Jayalalithaa’s wish list

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Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa has, at her very first meeting with Narendra Modi after the latter’s assumption of duties as Prime Minister, submitted a 64-page memorandum containing a long wish list among other things. As regards, Sri Lanka, she has sought the Centre’s intervention to take over Kachchativu and conduct a UN-sponsored referendum on Eelam. These, she has been harping on for a long time without success. What is of interest, in our book, is her request that the new BJP-led government declare Tamil as an official language. One is intrigued. Why hasn’t either she or any of her predecessors like M. G. Ramachandran or even M. Karunanidhi been able to sort out that issue all these years? Has she taken it up […]

Mahinda to Modi ”No devolution of powers to Tamil’s”

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President Mahinda Rajapakse has informed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that devolving of police powers to the provincial councils was not acceptable by the Sri Lankan government, Minister of External Affairs Professor G. L. Peiris informed Parliament today.Minister Peiris who was responding to a statement made by Leader of the Opposition Ranil Wickremsinghe who raised a question on the reports which said the Indian Prime Minister had told President Rajapaksa to work towards bringing about national reconciliation in Sri Lanka, by implementing a solution to the national issue by devolving powers, which went beyond the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.Professor Peiris said President Rajapaksa explained the position of the Sri Lankan government during the bilateral talks with Prime Minister Modi when the former visited Delhi […]

ONE STEP FORWARD… Sinhalese Government’s conspiracy to divide the homeland Tamils and diaspora Tamils

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THE UNHRC RESOLUTION AND ITS REPERCUSSIONS ONE STEP FORWARD…                 The Tamil Eelam liberation struggle and its solidarity movement now face the question: What is to be done?  To find an answer, we have to reckon with certain facts.                 The genocidal war against the people of Tamil Eelam reached its traumatic climax at Mullivaaikkaal on 2009 May 16, 17 and 18. And in this holocaust thousands of Tamils were massacred and the armed struggle for the liberation of the Eelam nation was totally crushed. The military hegemony over the Tamil Eelam areas has, in conjunction with Sri Lanka’s rigidly unitary constitution and the supremacist psyche of the Sinhalese people, brought about a situation where the democratic space for the Tamil Eelam people in their […]

Rajapaksha will not honour pledge to Modi

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Just a week after President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s first meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India where the Indian leader reiterated the need for Sri Lanka to implement the 13th Amendment to the Constitution and go beyond, the Mahinda Rajapaksa government has said it will not fully implement the 13th Amendment.  The government has said that police powers will not be devolved to the provinces even if the 13th Amendment is fully implemented.Cabinet Spokesperson, Minister Keheliya Rambukwella has told the media at a news conference in Kandy that Cabinet will take the final decision on the implementation of the 13th Amendment. He has added that the government has already decided not to devolve police powers to the provinces and that those powers will remain […]

Jayalalithaa takes firm stand on Sri Lankan Tamil issue

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CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa has taken a firm stand on the Sri Lankan Tamil issue despite conciliatory gestures by the Island nation in recent times, including release of Indian fishermen from the jails in that country.In a memorandum submitted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi on Tuesday, the chief minister reiterated her stand. She demanded the Centre sponsor a resolution in the UN condemning the genocide in Sri Lanka and to hold all those responsible for it accountable. She said the resolution should demand a referendum among the Tamils in Sri Lanka for the formation of a separate Tamil Eelam.Jayalalithaa said there were very strong sentiments among people in Tamil Nadu on a range of issues relating to India’s relations […]

BJP now demands delivery on the promises made with no delaying tactics – Great expectations over 13 A.

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By Dilrukshi Handunnetti  Just hours in to his new job, Narendra Modi, India’s new Prime Minister, placed his cards firmly on the table, during his first bilateral discussion with Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, in New Delhi.   On 27 May, it was succinctly conveyed to the island’s President Rajapaksa, that when it came to Sri Lanka, the new Indian administration was committed to three things: Expeditious full implementation of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, A lasting political solution that would not compromise Sri Lanka’s territorial integrity As well as strong economic and cultural ties – in that order.   The difference here is, unlike in Sri Lanka, where the policy of one government is completely replaced by another and often a matter of politics than policy, […]

Sri Lanka happy that Sushma Swaraj had been handed the External Affairs portfolio in Modi’s government.

