was attended by representatives from the High Commissions of Australia, Canada, Pakistan and South Africa, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka, the British HC in Colombo said in a media release. Introducing the Secretary General, the British High Commissioner reminded colleagues that the UK has three central intentions for its two years as Chair in Office. The first, to ensure fulfilment, as far as possible, of the commitments made at the very successful CHOGM, earlier this year. The commitments made fall under four strands: fairness, sustainability, […]

Mahinda and Sajin Vaas put Ian Paisley in trouble!

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Former President received a Dubai night life gift from Sajin Vass! It took only one night for Sajin Vaas to take complete control over Mahinda Rajapaksa. The former President met Sajin Vaas for the first time in Dubai. Popular businessman Ravi Wijeratne had acted as the intermediary between the two parties. Sajin Vaas gifted the former President a chance to experience Dubai night life. By the time Mahinda Rajapaksa returned, Sajin Vaas had already become his chief counselor. Those who know about Sajin Vaas say it is a miracle to see someone who does not surrender to his Wine, Women and Wallet theory. Eventually, an MP of the British parliament also became a victim of Sajin Vaas. Sajin Vaas put Ian Paisley in trouble! MP […]

Sri Lanka to transfer military run schools but Pre-School Construction in the Wanni Continues, 24 July 2018

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1.Post-war towns/villages must be built with plans for sustainable development UN committee tells Sri Lanka to transfer military run schools, 8 February 2018, But where are the MPs/NPC raising their voices? Opposition Leader? Pre-School Construction in the Wanni Continues, 24 July 2018 The 6th pre-school, to be built in coordination with private sector donors in the Wanni area commenced on Friday (20) during a simple ceremony, held in Mahakachchikodiya area. To be in line with the ongoing construction of pre-schools under the ‘Piyawara’ project of the Hemas Outreach Foundation, the new construction received funds from Mr Sunil Malawana, Managing Director at ‘Speedmark’ Transportation (Pvt) Ltd. Foundation stones for the construction were laid by Mr and Mrs Sunil Malawana, together with Major General Kumudu […]

House of Commons – Investigating Ian Paisley, MP

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Andrea LeadsomLord President of the Council and Leader of the House of Commons  3:29 pm, 24th July 2018 I beg to move, That this House– (1) approves the Third Report of the Committee on Standards HC 1397; (2) endorses the recommendations in paragraphs 34 and 35; (3) accordingly suspends Ian Paisley from the service of the House for a period of 30 sitting days, beginning on Tuesday 4 September; and (4) notwithstanding the provisions of Standing Order No. 45A, directs that Mr Paisley’s salary shall be withdrawn for 30 days, from Tuesday 4 September till Wednesday 3 October. It is always regrettable when the House has to debate a motion of this kind, and we do so following a full process of investigation and consideration by a recognised due process. This motion follows […]

MP Ian Paisley is suspended from Parliament for 30 days over FREE Sri Lanka trips (paid by SL Government to mislead British Government)!

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IAN Paisley has been suspended from the House of Commons for 30 sitting days after he failed to declare two free luxury family holidays to Sri Lanka. MPs supported the punishment recommended by the Committee on Standards during a Commons debate this afternoon. Mr Paisley was not present in the chamber for the debate. Jim Shannon from the DUP was the only party member present. After MPs voted to ratify a recommendation from the House of Commons’ standards watchdog the DUP also announced that the North Antrim MP would be suspending pending the outcome of further investigation. The North Antrim MP could now face a by-election. His suspension will begin on September 4 and will run until November. Today’s vote automatically triggers a ‘recall petition’ process that could cost the […]

Latest news and articles

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Sri Lankan reform has ‘ground to a halt’ with torture used freely – UN   Black July 1983: Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka Delayed or Denied? Sri Lanka’s Failing Transitional Justice Process by the Numbers We though these British MPs in tie and coat were honest respectable people, but they are worse – Bribes to British MPs Bribes to British MPs: Probe calls in Sri Lanka parliament Buddhist Monk strangled a police sergeant to death – Resurgent of LTTE, Islamic terrorists or Christian conspirators. UK MP wrote to David Cameron on 19 March 2014 to lobby AGAINST supporting a UN resolution on human rights abuses in Sri Lanka, after receiving FREE holidays from Sri Lanka Government British MP Ian […]

British MP Ian Paisley who Received Two Family Holidays Funded by Sri Lanka

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British MP Ian Paisley who Received Two Family Holidays Funded by Sri Lanka Under Pressure to do the “Honourable Thing” and Resign from Parliament. One of the Northern Irish MPs propping up the Government is facing a parliamentary inquiry after a Telegraph investigation revealed how he accepted holidays worth £100,000 from a state he is now helping to secure a post-Brexit trade deal. Ian Paisley Jr said he had referred himself to Kathryn Hudson, the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner, following this newspaper’s disclosure that he accepted two all-expenses-paid trips to Sri Lanka. The announcement followed concern raised by MPs that the DUP parliamentarian might be helping to broker a “back-door trade agreement” with the country. Transparency International, the campaign group, said Mrs Hudson should investigate the […]

Malaka’s alleged assault on Scottish couple

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A case involving an incident where former Minister Mervyn Silva’s son Malaka Silva had allegedly assaulted a Scottish couple at a nightclub in Colombo, had been referred to the Attorney-General (AG) for advice, police informed court. The Colombo Crimes Division (CCD) currently conducting investigations into the incident, had informed the Colombo Chief Magistrate’s Court that they had sought the Attorney-General’s advice regarding two counter cases. On a previous occasion, court had decided to name Scottish national James Francis Casserly as a suspect in a case where he had allegedly attacked Malaka Silva during a scuffle at a nightclub in Colombo 3, in 2014. When the cases came up before Colombo Additional Magistrate Isuru Nettikumara, the magisterial inquiry into two counter cases were fixed for November […]

