14th October 2015

Hindu Federation condemns ‘extremist’ group for violating religious freedom

14th October 2015 // 0 Comments

The Hindu Federation of Sri Lanka (HINDFOS) yesterday alleged that Islamic extremism was growing rapidly in Sri Lanka and urged the government to take immediate steps to neutralise it. Addressing a press conference in Colombo, HINDFOS, President N Arunkaanth said that a Hindu pooja had been banned in Kotahena recently by an extremist group. Arunkaanth said it was a violation of the people’s fundamental rights to impose such bans on religious ceremonies. Arunkaanth also claimed the Hindus had been threatened not to take part in poojas in the Kotahena kovil. “We have proof which can be be produced in court,” he stressed. HINDFOS urged the Attorney General, the police and as well as the government to take immediate action to ensure the religious freedom of Hindus. “The pooja ceremony was scheduled to be […]

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