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President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s visit to India to attend the inauguration of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi attracted much attention this week as both countries made a conscious attempt to mend relations which had been under strain under the previous Congress administration. There were many welcoming gestures – the President telephoning Modi after his victory, Modi’s invitation for the inauguration and the President ordering the release of Indians detained by Sri Lankan authorities not merely for fishing illegally in Sri Lankan waters but also for other offences. There was some political posturing as well. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalilthaa Jeyaram kept away from Modi’s inauguration because President Rajapaksa was invited. The Chief Minister of the Northern Province, C.V. Vigneswaran politely refused an invitation to join the […]

”No matter how determined Sri Lanka was, we could not have defeated the LTTE if not for India’s support” Presidential spokesman

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Indian Government on cordial bi-lateral journey with Sri Lanka – Presidential spokesman By Manjula Fernando Presidential spokesman Mohan Samaranayake who is an expert on UN affairs and international relations said Sri Lanka’s diplomatic skills will be put to the test under the new Indian Government which seems to have embarked on a cordial bi-lateral journey with Sri Lanka. Mohan Samaranayake Samaranayake said with Tamil Nadu politicians and the pro LTTE diaspora hell-bent on rocking the boat, retaining the new Prime Minister’s goodwill will prove to be our toughest job in the months to come. Excerpts of the interview Having a strong government at the Centre is a reason for Sri Lanka to celebrate. Without being swayed or pressurized by regional forces, the new Indian government is […]

13th Amendment Minus The Answer

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By Rajasingham Jayadevan – Quotes: ·      Earlier, in January 2009, the U.S. Embassy in Colombo reported in a cable (189383: confidential, January 29, 2009) on External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee’s visit that President Rajapaksa had spoken of a 13th Amendment Plus plan (Hindu-26/3/2011). ·      Following from that on 10 July 2013, National Security Adviser Shivshankar Menon — who met top Sri Lanka leaders here in the last two days — emphasized the need for Colombo to fulfill its commitment to India and the international community regarding a political settlement that would go beyond the 13th Amendment of the country’s Constitution. Speaking to the Indian media here after a breakfast meeting with President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Tuesday, Mr. Menon said: “We have made our views clear on how […]

A New Treaty With India An Imperative

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By K Godage A new treaty with our blood relative India is an imperative, let us clear the way for it. Modi becoming Prime Minister affords us a God given opportunity, let us not let it pass. It has been reported that India’s new Prime Minister  has raised the old issue of the 13th Amendment which they foisted on us and insisted that Land and Police powers not be taken away from the  Provincial Councils, when President Rajapaksa called on him after he was sworn in. This is the old demand which they keep bringing up whenever our Presidents meet their Prime Ministers. To my mind it appears that our leaders have failed to make India understand why we cannot devolve land and Police powers […]

Wimal warns of Modi cannot be fooled as we did with Singh.

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Government Minister Wimal Weerawansa has warned that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi may pose a threat to Sri Lanka’s Government. But the Sri Lankan government is counting on Sushma Swaraj, External Affairs Minister of India and anti Tamil Subramanium Swamy to help them fool PM Modi as they did with Manmohan singh. The Minister said that Modi and his new Government has pushed for the full implementation of the 13th Amendment to the constitution and will add pressure on the Sri Lankan Government on the promises made by President Rajapaksha to implement more than 13th amendment to than PM Manmohan Singh and Sonia Ganthi in 2009. In May 2009 India made the western leaders to trust the promises made by President Rajapaksha who promised to implement more than 13th amendment […]

Same 13A policy but different players – Modi resets the clock to 13A, (when) will it start ticking in Sri Lanka?

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Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva has been in politics long enough to know that after 1983, the internal and the external in Sri Lanka have become inextricable. If anyone is interfering in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs, it is because the Sri Lankan government has externalized its internal affairs. It will not be nice for India to say it, but any Sri Lankan politician with a head on his shoulders must know that India does not need Sri Lanka’s co-operation on anything but it is Sri Lanka who needs India’s co-operation to address its own internal as well as external affairs. The choice for the Sri Lankan government is to either co-operate with India on 13A to mitigate the West’s insistence on war crimes investigation, or […]

Positive action called for on Sri Lanka’s national question

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India’s newly elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi has clearly indicated that the 13th Amendment to Sri Lanka’s Constitution should be “optimally” implemented, according to Prof. Tissa Vitharana, Senior Minister for Scientific Affairs and chairman of the now-defunct All Party Representative Committee (APRC). Speaking at Thursday’s Sunday Times Business Club (STBC) discussion on the “Indian polls impact on Sri Lanka” at the Cinnamon Lakeside hotel, Prof. Vitharana added that Mr. Modi “wants the Tamil community to be given a solution to the national question which would accord with their sense of dignity and their satisfaction to work within one Sri Lanka”. “I would say that this is something that is very clear from what has transpired so far… And therefore it is up to us in […]

