22nd June 2014

President famous for appointing ”dummy high-level panel” has appointed another one to fool the Muslim world

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President Mahinda Rajapaksa today said that he will be appointing a high-level panel to inquire into the recent attacks on Muslims by Buddhist Monks (with the support of the Police and Army) disturbances in Aluthgama and Beruwala areas. “I will be appointing a high-level panel to inquire into recent disturbances,” the President said in his official Twitter and Facebook accounts. At least two persons died and over 40 other were injured following religious clashes in Aluthgama and Beruwala last week. The true figures are kept under the carpet as per orders from the governmemnt and the local media have been ‘Ordered’ NOT to report it. The President had visited the area after arriving from Bolivia and assured that the Government will investigate the incidents. “We […]

STF Were Given Orders To “Protect Procession” On Sunday

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Many residents told us on the spot correspondent that the STF colluded with the Buddhist mob and were attacking the Muslims, Military sources confirmed that they had no option and were following orders that they received from the TOP Politician. The Special Task Force who were deployed on Sunday morning in Dharga town and Aluthgama received specific instructions to “protect the BBS procession”, resulting in them adhering to the orders and firing tear gas towards the Muslims. The orders resulting in the Special Task Force officers giving protection to the Buddhist mob and dispersing the Muslims who had gathered or were resisting and fighting the Buddhist mob. Military sources on the ground said that the alleged catalyst to the incident could not be “the stones pelted by the mosque”. […]