‘White Flag’ surrendered Girl slain with Isaipiriya in SL military captivity identified

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A girl seen held captive together with LTTE journalist Shoba (Isaippiriyaa) by the genocidal military of Sri Lanka and later seen slain, has been identified as 19-year-old Ushalini Gunalingam from Yoakapuram, Mallaavi in Vanni, news sources in Ki’linochchi told TamilNet Monday. The girl was not a LTTE fighter, although she had been recruited by the movement in 2008 for a few months, according to the relatives of the victim.  Shoba (Isaipiriya) and Ushalini Gunalingam [right] Ushalini had left the movement and was with the family. But, the family had lost her during a chaotic displacement in the beginning of May 2009.The parents, searching for their lost daughter, have been complaining to all the commissions, from the LLRC to the recent presidential commission, without any outcome. Now […]

‘White Flag’ Communication (Sunday 17 May 2009 – All times Sri Lankan):

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Communication (Sunday 17 May 2009 – All times Sri Lankan): 0846: Foreign Secretary Palitha Kohona to Nadesan via a European intermediary: SMS: “Just walk across to the troops, slowly! And comply with instructions carefully. The soldiers are nervous about suicide bombers.” 1529: Another SMS from Palitha Kohona: “white flag, hands up, walk slowly”. Midday approx: Nadesan calls Rohan Chandra Nehru MP in Colombo. “I will give you an answer around the evening, or anytime, my leader is instructing me, keep your phone free so I can call you”. [Shelling heard in background]. 1830: Nadesan calls Nehru. “We are ready to surrender under the leadership instruction”. The rebel leader, Prabhakaran had given Nadesan and the LTTE permission to surrender. Nadesan tells Nehru to speak to Basil […]

Rivalry among TNA and tussle with Devananda is death-knell for Tamil aspirations

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Rivalry among TNA and tussle with Devananda is death-knell for Tamil aspirations – Pearl Thevanayagam Whichever party comes to power Douglas Devananda wins hands down. His Machiavellian politics transcends mere rhetoric. Having been a comrade of VelupillaiPirabakaran during Eelam struggle in the ‘70s, he finally had the gumption to side with the governments in power to gain rights and some kind of economic redress for Tamils in North and East. His white van abductions still remain a gigantic thorn in the Tamil psyche but his efforts to develop North is something the TNA cannot dispute. He gets down to the grass-roots and is making vast strides in bringing redress to Tamil grievances. Not unlike President MahindaRajapaksa, Devanandahas his pulse on the people unlike the TNA […]

The final hours: 5 Years On – The White Flags

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This is the story of the killing or disappearance of several groups of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) who surrendered to the Sri Lankan army on or about 18 May 2009 at the end of Sri Lanka’s civil war. They were told by the government if they carried a while flag they would be safe crossing the frontline. But when they surrendered it became apparent they had been lured into a trap.Several were executed in cold blood – others have never been seen since. The surrender of the political leaders of the LTTE – Pulidevan and Nadesan – is commonly known as “the white flag incident”. It involved approximately twelve people surrendering, including the leaders. Photographs of their dead bodies later appeared. There […]

Sooka reveals new evidence relating to ‘white flag’ incident

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International Truth & Justice Project, Sri Lanka New evidence on the “white flag” surrenders by members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and their families at the end of the civil war requires an independent international investigation, says human rights lawyer Yasmin Sooka, who has served as an expert adviser on Sri Lanka to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. “An analysis of the available evidence points to an organised government plan at the highest level not to accept the surrender of the top civilian, administrative and political leadership of the LTTE – but rather to execute them, in violation of international humanitarian law,” says Ms Sooka. The report by the International Truth & Justice Project, can be viewed online . The report collates […]

Sri Lanka: Comply with Rights Council Investigation

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Sri Lanka: Comply with Rights Council Investigation RELATED MATERIALS: Wikileaks and US frustrations in Sri Lanka DECEMBER 16, 2010 Commentary Sri Lanka: Asset Freeze Threatens Peaceful Dissent APRIL 7, 2014 Press release The Sri Lankan government denounced the Human Rights Council resolution, yet for five long years it has failed to act on its promises to investigate and bring to justice wartime atrocities. The government should finally accept the council’s vote and assist the investigation, which represents the best hope yet for victims awaiting justice. Brad Adams, Asia director (New York) – The Sri Lankan government should comply with the March 2014 United Nations Human Rights Council resolution creating an international investigation into allegations of serious abuses by both sides during Sri Lanka’s civil war, Human Rights […]

There needs to be political will – Solheim

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By Easwaran Rutnam The Norwegian Government played a key role in mediating between the Government and the LTTE during the war, including under the Mahinda Rajapaksa Government. However as soon as the LTTE was defeated the Norwegians were accused by many within the Government of playing into the hands of the LTTE and being biased towards the rebels. The man who took center stage as Norwegian mediator is former Minister Erik Solheim. Still active on expressing his views on Sri Lanka, Solheim said he is still fully convinced the peace process could have succeeded. Here are excerpts from the interview: Q. Sri Lanka is this week celebrating five years since the end of the war. As a former mediator in the Sri Lankan conflict do you […]

