Sri Lanka charges Tamil man deported from Australia

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AFP – A Sri Lankan deported by Australia even though his partner had refugee status there was charged upon his return with illegally leaving his home country. Thileepan Gnaneswaran, who was separated from his wife and 11-month-old daughter, arrived in Colombo Tuesday along with another 17 who had also their asylum applications rejected by Australia. “They were taken before a magistrate and released on personal bail,” a senior police official told AFP. “They were charged under the immigration law for leaving the country from a place other than an approved port.” Sri Lankans are known to travel illegally by boat to Australia and other countries, in violation of immigration laws. The offence carries a fine of 200,000 rupees ($1,250) and a maximum prison term of […]

Damning US report reveals Lankans in NZ subjected to forced labour

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The foreign employment services sector yesterday distanced itself from a damning US report that Sri Lankan women and children were dumped into forced labour in New Zealand (NZ), Egypt, Pakistan and elsewhere. The relevant State officials could not be reached for comment yesterday. “When there are such international reports that are adverse to the sector in general and the country in particular, the entire garbage is dumped on the legitimate foreign employment service providers  although this should never be the case”, President of the Association for Foreign Employment Agencies (ALFEA) A. L. A. Azzam told Ceylon Today. He added that State agencies such as the Immigration Department, in particular, should remain more alert at the country’s sole exit port, the airport at Katunayake, to stop […]

China funding MR’s campaign: Ranjan complains to FCID

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Social Empowerment Deputy Minister Ranjan Ramanayake today lodged a complaint with the Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) against former president Mahinda Rajapaksa over the recent allegations revealed by the New York Times. The New York Times in an article published on Monday (25) exposed that at least $7.6 million was dispensed from China Harbor’s account at Standard Chartered Bank to affiliates of Mr. Rajapaksa’s campaign, according to a document, seen by The Times, from an active internal government investigation. Speaking to journalists outside the FCID, Deputy Minister Ramanayake said that he contacted the Times journalists who exposed the allegations before making the complaint. (TK) Video by Sanjeewa China Funded Mahinda Rajapaksa’s 2015 Election Campaign Through Cheques Amounting to US $ 7.6 Million and $ 3.7 M […]


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The Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) is going to present its Voluntary National Review (VNR) during the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF), which will take place from 09 to 18 July 2018 at UN Headquarters in New York.  The GoSL has submitted the Report of Sri Lanka Voluntary National Review on 18 June 2018. The VNR is a critical component of the review and implementation of the 2030 Agenda and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).  Report of Sri Lanka VNR has blocked out the entire UNHRC process and information related to UNHRC resolution 30/1. It has totally ignored its earlier commitment to the international community regarding the implementation of transitional justice mechanisms.  “No Sustainable Development without Transitional Justice”  Through the resolutions 30/1 – the […]

US Will Not Give Up Its Strategic Objectives In Sri Lanka Despite Leaving the United Nations Human Rights Council

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By Lasanda Kurukulasuriya The US quit the UN Human Rights Council on Tuesday (June 19) with rhetoric intended to assert the moral high-ground, slamming the council and selectively ‘naming and shaming’ council members outside its charmed circle of ‘friends.’ While the statements of US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Washington reeked of imperial arrogance, the irony of this grandstanding by one of the worst human rights offenders on the planet would not have been lost on many in the global South, who have been at the receiving end of its worst depredations over time. Haley accused the council of being “a protector of human rights abusers and a cesspool of political bias.” The US’s own glaring lack of even-handedness […]

UN Committee lists missing Lankan among cases for urgent action

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A UN Committee has listed a missing Sri Lankan among cases which require urgent action. The UN Committee on Enforced Disappearances has listed Gopalakrishan Kugachelvam in a list of 500 missing persons which requires urgent action. The Committee published the list of names of the disappeared persons with regard to whom the Committee has requested the State party concerned to take all the necessary measures, including interim measures, to locate and protect them, in application of article 30 of the International Convention for the Protection of all Persons against Enforced Disappearance. “Each Urgent action represents a disappeared person whose family, relatives and friends are suffering every minute of their life by having no idea as to that person’s fate and whereabouts,” said Suela Janina, Chair […]

US quitting UNHRC is beneficial for Sri Lanka

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The United States on Wednesday (20), made a surprise move by removing itself from the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) alleging that the international body was acting against Israel with regard to the conflict with Palestine. The UNHRC has been a hot topic in Sri Lanka since 2009, and after allegations of human rights violations and war crimes gained momentum internationally. Sri Lanka’s relationship with the UN has not been rosy ever since these allegations took centre stage in March each year during the UN Human Rights Council sessions. The manner in which Sri Lanka’s previous regime handled the situation in the international arena also did not go down well with the UN. However, things changed when the new Government took over. In fact, […]

Sri Lanka’s Foreign Policy Cannot Ignore the Tamil Nationality Question and/or Omit Proposing a Solution.

