September 2015

Election is over and the Tamil plantation workers are ignored again.

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Sri Lanka’s Planters Association says higher wage demand issue of the tea planation workers is still dragging. “Status remains as it is, since no one came for a final solution,” Roshan Rajadurai, president of Planter’s Association of Ceylon, told Lanka Business Online. “We could not afford the almost 50 percent wage hike that workers demand as the industry is losing profits due to lower demand from Russian and Middle East markets and fall in tea prices,” he said. The Planters Association has offered a productivity-based wage model, rather than just increase the wage, which would result in further losses to the companies, so that high performing pluckers could earn more. The association has proposed an 11 percent increase in the basic wage to 500 rupees […]

Foul Over Missing Journalist Eknaligoda’s Case

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Attempts are being made to suppress an investigation in the missing of a prominent journalist in Sri Lanka ahead of the 2010 presidential polls while he was working for former Army chief Sarath Fonseka, civil society activists have claimed. “Please do not try to cover up the investigation. We have noticed lethargy on the part of certain officials,” Saman Ratnapriya, a civil society activist told reporters. “Despite the local and international interest on the case, no proper investigations were done,” he said. Prageeth Ekanligoda, a cartoonist, disappeared in January 2010 while he was working in the campaign of the then presidential candidate Sarath Fonseka who challenged the incumbent Mahinda Rajapaksa. The Lankan Crime Investigations Department (CID) have arrested eight persons, including two lieutenant colonels, in the case. It […]

The solution can be on the basis of the 13th Amendment, maximizing it

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India happy with the regime change Should support Sri Lanka’s domestic inquiry on war crimes says N. Ram: by Manjula Fernando -The Hindu The Indian Government and its political parties are happy about the regime change, even though former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his allies remain a strong political force in Sri Lanka, say Chairman and Publisher of The Chennai-based Hindu Group of newspapers and former Editor- in- Chief of The Hindu, N. Ram who was in Sri Lanka recently. In this interview with the Sunday Observer, he opines that the national government was a worthwhile political experiment and added that, “there are political forces against it. But then you have to be positive, be bold and try out something new when everyone knows the […]

The investigations into alleged war crime abuses will be conducted solely by the government of Sri Lanka

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Govt. proposal for a domestic inquiry By Neville Ladduwahetty It is reported that the US Assistant Secretary of State, Nisha Biswal, is so ‘upbeat’ about the mechanism adopted by the Government for a Domestic Inquiry Mechanism into accountability and reconciliation issues relating to the final phases of the conflict, that the US would sponsor a resolution supporting the Domestic Inquiry Mechanism at the next session of the UN Human Rights Council. (The Daily News. August 28. 2015). The report also states that Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labour, Tom Malinowski, speaking to reporters had stated: “The United States will sponsor another resolution at the UN Human Rights Council in September and we are not going to walk away from this process […]

We don’t have disciplined, knowledgeable brains!

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By Lynn Ockersz If Sri Lanka is to match the prosperity of the more dynamic economies of Asia, such as Singapore, it would need to get into product innovation in a big way and attach top priority to the stepped-up generation of Research and Development and knowledge services. An inability to do this could very well spell dire economic failure. Eastern Europe’s vast economic decline is explainable in these terms. It is quite some time since even Britain has stopped innovating in a major way. Thus are several economies of the West facing a deceleration in economic growth and prosperity. These cautionary observations come from no less a person than Niranjan de Silva Deva Aditya (Nirj Deva), the Lankan -born Vice President of the International […]

Opposition Leader’s post TNA lays legitimate claim

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BY Mirudhula Thambiah Former Northern Provincial Council member and Tamil National Alliance ( TNA) Vanni District parliamentarian elect Dr. Sivapragasam Sivamohan said the Opposition Leader’s post must be offered to his party as it has secured the third place in the recent general election with highest number of votes polled from both the North and East. “This is definitely a negative move. Both majority parties have joined hands to form a National Government. However, our party is in the third place, therefore, we feel our party is legally bound to receive the Opposition leadership,” he said. Excerpts: ?This is your first time in Parliament. You were already elected to the Northern Provincial Council. Why did you choose parliamentary politics? A: Apart from the rights of […]

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