Tamil diaspora deny blocking peace

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The Tamil diaspora deny allegations that they are hampering moves towards peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka, five years after the war. Reverend Father S. J. Emmanuel who heads the Global Tamil Forum (GTF), one of many groups recently proscribed by the Government, says the GTF is absolutely committed to a non-violent agenda and seeks lasting peace in Sri Lanka, based on justice, reconciliation and a negotiated political settlement. Here are excerpts of an interview given to the Colombo Gazette: Q. As Sri Lanka commemorates five years since the end of the war, as a key member of the Tamil Diaspora what would you say are the feelings of the Tamils overseas five years on? Combination of feelings of deep sorrow for the loss of life, immense sadness […]

Obama Asked Tamil Tigers To Surrender in 2009 and they were killed by Sri Lankan forces

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Obama Asks Tamil Tigers To Surrender, Sri Lanka To Mind Civilians President Obama, speaking this afternoon, made a direct statement to both the Tamil Tigers as well as the Sri Lankan government regarding the enduring civil war and widespread civilian devastation in that country. Obama asked that the Tigers lay down their arms and surrender to the Sri Lankan government, and he asked that the Sri Lankans cease “the indiscriminate shelling” with heavy artillery that has been decimating civilians. The growing humanitarian crisis has captured international attention for weeks now. Obama’s statements Wednesday came shortly after Amnesty International (AI) — one of many humanitarian groups who has been vocal about the growing humanitarian crisis — issued an official plea, saying: “While U.S. Secretary of State […]

Behind The Sri Lankan Bloodbath of Tamil Civilians

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China, Pakistan and India helped Sri Lanka to kill thousands of Tamil Civilians by suppling of offensive weapons and its munificent aid. Thousands of noncombatants, according to the United Nations, were killed in the final phase of the Sri Lankan war this year as government forces overran the Tamil Tiger guerrillas. Nearly five months after Colombo’s stunning military triumph, the peace dividend remains elusive, with President Mahinda Rajapaksa setting out–in the name of “eternal vigilance”–to expand by 50% an already-large military. Little effort has been made to reach out to the Tamil minority and begin a process of national reconciliation. China, clearly, was the decisive factor in ending the war through its generous supply of offensive weapons and its munificent aid. It even got its ally […]

Five Years After The End Of The War: Conflict Worsens And Hopes Fade Away!

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By Rev. S.J. Emmanuel – Introduction The fact that you have invited me to write my thoughts on five years after the war, helps me to join at least the few progressive voices, who do not sing with the majority or swim with the stream, but genuinely concerned about promoting a peaceful coexistence of all the peoples and religions within the island. Though the Government and their media doing their utmost to portray me and my engagement during the last two decades as pro-terrorist and pro-separatist, I wish to say clearly and with utmost sincerity that the truth is far from it.  Heaps of lies have been fabricated from internet-gossips and written about me, tarnishing my identity not only as a supporter of terrorism and separatism,but also […]

UN urges dialogue in post war Lanka

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As Sri Lanka commemorates five years since the end of the war and the defeat of the LTTE, the United Nations (UN) called for broad dialogue among all Sri Lankans to bring about lasting reconciliation, peace and development in the country. Stéphane Dujarric, Spokesman for UN Secretary-General Ban ki moon, said in a statement that addressing the aspirations and grievances of all communities is of fundamental importance for the overall development in Sri Lanka. He recalled that this was a matter even mentioned in the 2009 Joint Statement by the Secretary-General and the President Mahinda Rajapaksa. The 2009 joint statement followed a visit to Sri Lanka by UN Secretary-General Ban ki moon following the end of the war. President Rajapaksa had, in the joint statement, […]

How the BJP victory could affect Indo – Sri Lankan relations?

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‘Make Rajapaksa deliver on promises he made’ The Tamil political leadership of Sri Lanka has welcomed the new regime in India, expressing hope that the Narendra Modi-led government will pressure President Mahinda Rajapaksa to deliver on his promises to the country’s Tamils. Congratulating the Prime Minister-elect for the “historic win”, Chief Minister of Sri Lanka’s Tamil-speaking Northern Province C.V. Wigneswaran said the Tamil people of Sri Lanka hoped that his government would be actively engaged with the country, helping them achieve a lasting political solution. “We wish to congratulate Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa for a very good showing in the State. We look forward to her continued support,” Mr. Sumanthiran said. The Tamil political leadership in Sri Lanka believes it is Ms. Jayalalithaa who has […]

Tamils prevented from remembering 40,000 Tamil Civilians killed by Army in Sri Lanka

