Record number of black, Asian and ethnic minority MPs elected to parliament

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New members of House of Commons include four black women and Britain’s first ever female Sikh MP Parliament now has more black and minority ethnic (BAME) MPs than ever before. The 2017 general election saw ten new MPs from non-white backgrounds elected, taking the total in the House of Commons from 41 to 51. While this is still only around one in 13 MPs, it means the Commons is now more diverse than in any previous parliament. READ MORE Record numbers of refugees fleeing United States for Canada The new MPs include Labour’s Preet Gill in Birmingham Edgbaston – the first ever female Sikh MP. Slough’s new representative, Tanmanjeet Singh, also of Labour, becomes the first turban-wearing Sikh to sit in Parliament.  The new parliament will also […]

Tamil Man guilty of sexual assault in Harrow and Ealing

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A man has been convicted of a linked series of sex attacks carried out on women in the Ealing and Harrow areas last year. Sinuthujaan Yoganathan, 32 (19.08.84) of St Margaret’s Avenue, Harrow was found guilty of five sexual assaults and one attempted sexual assault following a three week trial at Isleworth Crown Court on Monday, 5 June. He will be sentenced at the court on 28 July. The conviction follows a successful joint investigation by officers at Ealing and Harrow CID. Detective Inspector Tom Williams, who led the investigation, said: “I am pleased with this guilty verdict, especially for the brave victims who had to suffer Yoganathan’s attacks. I would like to thank them for their courage throughout our investigation and this prosecution. “The […]

Labour Party’s Thangam Debonnaire Whose Father is a Sri Lankan Tamil Wins Bristol West Constituency Again Polling Almost 2/3 of Votes

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By Neville de Silva in London London-born Ranil Jayawardena whose father is of Sri Lankan origin, was re-elected from the Conservative Party to the British parliament from the North East Hampshire constituency with a healthy majority of almost 28,000 votes. Jayawardena who first won this seat at the 2015 general election got 65.6 per cent of the votes cast garnering 37,754 votes, up from the 35,573 votes he received in 2015. His majority this time was slightly diminished but way ahead of his closest rival. Jayawardena who was previously a local councillor serving as deputy leader of the Borough of Basingstoke and Deane before he took to national politics served on the Commons’ Home Affairs Committee after he entered parliament in 2015. The Labour Party’s […]

Met chief urges Londoners to remain vigilant a week after terror attack

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Cressida Dick also asks people to go about their daily business as normal because London remains one of world’s safest cities The Met police commissioner has urged Londoners to remain vigilant a week after the terror attack that left eight people dead and dozens injured. Cressida Dick’s call came as police lifted the remaining cordon in Borough that had been in place since last Saturday night. She told residents and visitors that London remained one of the world’s safest cities. “You will be seeing police, armed and unarmed, in areas where there are crowds and around the streets of London, possibly at a higher level than you have done before,” Dick said. “You should feel reassured by that, but please don’t give in to terrorists […]

Meet the DUP MPs who now hold the balance of power

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Ian Paisley Jnr and colleagues can now extract concessions from Mrs May CREDIT: PAUL FAITH Henry Bodkin 10 JUNE 2017 • 1:15PM Thursday’s shock general election result means Theresa May must co-opt the support of ten MPs from the Democratic Unionist Party in order to command even a wafer-thin majority and remain as Prime Minister. They’re an interesting group. Between them they have expressed support for the death penalty, creationism and documents advocating internment of Catholics. They have warned the Conservatives there will be a “price to be paid” for their support. So, who are the new Northern Irish kingmakers who now hold the balance of power? Sammy Wilson – East Antrim Sammy Wilson is an old campaigner CREDIT: PAUL MCERLANE Earlier this year the former Lord Mayor […]

10 truths about Europe’s migrant crisis

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British ministers including Theresa May and Philip Hammond have made hair-raising claims about the dangers of migrants entering the country. But do the facts bear them out? When you’re facing the world’s biggest refugee crisis since the second world war, it helps to have a sober debate about how to respond. But to do that, you need facts and data – two things that the British migration debate has lacked this summer. Theresa May got the ball rolling in May, when she claimed on Radio 4 that the vast majority of migrants to Europe are Africans travelling for economic reasons. The media has followed suit, one example being the Daily Mail’s unsubstantiated recent assertion that seven in 10 migrants at Calais will reach the UK. […]

A separate State, anyone?

