3rd April 2015

‘Don’t be fooled by Sri Lanka’s makeover’

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PANAJI: Sri Lankan architect and urban designer Madhura Prematilleke said one mustn’t be fooled by the makeover Sri Lanka received post the three decades of civil war between the Sinhalese and the Tamil minority.He was speaking at the recently held international Z-axis conference on architecture in Panaji. “The authoritarian regime with the four Rajapaksa brothers at the helm initiated a massive programme of physical infrastructure as a post-war chest thumping project, leaving minorities out. Boundary walls of public buildings were removed. New parks, walkways, water fronts, bird watching zones, flower markets, floating markets were all built at lightening speed in the mock classical style chosen by the dictators, brushing aside all opposition. The spectacle of glitz and glamour was meant to divert citizens’ attention away […]

We Will Teach You A Lesson: Sexual Violence Against Tamils By Sri Lankan Security Forces

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By Charles Sarvan – ‘We Will Teach You a Lesson: Sexual Violence against Tamils by Sri Lankan Security Forces’, Human Rights Watch publication, 2013. Approximately 130 pages. ISBN: 1-56432-993-3. This is a difficult document to read. Shakespeare’s Macbeth speaking figuratively said that he had eaten too much of horrors. So it is with reading one testimony, “eating” one horror, after another. An emotional revulsion sets in; a wish to set a mental distance, if not escape. What the ‘Report’ records is morally sick, and the sickening is to be avoided with repugnance, if not with aesthetic distaste. For example, when one reads that a sharp needle was inserted in the penis of men. “In one case, this was used to insert small metal balls into […]