Modi’s demand not to be taken lightly

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The new Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in his very first meeting with Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, has called for the full implementation of the 13th Amendment and going beyond in order to address the political aspirations of Tamils in Sri Lanka.  Modi’s call was predictable and in consonance with the stance of the previous Congress Government in New Delhi. BJP’s position on the ethnic question in Sri Lanka has also been made public by its former leader of the Lok Sabha and the current External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj, who advocated for the devolution of powers within a united Sri Lanka. What is however new, is the sense of urgency, India is showing in getting the Sri Lankan Government to address the grievances of […]

Susma to come here, Modi to follow

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India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj is expected to visit Sri Lanka within the next couple of months while Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to follow later, Daily Mirror learns. Ms. Swaraj was previously opposition leader in the Lok Sabha. She headed a parliamentary delegation to Sri Lanka in 2012, and undertook a fact finding mission in the Northern and Eastern Provinces where the delegates interacted with a wide cross-section of society. She visited Batticaloa and Jaffna and met representatives of war-affected people and civil society leaders. In Hatton, she visited several Indian-funded projects for the benefit of Tamils of Indian origin living in the upcountry. At the end of their visit, her delegation also met President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Sri Lankan political leaders have […]

If Rajapaksa Regime Continues with Broken Promises and Intransigience the “Honeymoon”with New Modi Govt Will Not Last Long

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By Dharisha Bastians President Mahinda Rajapaksa may have metaphorically leapt into new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s arms this week, but in the beginning there was Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh. The Congress Party won Parliamentary elections in 2004, returning the Gandhi family dynasty to the helm of Indian politics after a hiatus of eight years and heralding a new dawn for Sri Lanka’s battle against terrorism. The change had come only three years after America had faced its own demons in the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, forever altering how the world would approach and combat terrorism. Already, appetite for the LTTE’s brutal politics of terror had waned completely in the Western world. By assassinating Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi […]

Sushma’s appointment a bonus for Sri Lanka

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She may not have made headlines in Sri Lanka yet but Sushma Swaraj, the first woman to be appointed as India’s Minister of External Affairs will be a key player in forging that country’s foreign policy towards Sri Lanka over the next few years.Swaraj was sworn in for the vital portfolio by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday and her appointment should be considered a bonus for Sri Lanka which must be relieved at the prospect of a strong government in New Delhi that does not have to bow to the dictates of parties in Tamil Nadu. Swaraj, unlike her immediate predecessors Salman Khurshid, S.M. Krishna and Pranab Mukherjee, is one of the few politicians in New Delhi that Sri Lankan leaders have developed a […]

Despite regime change – India’s policy on SL hasn’t changed

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India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, soon after being sworn in, had a meeting with President Mahinda Rajapaksa and spelt out his government’s policy on Sri Lanka.  The media quoted India’s Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh, as having said that Mr. Modi asked President Rajapaksa to expedite the reconciliation process in Sri Lanka.   Quoting the Prime Minister, she said the full implementation of the 13th Amendment or going beyond that would contribute to this process.While highlighting the need to strengthen the bilateral relations, the two leaders focused on the entire gamut of issues. The implementation of the Sampur coal power project was also among the matters discussed by the two leaders, and there was a quick appraisal of Indian funded projects being implemented in various stages in […]

We will NOT Implement the 13th Amendment

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Close on the heels of a meeting between newly elected Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Mahinda Rajapaksa in New Delhi, where the former called for early and full implementation of the 13th Amendment and to go beyond, the government yesterday said that it was only the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) that could decide on the matter. The Tamil National Alliance has said that it has no faith in the proposed Parliamentary Select Committee and has not yet decided whether it will participate. “We have no confidence in the proposed Parliamentary Select Committee as that will also be a strategy adopted by the government to delay the process of finding a solution to the ethnic question,” TNA spokesman and Jaffna District MP Suresh Premachandran told The […]

”PM Modi will finish us off within a year or so” Mahinda

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Ranil has 4 buddies in Indian cabinet! “I thought he had asked me to come because of friendship. Now, it seems he is worse than the previous ones. I will have to learn Hindu because he does not know English. If he bullies us that much at the very first meeting, it is sure he will finish us off within a year or so. Not a single Indian should be trusted,” saying thus, president Mahinda Rajapaksa played havoc at Temple Trees yesterday (29) morning upon his return from India, say Temple Trees internal sources. After attending Indian new prime minister Narendra Modi’s swearing-in at New Delhi, the president spent the entire morning in a rage without doing any work. During times the president loses his […]

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