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Just before sitting down to write this morning (June 7, 2017), I received a notification on social media. It was about a panel discussion at the Public Library to be held later in the afternoon. The title was in Sinhala. It read as follows: ‘Let us defeat the Constitution, let us get rid of Ranil.’ It implies on first reading a call for anarchy, but the organizers/publicists were probably referring to the proposed new Constitution, the A-Z of which has not exactly been shared with the general public, by the way. The other call is for the (political?) defeat of the Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe. The identity of the speakers (Ven Bengamuwe Nalaka Thera, Ven. Omare Kassapa Thera, Dr Nalin De Silva and Rear Admiral […]

British politicians call for a stop to continuing genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka

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At the Mullivaikal Genocide (Sri Lanka) Remembrance Day 2017 held at the Hyde Park, London on the 18th of May 2017, organised by the British Tamils Forum, several British politicians called for an end to the continuing genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Mullivaikal is a narrow stretch of sandy baron land in the north eastern part of Sri Lanka between the Indian Ocean and the Nanthikadal lagoon. This small stretch of land was declared a safe zone by the Sri Lankan government and around 300,000 Tamils took refuge in this narrow stretch of land to save their lives. Instead they were mercilessly massacred by the advancing Sri Lankan armed forces. The UN Panel Report on Sri Lanka (UN POE) in 2010 estimated that more […]

Trump trumped by media he threatened

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During his presidential election campaign last year the ever-loquacious and unpredictable Donald Trump threatened to change Washington which he called a swamp.  Not even four months after occupying the Oval Office Trump is sinking in the swamp he said he would clean up. Caught up in a labyrinth of charges of misconduct and worse, several Congressional and prosecutorial investigations into them, it seems to have escaped many that the week of leaks that produced these shocking revelations came from the media. US President Donald Trump. Pic Reuters The American media that had been threatened during the campaign, journalists assaulted and manhandled and discriminated against once in the White House, has hit back hard at the man who promised new laws to curb the media and […]

Racism victim speaks out after abuse in Welwyn Garden City

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An accountant who has been a proud British citizen for 17 years despite his Asian birth has spoken of his shock to suffer foul-mouthed racial abuse on the streets of Welwyn Garden City. Although Eranda Wickramasinghe was born in Sri Lanka 40 years ago, he has lived in the UK since 1990, and won citizenship in 2000, marrying an Englishwoman two years ago and moving to Welwyn Garden City. Last week, as he arrived at the Hydeway end of the railway station footbridge on his way to work in London, he was confronted by a white man. The man shouted: “F***ing world must be s**t for you lot to come here”. Mr Wickramsinghe told the Welwyn Hatfield Times: “I was left in no doubt about […]

Granting of GSP plus to Sri Lanka printed in EU official journal

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The decision by the European Commission to grant GSP plus to Sri Lanka has been printed in the official journal of the European Union (EU) and Sri Lanka has access to the EU market under the special scheme from today. The official journal of the EU issued yesterday (Thursday) amends an earlier decision to withdraw the GSP plus scheme granted to Sri Lanka.  In January this year the European Commission had noted that on 12 July 2016, the Commission received a GSP+ request from Sri Lanka.  The Commission said it has examined the GSP+ request from Sri Lanka in accordance with the provisions of Article 10(1) of Regulation (EU) No 978/2012, and the Commission has established that Sri Lanka meets the conditions. “Sri Lanka should […]

Sri Lanka received assurance from UK over GSP Plus

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By Yusuf Ariff Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says that Sri Lanka has received an assurance from the United Kingdom that despite it leaving the EU, the trade preferences already enjoyed by other countries would be maintained. “The day after we will get the tariff concessions to enter the European Union market, which is the GSP Plus.” “We have also been assured by the UK that while they will leave the union, the trade preferences already enjoyed by the countries would be maintained,” he said, addressing the Women Leadership Summit of the SAARC Chamber Women Entrepreneurs Council in Colombo. He stated that the EU is the richest market and that it’s not just the question of entry into a market for Sri Lanka. “It is a […]

Different rules for Sinhalese and Tamils in Sri Lanka

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Government to celebrate the Killing of more than 40,000 Tamil civilianS and more than 1000 LTTE Leaders and their family members who surrendered with WHITE FLAG after UN negotiated the surrender on 19th May as VICTORY DAY. Tamils banned from remembering their siblings or children killed and made to disappear in thousands by Sri Lankan forces on 18th May as Maveerar day. Police Intelligence personnel have received information to the effect that various commemorative events have been planned in the North to honour the LTTE leaders who were killed by the Sri Lankan forces under the guise of observing War Heroes (Maaveerar) week which falls later this week. The UN reported that more than 40,000 Tamil civilians were killed by the Sri Lankan forces in month of […]

