June 2015

Desecrating temples by Mahinda

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Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has drawn heavy flak for using Buddhist temples for what his critics call political work. Politicians who desecrate places of worship by using them for political purpose are doomed to fail, Media Minister Gayantha Karunatileka has said. Rajapaksa has sought to defend himself by claiming that his religious programmes are free from partisan politics. Nobody will buy into the former President’s claim. He is obviously carrying out a grassroots level campaign via temples in a bid to turn the tables on those who brought about his downfall. His is a textbook pincer movement on the political front; he is targeting the incumbent president from the top of the party pyramid as well as the base thereof. Having won over many UPFA […]

Beyond accountability: the struggle for co-existence in Sri Lanka

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The promised report of a UN investigation into war crimes in Sri Lanka will achieve little unless accompanied by real introspection by both Tamil and Sinhala communities. by Ahilan Kadirgamar and Mahendran Thiruvarangan Courtesy: Open Democracy ( June 3, 2015, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lanka’s civil war ended in May 2009. For years, the lack of accountability for the grave human rights abuses committed during the last phase of the war has seemed for many actors to be the sole issue of concern. Powerful states, international human rights organizations, vocal sections of the Tamil diaspora, alongside some NGOs and courageous activists in the country, brought increasing international pressure to bear on the authoritarian Rajapaksa regime. This culminated in March 2014 when the UN Human […]

Addressing “blocked grief” in Jaffna

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Six years after the end of the war the population in the North of Sri Lanka remains passive, ensnared in wartime mentality because they haven’t been able to express and deal with their sorrow and trauma. Professors from Jaffna University talk of a young generation incapable of envisioning a better future. While they demonstrated courage and compassion beyond their years during war, they are now disillusioned, unable to cope with the ‘normal’ life of a university student because of a post-traumatic growth in their personalities and functioning. The bombing, gunshots and shelling has stopped but little by little Mahinda Rajapaksa narrowed the space for expression throughout the post-war years. This has resulted in people who have been unable to heal themselves and continue to be […]

Mahinda Rajapaksa was lack of good governance, transparency, freedom of expression and freedom

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By Niranjala Ariyawansha Governor of the Eastern Province Austin Fernando says: “We must understand that development alone will not appease people. The reason for the defeat of Mahinda Rajapaksa was the lack of good governance, transparency, freedom of expression and freedom for organizing. People give prominence  to freedom which was not here.   Excerpts: ? What is the situation of reconciliation among the people of the Eastern Province, six years after the end of war A: We have to consider several factors when we speak of reconciliation. What is our perception? Reconciliation is discussed widely by politicians in the media. They express divided thoughts and some think that reconciliation is bringing it to one dialogue. But it is not reconciliation. People lose lives, they are displaced […]

Minority Representation Through The 20A

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By Shermal Kelambi – The 20th amendment to the constitution seem to be hardly moving is at all. A major obstacle in its path is the objections of the minor parties in fear of being marginalized under a future system. The purpose of this article is to see to what extend their fears are true. The discussion will be held under a few sub topics: Sri Lankan demographics Present parliament composition Past four election results Fixing the minority issues Two ballot system Ideological minority parties Sri Lankan demographics Before talking about minority representation, let’s have a look at the Sri Lankan demographics. Sri Lanka has a 75% Sinhalese majority, 15% Tamils and 9% Muslims. Under ideal conditions if these numbers are to reflect in the […]

LTTE never killed former ministers Jeyaraj Fernandopulle and D.M.Dassanayake.

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Central Provincial Councilor Asath Sally announced LTTE never killed former ministers Jeyaraj Fernandopulle and D.M.Dassanayake. some other group have committed this crimes, I own clear evident this regard, councilor said. I will hand over these evident towards Inspector General of Police . I request them to carry out immediate inquiries on these alleged murders and take legal action against relevant suspects.Provincial councilor made this announcement during media briefing held at Colombo on Wednesday. Mahinda Rajapaksa government announced that LTTE killed former minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle and D.M.Dassanayake. This was false statement. I own clear evident on these murders, Central Provincial Councilor added. I

If Mahinda is made P.M. he will use a bullet on me and become president -Maithri

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‘Knowing how Mahinda killed with his own hands , if he is made P.M. he will use a bullet on me and become president’ -Maithri    (Lanka-e-News -03.June.2015, 11.45PM)  ‘If Mahinda Rajapakse the deposed president who is now in a most humiliated and  enraged state is made the prime minister , in order to become the president next , no constitutional amendment nor any laws will be  necessary for him , he will need only a bullet to shoot and kill me,’ said the incumbent president Maithripala  Sirisena while emphasizing that he is fully aware of that. The president requested   the leaders of the UPFA party not to exert pressure on him to appoint cruel individuals as P.M. in a country where it is common […]