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 SL police disrupts elected councillors from conducting Mu’l’livaaykkaal Remembrance The TNA accuses the Army and the police of having prevented a function it had organized in front of the northern provincial council building at Kaithady in Jaffna this afternoon to remember the 40,000 Tamil civilians who were killed by Sri Lankan Army in month of May 2009. NCP provincilor M.K. Sivajilingam said the military had previously barred the TNA from holding the function at Vellamullivaikkal in Mullaitivu. He said he and his colleague councillor Anandi Shashiharan, widow of LTTE’s political leader for Trincomalee S. Elilan, had been prevented from entering the NCP building. Councillor Shashiharan said it was unfair not even a lamp was allowed to be lit in remembrance of the dead civilians. The […]

Sri Lankan Muslim terrorist arrested in Malaysia

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The Malaysian Bukit Aman Special Branch counter-terrorism division has helped thwart a planned attack on foreign consulates in India with the arrest of four suspected terrorists including a Sri Lankan Muslim man. The Sri Lankan Muslim was detained at a house in Kepong at about 11.15am on Wednesday, the Star newspaper reported today. The other three suspects were arrested in Chennai by Indian authorities based on information supplied by the counter-terrorism division. The Sri Lankan Muslim, who has been indirectly linked to al-Qaeda, is on the wanted list for alleged terror activities in Sri Lanka and other countries. Police believe that he had a terrorist network in Malaysia involving foreigners, a source said.The source said the man had been hiding in Malaysia since 2011. Police began […]

The Future Of The Tamils And The Challenge For The Tamil Diaspora

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By Brian Senewiratne –   This dual title has a reason. When I was first asked (3 April 2014) by theTamil Writers Guild (of which I was a member) whether I would come and deliver the 2014 C.J.T. Thamoderam Memorial Lecture, I was asked to speak on the first of these. When I found that it was physically unsafe for me to do so because of the long reach of the murderous Rajapaksa regime, I was asked to send a 12 minute recording on the second of these titles. I will try and deal with both. Let me sum up each one in a sentence. The Tamils have no future under the Totalitarian virulently chauvinistic regime that now runs Sri Lanka. Those who think otherwise are not on the […]

Post Colonial Era And Bifurcations Of Countries, Is Sri Lanka An Exception?

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By G K Nathan – The fifth anniversary of Sri Lanka’s military victory against Tamil Tigers on 18 May 2009 will be celebrated by Sinhala Nation, but the Tamil Nation worldwide will commemorate the loss of loved ones and demanding equal rights between Nations, which demonstrates the country remains divided and Sinhala-Tamil conflict remains unresolved. At the end of military conflict, there was a golden opportunity to resolve the long standing conflict by establishing accountability for alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity and to bring reconciliation between the divided peoples. Sri Lanka, has failed to pay heed to the international call for accountability and reconciliation, which would have brought peoples together, but continuing to have grand plans to celebrate the military victory, at the same time, rights to […]

Canada to boycott Victory Day parade – ‘Such events won’t help post-war reconciliation’

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Canadian High Commissioner Shelley Whiting yesterday said that her country wouldn’t be represented at the Victory Day parade in Matara on Sunday (May 18). The Canadian envoy said that the annual military parade wouldn’t help post-war national reconciliation, therefore she wouldn’t accept the government invitation. The following is the text of a statement issued by High Commissioner Whiting toThe Island yesterday: “As in past years, heads of mission resident in Sri Lanka have recently received invitations to participate in this year’s Victory Parade scheduled to be held in Matara on May 18. As Canadian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, part of my role includes celebrating the successes of the country alongside the Sri Lankan people. However, I will not be attending the Victory Day Parade on […]

Immigrants more likely to fail citizenship test the longer they’re here

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Government study said those in Canada less than 5 years have a much higher pass rate on the citizenship test. By: Nicholas Keung Immigration reporter, Published on Thu May 15 2014 The longer an immigrant is in Canada, the more likely they are to fail their citizenship test, a government report says. According to the internal Immigration Department report, applicants who have been in Canada fewer than five years consistently have the highest success rates on the mandatory knowledge test, compared to counterparts who have been here much longer. The findings fly in the face of the Conservative government, which in February tabled a series of sweeping citizenship changes, including raising the required length of residency to four out of six years from the current three out of four. […]

Sri Lanka: Torn between yesterday and tomorrow

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The civil war in Sri Lanka, which lasted for more than 25 years and claimed over 100,000 lives, ended in 2009. But as things stand today, the country is still bitterly divided and the reconciliation efforts falter. In May 2009, the Sri Lankan army captured the last of the areas controlled by the militant separatist organization, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. On May 18, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa declared that the civil war, which claimed the lives of some 100,000 people, had finally ended. According to the United Nations, some 40,000 people died in the last months of the war. International aid agencies reported that around 280,000 people – mostly belonging to the Tamil minority in Sri Lanka’s northern and eastern regions – […]

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