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Sri Lanka’s Foreign Policy Cannot Ignore the Tamil Nationality Question and/or Omit Proposing a Solution. The foreign policy component of the Viyathmaga sessions completely-omitted the main challenges: how do we successfully combat – not merely decry and denounce – the threat of universal jurisdiction and unilateral sanctions? How do we reverse the diminution of our “soft power”? Sri Lanka’s international relations cannot be insulated from Sri Lanka’s nationalities question. The Tamil question was globalised decades ago and is now more globalised than ever. No serious discussion on Sri Lanka’s foreign policy can ignore this problem and omit the political solution we propose, which is vital in managing our relations with India — without which we lose international space and are strategically-vulnerable. In 2015, Sri Lanka […]

Sri Lanka’s oldest Italian Fiat car in Jaffna

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By. N. Parameswaram, Jaffna correspondent JAFFNA: What an opportunity- the chance to own Sri Lanka’s oldest Italian Fiat car in Jaffna – and that too, one that is only functional, old Italian car. Sixty-year old Kumarasamy Ravichandran, a resident of No. 906/12 Point Pedro Road, Jaffna, is the owner of this car. K.Ravichandran and the Fiat Car Mr. Ravichandran says the car has manual horn and lights and still in running condition. It has two engines, two gear boxes and two differentials. This car was made on 1926 and first purchased in 1932 by the first owner from Colonial Motors; He purchased the car in 1990 for Rs.225,000. This is the only car with “A” serial number in Sri Lanka, he said. The car’s hood […]

Mahinda govt. took USD 20 million as commissions from N’cholai contractor – Who will save them PM Ranil or President Maithiri?

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By Saman Indrajith More than USD 20 million had been obtained as commissions from foreign companies involved in the constructing of Norochcholai Power plant by the leaders of the former government, Power and Renewable Energy State Minister Ajith P. Perera told Parliament yesterday. State Minister Perera said evidence had surfaced from international investigations into certain irregularities involving the power plant, he said. The State Minister claimed that there had been no irregularities recorded in the 11 tenders awarded by the present government for supplying coal to the CEB. Answering a question from UNP MP Nalin Bandara with regard to a company named Nobel Resource Limited which was involved in supplying coal to CEB, State Minister Perera said that USD 366.353 mn had been paid to […]

Death threat to Iqbal Athas – People urinate when frightened they say but I saw that with my own eyes at ‘SundayTimes’ office

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By a former Intelligence officer of the forces (Lanka e News -03.June.2018, 11.45PM) In order to pay the debts incurred owing to 1965 elections the name of late D.A. Rajapakse was sold. On another occasion , the ancestral abode- Medamulana house had to be leased out. As Medamulana house could not be saved after the leasing out, the Rajapakse family was evicted by the Fiscal. It was a close pal of D.A. who came to the rescue of the destitute and desperate Rajapakse family at that time . He paid the arrears   and got the house released for Rajapakses. In November 1967  , D.A. breathed his last. When he died nine children were left in the lurch within  Medamulana house. With the sudden demise of […]

Abolish PTA without compromising national security: HRCSL

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The Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) should be abolished in order to prevent violations of citizen’s human rights without posing any threat to national security, Chairperson of Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) Dr. Deepika Udugama said yesterday. She said that it was the Commission’s preliminary recommendation to the government to abolish the PTA Act, since it was observed that the human rights were heavily violated via the Act throughout the past decades. “It does not mean that we should not take adequate laws and regulations for the sake of the national security. But such rules should be drafted in accordance with to protect the human rights. Soon after the new office bearers were appointed, we made recommendations for the subjects including PTA, death […]

Conspiracy of Sirisena-Gota to smuggle out murderers of late Tamil MP Raviraj which makes the hair to stand on end..!

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Exposure by a former Intelligence officer of the forces (Lanka-e-News -29.May.2018, 7.55AM) In Sri Lanka Generals with stars write books on war for competition reasons. They decorate themselves speaking about their  accomplishments like how broken pots in an abandoned house are cleansed. But the actual story pertaining to the  war is different. Except the operations of the SF , the fourth Eelam war strategies were of inferior  standard . The powerful secret behind the war victory is the multi barrel attacks launched in-subordinating the international humanitarian  laws. The amount of artillery used and the Multi barrel missiles  launched reveal the true story about the war .When the request of the forces was for 100, 000 artillery  gun fire  shells  , it was not for nothing  200, 000 […]

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THE TAMIL WEDDING EXHIBITION COMES TO LONDON FOR THE FIFITH TIME!   SUNDAY 10 JUNE 2018 The UK’s First Ever Tamil Wedding Exhibition is coming to Wembley, London for the 5th year on Sunday 10 June 2018 at Sattavis Patidar Centre between 11am and 5pm and its FREE ENTRY! The Tamil Wedding Exhibition 2018 & Kalyaana Fashion Show is the first of its kind to fill the gap in the British Tamil Wedding Market. There are lots of Asian Wedding Shows in the UK but the Tamil palette is not catered for.  So, this TTW’s solution: The Tamil Wedding Exhibition 2018 on Sunday 10 June. This year’s event is being held in Sattavis Patidar Centre, found in the heart of Wembley with ample a FREE […]

