11th January 2015

TNA assures Ranil on the north

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TNA assures Ranil on the north The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has assured Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe that it is for a united Sri Lanka and will not allow LTTE activities or protests against the army in the north. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe met the chief prelates in Kandy today and briefed them on the security situation in the north following the Presidential elections. The Premier had told the monks that reports of attacks on the army and LTTE flags being raised following the election was false and baseless. Wickremesinghe told reporters in Kandy that he had obtained a report from the police in Jaffna and the police has also certified that the north was calm. “I obtained a report from the Jaffna DIG and […]

Al JaZeera Report on New President of Sri Lanka

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There is some concern among Tamil Diaspora that President Maithripala has not made any move to address the Tamils’ issue. We need to take note that this is a better option than having continuation of Mahinda Rajapaksa as President under him planned colonization would have shrunk the boundary of Tamil Eelam. The Tamil Diaspora groups who were calling for non-participation should reflect on outcome that would have caused, if Rajapaksa had won or his attempt to sabotage the election after losing has succeeded? Thankful for the USA and India’s intervention which stopped the violent end that would have caused another pogrom. Visit this link: http://www.forbes.com/sites/alyssaayres/2015/01/09/sri-lankas-victory-for-democracy/ .   In the seven districts of North East and area where Tamils and Muslims are in substantial number (over […]

North and East preferred the Unknown Angel

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North and East preferred the Unknown Angel By Manekshaw Democracy in the country reemerged vibrantly with the minorities being the key factor in electing the new President, Maithripala Sirisena. Unlike in the previous Presidential polls in the Island, all minority political parties apart from the Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC), in the upcountry joined hands shedding their differences in placing their confidence in the new President. Despite the CWC led by Arumugam Thondaman calling upon the upcountry labour force to support the UPFA Presidential candidate Mahinda Rajapaksa, the people in the hills had decided the other way in boldly electing the new President. The outgoing President Mahinda Rajapaksa addressing his election rally in Jaffna, a week ago, appealed to the voters in the Peninsula saying vote […]