Trying to win Indian goodwill.

31st July 2014 Karu 0

The Rajapaksa family has made a big attempt to grant ample business privileges in Sri Lanka to the five-member team of unofficial representatives of Indian […]

Gotabaya And I Were Right

30th July 2014 Karu 0

By Rajiva Wijesinha – A Presidency Under Threat – Promoting Alienation I was privileged, a couple of weeks back, to attend the release of the Northern Education […]

Kachchatheevu ,India and Sri Lanka

29th July 2014 Karu 0

Kachchatheevu/ Kadchatheevu   Published in South Asian Analysis Group on Monday, February 08, 2010. Paper no. 3655 India’s Bilateral Agreements and Centre-State Relations – A […]