13th September 2014

Powers may have double talk but those who struggle should not

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[TamilNet, Thursday, 11 September 2014, 16:32 GMT]“I am convinced that if Ukraine solved its domestic problems without the use of armed forces, without the bloodshed there over the past month, without the use of heavy artillery… this tragedy would not have happened,” said Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu to visiting Malaysian defence minister Hishammuddin Hussein on Wednesday, while discussing MH 17 investigation. Whether Russia would speak in the same line and would advise its BRICS partners, especially New Delhi, to take the line in the investigation on the crimes of Sri Lanka and in the decades long militarised genocide against Eezham Tamils is what world humanity wishes to know, said Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island. Eezham Tamils never started a military conflict in […]

You’re a great hero for killing more than 40,000 Tamil Civilians in May 2009. We admire your success of defeating the LTTE

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China gets 1200 acres in Trincomalee for ‘defence development’ China gets 1200 acres in Trincomalee for ‘defence development’ [TamilNet, Tuesday, 15 July 2014, 19:54 GMT]Around 1200 acres of land in the Trincomalee Town and Gravets division has recently been given to China on a long-term lease for ‘defence related development’ by genocidal Sri Lanka occupying the country of Eezham Tamils. An ‘agreement’ in this regard has been signed when Rajapaksa visited China, after Modi government coming to power in New Delhi, news sources in Trincomalee said. The stretch of land at the strategic China Bay area includes more than 20 warehouses that are in use since British times, temples, mosques, schools and houses. Meanwhile, TNA leader R. Sampanthan is privately advising Tamil activists not to […]

Russia, China: Strategic partners or rivals, and the India factor

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Bangkok: http://www.smh.com.au/world/academic-tells-conference-delegates-not-to-upset-sri-lanka-over-human-rights-20140912-10fzdq.html http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/sep/12/sydney-university-bows-to-request-from-sri-lankan-military-and-police A University of Sydney academic has urged delegates at a human rights conference to go soft on the Sri Lankan government, which has refused to investigate war-time atrocities that allegedly occurred at the end of its civil war five years ago. Danielle Celermajer, an associate professor at the university, told 100 delegates they should be “mindful of the heightened sensitivity and fragility” at the conference in Bangkok after Sri Lankan authorities threatened to withdraw its military and police participants. “While we will all no doubt find ourselves on occasion wishing to question the legitimacy of claims being made by Sri Lankan authorities, I would ask us to keep in mind the minimal positive impact that such confrontations would in fact have and their […]