Merseyside brothers jailed: Shop workers groomed girls

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Two shop worker brothers who groomed young girls with free sweets and mobile phone top-ups have been jailed for years of abuse. Ilvarasan and Vinothan Rajenthiram groomed nine girls before plying them with alcohol and assaulting them. Ilvarasan, 26 of Wallasey Village, Wirral, was sentenced to 22 and a half years in prison, while Vinothan, 27 of Wigan, received 18 and a half years. They were found guilty of a total of 30 charges spanning more than five years. ‘Sexual gratification’ Sentencing them at Liverpool Crown Court, Judge Norman Wright said “both abused their position in the shops to target teenage girls”. The grooming happened at convenience stores the brothers worked in at Birkenhead, Walton and Garston between 2010 and January 2016. Judge Wright said […]


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WHY SHOULD TAMIL’S VOTE FOR LABOUR Venue : Trinity Community Centre, East Avenue, London E12 6SG, Time : 3.00 pm Date : 13.05.2017 General election 2017: Jeremy Corbyn says Brexit issue ‘settled’ Jeremy Corbyn will say the issue of whether Brexit happens has been “settled” as he formally launches his party’s general election campaign. The Labour leader will promise to protect “Britain’s vital industries” after the UK has left the EU. He will tell supporters in Manchester they have “four weeks to transform Britain”. Mr Corbyn has also insisted he will stay on as Labour leader even if the party loses at the general election. He told BuzzFeed: “I was elected leader of this party and I’ll stay leader of this party.” Mr Corbyn will be […]

Corbyn Government Will End Military Aid To Sri Lanka: John McDonnell

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By TU Senan – TU Senan The upcoming general election in Britain will not be an ordinary one. Despite the fact that the Labour Party is behind in the polls and suffered some losses in the more rural county council elections, Labour Party could still form a government after 8 June. The popularity of Corbyn’s policies continue to enthuse a huge number of young voters. It was reported that there is a surge in voter registration among young people. As for most of the workers and poor and for the Black and Asian population living in Britain, the choice is somewhat simpler. Either vote for a warmongering, immigrant-hating party that promises to make more cuts in services and further privatise the NHS or vote for […]

British woman helped 6 Sri Lankans reach UK with fake Indian passports

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Before she was caught in March for allegedly aiding four Sri Lankan nationals to illegally travel to the UK with forged Indian passports, a British woman also helped six other Sri Lankans make the journey, the Indian Express reported. The Sahar police have identified British national Julie Ann Warner and Sri Lankan agent Rayappen Thevakumaran (52), who was arrested at Chennai airport on May 4, as the main conspirators in the racket to send Sri Lankans to UK using forged Indian passports. Another Sri Lankan travel agent Mahamuni Logorajan and an Indian agent Rajan, both currently absconding, are also allegedly involved in the racket. fter Chennai immigration officers handed over Thevakumaran to the Sahar police on May 5, the latter have claimed that between January […]

BBC draws curtains on show that told horrors of Lanka war

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The BBC on April 30 finally drew the curtains on Thamizhosai – a popular Tamil show that lasted three quarters of a century. Originally called ‘A news letter from Ceylon’, it was launched on May 3, 1941, as a propaganda machinery of the British to report on the Second World War in Sri Lanka – which was then a British Colony. But the later years saw it metamorphose into a favourite among the Tamil diaspora, not only for introducing Tamil culture to the world, but also for reflecting major predicaments faced by the community including those in Sri Lanka. Thamizhosai was the brainchild of S Sivapadasundaram, a former editor of the Sri Lanka’s popular Tamil periodical Eezha Kesari and a journalist who was equally proficient […]

Hon. Sampanthan Meets the High Commissioner of UK

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A meeting with the UK High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, His Excellency James Dauris and the Leader of the Opposition and the TNA, Hon. R. Sampanthan took place today at the Westminster House in Colombo. At the meeting, the Opposition Leader apprised the High Commissioner of some pressing issues faced by the Tamil people including the lack of progress in relation to the release of lands held by the military in the North and East, concerns of the families of the disappeared and surrendered, and the delay in establishing the Office of the Missing Persons by the government. Moreover, Hon. Sampanthan also briefed the High Commissioner about the constitution-making process. Raghu Balachandran  Media Secretary  Leader of the Opposition Office of the Leader of the Opposition  […]

Key Suspect In Lasantha’s Killing Given Diplomatic Post By Gota

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The chief suspect in Lasantha Wickrematunga’s assassination was given a diplomatic post by the then defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa but it was withdrawn soon after Mahinda Rajapaksa won the January 2010 election, fresh evidence has revealed, according to the Economy News website. Rajapaksa has denied any involvement in the January 2009 assassination of SundayLeader editor Wickrematunga and a string of other attacks against dissident journalists, but new evidence shows he nominated the main suspect as an intelligence officer at the Sri Lanka embassy in Thailand. The then powerful defence secretary has denied allegations by his army commander and erstwhile friend Sarath Fonseka that he led a killer squad comprising handpicked army commandos attached to a secret killer gang. Rajapaksa has countered the allegation saying that if […]

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