First female Muslim mayor in England hails from political family in Sri Lanka

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The first thing you notice in Kareema Marikar’s personality is her bubbly nature, infectious smile and down-to-earth simplicity. Despite creating history as the first female Muslim mayor in England, she is not yet ready to rest on her laurels, judging by an interview she gave to the BBC recently. “I am a Marakkala woman from Sri Lanka,” Marikar told Saroj Pathirana of the Sinhala Service of the BBC in the interview conducted in a quaint, leafy British park on a bright Spring day, clad in a white ‘osari’, a traditional sari originated among the nobility in her native area of Kandy about a century ago. Marikar, who was elected on the Labour Party ticket in north London’s Harrow city in May, hails from a well-known […]


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While Donald Trump was having discussions with Polpotian communist leaders of North Korea to negotiate no conflicts and peace, there were clashes between fascist racist demonstrates and left oriented anti fascist organizations in several western cities. In the protest in London police were forced to escort around 20 neo-Nazi protesters out of Westminster after they staged an “anti-Jewification” protest. Hundreds of counter-protesters chanted “Scum, scum, scum” as they followed the far-right activists from Whitehall towards Westminster tube station. Lines of police kept the two groups apart. The fascist demonstration against a Jewish neighborhood watch group, was originally due to be held in the strongly Jewish populated north-west London, but was confined to a static demonstration in Whitehall. Their numbers were dwarfed by anti-fascists, who targeted […]

Sri Lankan asylum seeker attacked on city housing estate

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Sasitharan Letcsumanon has lived through a civil war, endured freezing conditions in a refugee camp and survived a treacherous journey into the UK. But it was only during a late-night walk through a Norwich housing estate that he became the victim of a vicious assault. The 39-year-old was punched in the face and beaten with a stick as he walked home on Foxley Close, off Cadge Road. Norfolk Police is yet to arrest anyone in connection with the incident, but is continuing to appeal for witnesses. Mr Letcsumanon, who arrived in the UK four years ago from Sri Lanka, was attacked at around 3.50am on April 7 this year. He said he had been unable to sleep that night and had gone out for a […]

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THE TAMIL WEDDING EXHIBITION COMES TO LONDON FOR THE FIFITH TIME!   SUNDAY 10 JUNE 2018 The UK’s First Ever Tamil Wedding Exhibition is coming to Wembley, London for the 5th year on Sunday 10 June 2018 at Sattavis Patidar Centre between 11am and 5pm and its FREE ENTRY! The Tamil Wedding Exhibition 2018 & Kalyaana Fashion Show is the first of its kind to fill the gap in the British Tamil Wedding Market. There are lots of Asian Wedding Shows in the UK but the Tamil palette is not catered for.  So, this TTW’s solution: The Tamil Wedding Exhibition 2018 on Sunday 10 June. This year’s event is being held in Sattavis Patidar Centre, found in the heart of Wembley with ample a FREE […]

Hon Mark Field MP, Minister of State in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office with responsibility for Sri Lanka

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Contribution by Hon Mark Field MP, Minister of State in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office with responsibility for Sri Lanka last week on the House of Commons. Please see Hansard below. “When he was a Minister, the right hon. Gentleman rightly spoke up at a time when the Sri Lankan Government were making international commitments, too many of which had not been fully and properly adhered to. He will recognise that there is also a need and desire at all times to bring countries within the international community so that we can try to work together. Trade and commerce constitute one aspect of that. It must not be an overriding aspect, but it has a part to play in bringing countries back into the international community. These are complex issues, and […]

Foreign Office’s action is designed to cover up the involvement of the SAS and MI5 in the training of Sri Lankan security forces

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The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) side-stepped the query whether documents that had been destroyed as reported in a section of the British and other media included diplomatic cables originating from the British High Commission in Colombo during eelam war IV. Asked whether the FCO consulted British HC in Colombo before the destruction/removal of files/documents and among them were diplomatic cables sent from British HC in Colombo during the eelam war IV (Aug 2006-May 2009), a FCO spokesperson said: “We do not accept any files have been wrongly destroyed. These files have been destroyed in compliance with the Public Records Act. Sri Lanka brought the war to a successful conclusion in May 2009. “The FCO’s recommendations for the preservation or destruction of records take place under […]

Marine biologist from Sri Lanka wins at British Council’s first-ever Global Alumni Awards

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Following prestigious national awarding ceremonies hosted by the British Ambassador/High Commissioner in more than 10 countries, and high-profile digital campaigns to celebrate 63 regional finalists, and 21 regional winners, the British Council has announced the names of three outstanding global award winners of the Study UK Alumni Awards. All are alumni of UK universities, representing three countries and four UK higher education institutions across the UK. They have been recognised for their outstanding achievements as professionals, entrepreneurs and social change makers. Winner of the Global Alumni Award for the Professional Achievement category is Asha de Vos, a marine biologist from Sri Lanka who is passionate about conserving the world’s oceans, and blue whale research in the Northern Indian Ocean. Asha is the founder of Sri […]

Death clues sought in players’ last trishaw ride

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Police and forensic experts trying to solve the mystery of the deaths of two young British rugby players are seeking a three-wheeler driver who could shed light on the players’ last movements after they were picked up from a night club and dropped off at their hotel. After the tragedy: The British team conducting a rugger training session on Friday at the St. Aloysius’ College grounds in Galle Thomas Howard, 25, and Thomas Baty, 26, who died two days apart after experiencing breathing difficulties, were picked up outside the night club Cleopatra in Kollupitiya in the early hours of last Sunday by the three-wheeler. “The CCTV footage analysed so far shows the two British nationals being dropped off at Kingsbury Hotel where they were staying, […]

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