Mangala Samaraweera to meet TNA, GTF and Erik Solheim in London

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The Sri Lankan government and the Global Tamil Forum will have a meeting tomorrow night in London, according to reports reaching Lanka News Web through a reliable source. The Sri Lankan government will be represented by foreign affairs minister Mangala Samaraweera, while the TNA MP, advocate S. Sumanthiran and GTF spokesman Suren Surandiran will also take part. In addition, a representative of the South African government too, will be present, says the source.  Coordinator of the meeting on behalf of the Norwegian government is Erik Solheim. This meeting will elaborate on the human rights report on Sri Lanka to be released at the UNHRC session in Geneva in September and the action needed to be taken. This will be the first in a series of […]

‘‘There is a window of opportunity’’

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The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian and well-known Constitutional lawyer M. A. Sumanthiran says that his party emerged to voice the grievances of the people of the North and East but was ready to expand its activities to other parts of the country and would be involved in national politics. Mr. Sumanthiran who is based in Colombo and plays a vital role in the TNA as a bridge between the North and the South says though there are certain obstacles there is a window of opportunity for true reconciliation and long lasting peace.  Following are the views he shared with the Dailymirror: “There is a window of opportunity. I will only call it a window. I will not call it other than that at the […]

WikiLeaks: Sunday Leader MiG Deal Researcher Leaves The Country

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The Sunday Leader journalist who researched the MiG deal had to leave the country after after being intimidated, according to a leaked cable from the US Embassy Colombo “In the overheated climate engendered by the officials’ comments, several journalists and members of media organizations expressed to Embassy officers heightened concerns for their personal safety. On May 26, Ruan Pethiyagoda of the Sunday Leader communicated to Emboffs that he was being followed and had gone into hiding. Pethiyagoda had received threats recently after Sri Lankan Government officials learned he was researching a story that involved allegations of corruption on the part of Defense SecretaryGotabaya Rajapaksa in large armed forces procurement transactions. Pethiyagoda worked closely with Lasantha Wickrematunge, editor of the Sunday Leader, who was slain in […]

Wikileaks: Athas Fears Retaliation For Critical Articles On Gota’s MiG Deal

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Wikileaks: Athas Fears Retaliation For Critical Articles On Gota’s MiG Deal “Defense Correspondent Iqbal Athas is preparing to temporarily leave Sri Lanka with his family following a barrage of threats and intimidation apparently orchestrated by the Government of Sri Lanka (GSL). On August 12, he wrote an article for the Sunday Times about the Ukrainian Government’s inquiry into ‘irregularities’ in the sale of four MIG-27 aircraft to Sri Lanka. On August 14, a Sinhala version of the article was published in a local paper. The next day, the government withdrew Athas’s security detail. Since then, demonstrators have gathered to protest in front of his house, a man claiming to be a retired Air Force officer threatened to kill his translator, and he has received warnings […]

UK detains Tamil man, will deport him

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UK immigration officials have detained Janahan Sivanathan, a 22-year-old Tamil asylum seeker and political activist from Sri Lanka. Janahan is being held at the Morton Hall detention centre in Lincolnshire while the government tries to deport him, opendemocracy.net reported. Supporters say that Janahan was “horrendously tortured” as a school student during the war in Sri Lanka, after he was rounded up and held captive for ten days. His lawyer filed a fresh claim and submitted new medical evidence on 1 June. However his case will not be heard in court until 15 July. The Home Office’s own guidance says that victims of torture should only be detained in exceptional circumstances. Janahan’s supporters say that his medical case history shows he suffered serious torture and is at high […]

Former President Mahinda accused over murder incident

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President Maithripala Sirisena accused former President Mahinda Rajapaksa of being involved in a murder incident in Hambantota some 20 years ago, a Deputy Minister claimed. Deputy Minister of Social Services, Welfare and Livestock Development Ranjan Ramanayake said that President Sirisena had personally told him that Rajapaksa was a suspect over the murder incident. “President Sirisena was a witness to that incident,” Ramanayake claimed. Ramanayake said that this was one of the reasons why the President did not want Rajapaksa to be the Prime Ministerial candidate of the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA). “He was in jail but was later freed with the assistance of UNP member John Amaratunga,” Ramanayake told a local radio station today. Ramanayake said that anyone who has doubts over what he is saying can directly […]

Buddhist Vihare used by Mahinda to attack Muslims, Christians and Hindus.

