17th June 2015

Sri Lanka’s ‘Best Tea’ and its forgotten 4.2 % Tamils living with NO ID.

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Sri Lanka’s forgotten 4.2 % Sri Lanka has long been synonymous with fine tea. With a plantation history dating back to 1862 and an export value estimated to reach US$ 2,500 million this year, the humble beverage is the island’s pride across the globe. Accounting for nearly 14% of the country’s total export earnings, it is among the nation’s most valuable and prized produce. However, history has and might continue to overlook the most important cogs in the large machine that is the tea industry of Sri Lanka; the people without whose tireless labour this process would grind to a screeching halt – the workers on the tea estates. Descendants of South Indian labourers first sent here in the 19th and 20th centuries to work […]

BBS playing racist in support of Mahinda.

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Sinhalese Buddhist extremist group BBS which wants lanka to be a ‘Sinhala Buddhist country only’, which had full support of former President Mahinda and his brother Gotha during the Rajapaksha rule wants the reconciliations among the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslims stopped as they claim that the Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhala Buddhists only.. Rajapaksha brothers who prayed on Communal rule to hold on to power had encouraged racist organisations like BBS, JHU and NFF to create divisions in the community but former President Mahinda Rajapaksha failed to win the Presidential election. Rajapaksha’s family members who had enjoyed power and are accused of fraudulent financial activities under the support of Mahinda’s leadership wants Mahinda back to power so that they can cover up the fraudulent activities committed […]

Minors’ safety under threat Rapists on the prowl

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When people find that the authorities cannot prevent crimes, they seek the assistance of unseen gods. The burning problem in the Northern Province today is the escalation of sexual offences against schoolgirls. The number of schoolgirls who become victims of sexual offences is increasing daily. Another sexual offence was committed on a 13-year-old girl in the Achchelu area of Achchuveli, Jaffna recently. The girl had been be-friended by a youngster in the same area by giving her sweets at a shop where he was employed. The 27-year-old suspect was taken into custody by the Achchuveli Police for molesting the schoolgirl. Abisha (not her real name) is a studious and talented girl who did her studies and extra-curricular activities well. At times she engaged in religious […]