Open Letter To HNB: Infringement Of Fundamental Rights Of Tamils & Insulting Tamil Culture

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By Murali Vallipuranathan – Dr. Murali Vallipuranathan Mr. Jonathan Alles Chief Executive Officer Hatton National Bank PLC  479, TB Jaya Mawatha, Colombo-10 Infringement of Fundamental Rights of Tamils and Insulting Tamil Culture We are dismayed to learn that your bank had punished two employees of Kilinochchi Branch for commemorating the deaths of their relatives and beloved ones. Anniversary commemoration of the dead has been an important part of the culture of the Tamils and Sinhalese for several centuries. In fact one of the oldest Tamil moral text Thirukural dated 3000 years back in stanzas 42 and 43 stated the importance of humans to perform their duty towards manes. In this context we see your ill-conceived action against your employees who were involved in commemoration of their dead […]

Hatton National Bank suspends Tamil Employees for commemorating their relatives killed by Army.

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A boycott campaign has taken off in the North-East with customers of Sri Lanka’s Hatton National Bank (HNB) closing their accounts, after the bank suspended two employees at its Kilinochchi branch for holding a remembrance event on May 18. Across various social media platforms, customers of the bank have been posting letters they have written to their branch managers requesting their account be closed after the incident was reported earlier this week. “Your decision… shows your dominant attitude against innocent Tamil people,” read one letter written in English. “The whole world knows that our people were killed in thousands.” Last week, staff at the Kilinochchi branch held a remembrance event on May 18 to remember the tens of thousands massacred by Sri Lankan state forces […]

Features Opinion Palaka’ni Photo Features TN Transcription Web feeds Feedback About us Genocide Remembrance evolves into logical uprising embracing emotions of people

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Genocide Remembrance evolves into logical uprising embracing emotions of people [Fri, 18 May 2018, 23:09 GMT] Eezham Tamils in the island and the Tamil Diaspora marked 9th Mu’l’livaaykkaal Tamil Genocide Day with an ever-increasing emotional and logical uprising on Friday. While the people on the ground paid tribute, expressed their collective trauma, the younger generation contributed to safeguarding the collective memorialisation from the electoral politics of genocidal Sri Lanka paving the way for logical thinking taking precedence over rhetorics. Justice C. V. Wigneswaran has come with a diplomatically well-crafted speech, raising pertinent questions to the world humanity as well as to the Tamils. His message to the so-called International Community was finding ways without delay for direct engagement with Eezham Tamils cutting the Colombo red […]

Gota should appear in Court, if not guilty – Mangala

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Why is Gotabhaya Rajapaksa spending millions on lawyers to get injunction order to prevent his arrest? asked Finance and Mass Media Minister Mangala Samaraweera yesterday. “If he is not guilty, he should appear in court,” he added. Responding to remarks made by Gotabhaya Rajapaksa that the former was scared of him, Minister Samaraweera said, “Yes I am and it is not only ‘I but many in this country are. I personally know what he is capable of”. Addressing a media briefing at his Ministry yesterday, the minister read the list of cases in court the former Defence Secretary is suspected to have been involved in. He read: According to Police reports, Rajapaksa is suspected to have intervened in: The alleged facilitation of an irregular diplomatic […]

Mullivaikal Commemoration: “Let Us Move Forward Together To Reach Our Political Objectives” – Chief Minister Wigneswaran

18th May 2018 // 0 Comments

Let us not continue to be pawns in the hands of scheming individuals or institutions. Let us agitate in a systematic, organized way for Justice for our affected people. Let us move forward together to reach our political objectives. I make this request of you on this emotive day.  C.V. Wigneswaran Let us identify ourselves as a determinable group of people, the Tamil People, who were subjected to genocide in this 21st century where human civilization has reached great heights. By C.V. Wigneswaran – Mullivaikal Commemorative Programme 18.05.2009 – 18.05.2018 – Remembering the dead during the conclusion of the war at Mullivaikal, Meeting at 11am at Mullivaikal on 18.05.2018 My beloved people! This is the fourth Mullivaikal Commemoration organized by us.  Even though we have not been able to seek justice for […]

Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Campaign: Stopping GOSL Genocide Against the Tamils*

14th May 2018 // 0 Comments

Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Campaign: Stopping GOSL Genocide Against the Tamils*  Francis Anthony Boyle Professor of International Law University of Illinois College of Law in Urbana-Champaign Second International Conference on Tamil Nationhood and Genocide in Sri Lanka Ottawa, Canada 5-7 May 2018 The Sinhala-Buddhist Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) has inflicted outright genocide against the Eelam Tamils in flagrant violation of the 1948 Genocide Convention to which it is a contracting party. For this reason the Eelam Tamils are entitled to an independent state of their own in order to protect themselves from annihilation by and as reparation for the genocide that has been inflicted upon them by the GOSL. Article I of the Genocide Convention requires all contracting parties “to prevent and to punish […]

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