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The Government today condemned the use of Temples in Colombo for political work by Former President Mahinda Rajapakshe who lost the election. The opposition, including former President Mahinda Rajapaksa often use the Abeyrama Buddhist Vihare (Temple) for political meetings and press conferences and is using Buddhist Temples to promote hate over Hindus, Christians and Muslims. It is known that Former President who lost the election after using Racist card is now using it again as his only option is the Racist card.  His family members are accused of misusing the power and Money to help them self with millions of government funds and their only way of escape from being punished by law is to bring  Mahinda back to power. Mahinda and his brother Gotha used Buddhist extremists […]

Five Arrested Fishermen Allegedly Beaten Up by Lankan Naval Personnel

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Five fishermen arrested by Sri Lankan Naval personnel were allegedly beaten up at a camp at Talaimannar in the island nation before being released. S Emirit, President of the Fishermen’s association, said the fishermen suffered internal injuries and were given pain killers at the Government Hospital here on their return. They were arrested yesterday and taken to a camp in the island nation, beaten up by the naval personnel and later let off with a warning not to cross the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL). He said the five victims were part of a group which had put out to sea on June 2. The naval personnel had also seized their fishing nets and other equipment, he said. Emirit said the fishermen did not get […]

Ukraine probing Udayanga’s alleged weapons deal

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By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan The Ambassador of Ukraine in New Delhi, India has informed the Sri Lankan officials that Ukrainian authorities are in the process of investigating the alleged transfer or handing over of weapons by former Sri Lankan Ambassador to Russia Udayanga Weeratunga, and that further details will be shared with Colombo in due course. He has also said that any action on the matter would need to await the outcome of the investigation underway in Ukraine. In November 2014, the Embassy of Ukraine to Sri Lanka, located in New Delhi, brought to the Foreign Ministry’s attention, officially, that Ukrainian authorities have received information that Sri Lanka’s former Ambassador to the Russian Federation, had handed over weapons to 19 Ukrainian nationals. On 21 April […]

Pro Mahinda, Dayan insults Chandrika

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By Chaminda Weerawardhana – A video circulates in social media networks, featuring Dr Dayan Jayatilleka(hereinafter referred to as ‘the speaker’), a strong supporter of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, delivering a speech in Sinhala at a pro-Rajapaksa public meeting. The speaker, it appears, actively supports the ‘bring back Mahinda’ movement. The speaker asks several questions that echo rather macho and derogatory views on two public figures, namely Ranil Wickremesinghe and Chandrika Bandaranaike. In a rather cheap effort to amuse the gallery, the speaker asks the audience as to whom they would choose between Mahinda Rajapaksa and Ranil Wickremesinghe for a sibling or a paterfamilias. The answer from an audience composed of diehard Rajapaksa supporters is not difficult to guess. The above question is intertwined with the […]

US Tamils to Hillary : We Were Tamils for Clinton Then, and We Will Support You Again

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US Tamils to Hillary: We Were Tamils for Clinton Then, and We Will Support You Again Tamils for Obama sent a letter on May 30, 2015 to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promising her their support when she runs for the Democratic nomination in 2016. Portrait by a Tamil Artist We are Tamils for Obama. We would like to remind you that before the nomination was settled in 2008, we were Tamils for Clinton. We are still here and eager to offer our support again. New York, New York (PRWEB) May 31, 2015 “We love Hillary,” said the Tamils for Obama press spokesman. “We loved her and supported her in 2008, and we will do so again.” A letter that Tamils for Obama sent […]

British Tamil Forum Seeks India’s Help in Sri Lanka

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LONDON:  A representative group of Britain- based Tamils has sought India’s help for Tamils based in northern Sri Lanka in improving their lives through a host of measures. The British Tamil Forum, which claims to represent nearly 4,00,000 from the community living in the UK, met officials of the Indian High Commission in London last week and sought positive measures for the Tamils who are “first Sri Lankan but do have an affinity to India”. “The meeting went very well and whilst the Indian government will be keen to help in partnership with the Sri Lankan government for all such positive efforts, the point was made and unanimously applauded that peaceful and diplomatic avenues only remain our work-ethic base,” said Anil Bhanot, managing director of […]

Desperate Rajapakses and desperadoes to ignite a black July riot

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(Lanka-e-News-01.June.2015, 6.00PM)  A most cruel traitorous conspiracy has been planned for  July (second black July)  this year in order to tarnish the international image of Sri Lanka (SL) , and to capture power forcefully and brutally  by creating racial and religious riots  within the country , based on urgent and vital information gathered by the State security intelligence services, according to reports reaching Lanka e news. Soon after the president Maithripala categorically announced as leader of the SLFP and UPFA that no nominations will be allowed under the SLFP or UPFA at the forthcoming general  elections, the bestial ,corrupt and deceitful Rajapakse and his clan who are in utter  desperation  having no place in the party and among the people of the country, have already […]

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