April 2016

Obama ditched CIA plan to topple Assad in 2012 – former agent

4th April 2016 // 0 Comments

CIA not only backed the idea of arming and training Syrian rebels to pressure President Bashar Assad but also developed a detailed plan aimed for ousting the Syrian leader, a former CIA agent revealed in an interview with US media. TrendsSyria unrest CIA officials were pushing for a multifaceted plan designed to plot Syrian President Bashar Assad’s ouster back in 2012, a former CIA operative Doug Laux, who drafted the “ops plan” revealed in an exclusive interview with NBC. He was providing insight into a soon-to-be-released memoir that deals specifically with the issue and is due to be published on April 5. Read more West is ‘dishonest,’ pursues policy detached from intl law – Assad The White House and CIA leaders “had made it clear […]

Bureaucrats put paid to govt. efforts to make expatriate Tamils invest here

2nd April 2016 // 0 Comments

By Jehan Haniff The government had extended an open invitation to all Lankans living in exile to return to their homeland but many of them had not taken the message seriously, MP and leader of the People’s Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE), Dharmalingam Siddarthan said yesterday. He said the expatriate Tamil community did not believe in announcements made by the President and top government politicians locally and internationally because their decisions were not carried out by bureaucrats. “I’m personally aware of two cases where expatriates wanted to invest here were driven from pillar to post and discouraged from making an investment. “More than thirty per cent of the youth population in the North and East are unemployed and it is obvious that all of them […]

Playing politics with uncompromisable national security

2nd April 2016 // 0 Comments

Recent discovery of two hauls of explosives – one in a cesspit in Mannar and another in a house in Chavakachcheri in Jaffna has raised some security concerns. The joint opposition tried to make out a huge issue by bloating it out of proportion giving the impression that terrorism was raising its head again amidst inabilities of the current government to keep it under control. Reacting to these allegations the Defence Secretary was seen trying to downplay the issue saying that such discoveries are quite normal after a war and that there is nothing to be alarmed. The issue here is not who is right and who is wrong. In any event, we cannot afford to have terrorism again and both government and opposition must […]

G.L. spoiled it – joint opposition charges!

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Convening a media briefing at N.M Perera Centre in Borella on April 30, former foreign affairs minister Prof. Gamini Lakshman Peiris said the government, without concealing anything, should reveal the truth to the country with regard to the finding of high explosives from a house at Chavakachcheri. G.L. said the police have found five claymore mines, two suicide jackets, three bags containing C-4 explosives, mobile phones and five SIM cards. The most serious thing about his exposure is that he claimed the cache was to be brought to Wellawatte area.  Commenting on this on the following day, prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said had G.L. known about the cache, he should first of all have informed police about it. Had he known for certain that the […]

Suicide jacket five years old

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By Cassendra Doole The suicide jacket discovered in Chavakachcheri recently is nearly five years old, a Terrorism Investigations Division (TID) probe has found. Police said the suspect apprehended in connection with the discovery is still being interrogated. A suicide jacket and a stock of explosives and ammunition were recovered during a raid conducted on a house in Chavakachcheri, Jaffna on Wednesday (30). Police raided the house in Maravanpulo, Chavakachcheri, following a tip-off. The following items were recovered at the location: One suicide jacket, four side chargers, three parcels containing about 12 kilograms of TNT, two packets containing 100 rounds of 9mm ammunition and two battery packs used to detonate side chargers. Police further said it is suspected the explosives and other items had been stored […]

Sri Lanka torture victims call for international war inquiry

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Two Sri Lankan Tamils tell DW how they were rounded up after the civil war ended, and tortured. They hope to pressure the government to bring in foreign judges to investigate war crimes allegations. 34-year-old Mayairan, from Sri Lanka’s north-eastern district of Mullaitivu was studying in Malaysia when his country’s 26-year-long civil war ended in May 2009. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), which had fought ferociously for an independent Tamil homeland in the north and east, was overwhelmed by government forces in the last months of the conflict. The government finally defeated the notorious group known as the Tamil Tigers. In the months following the war, thousands of Tamils went missing, including Mayairan’s parents. Witnesses described how security forces rounded up Tamils in […]

Mahinda’s and Trump’s campaigns

2nd April 2016 // 0 Comments

DR.Vickramabahu Karunaratne Mahinda says that the country should be given back to him, so that he can solve all problems and bring prosperity to Lanka again. There is a similarity between Mahinda’s campaign and Donald Trump’s campaign in America. Donald Trump also says he is going to make America ‘great again’. That’s part of his campaign. What is this greatness these people refer to? Is this greatness measured by money and armaments collected by the elite? If so, Lanka was great during the time of the Mahinda regime. Of course, America is already great. It is the wealthiest country with the largest military in the world. Except the poorest, all have arms for private security. So, there is a difference but we can be sure that […]

Thonda, Plantation leaders no common ground

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With arrangements being made to adopt constitutional reforms to repeal the Sri Lanka Constitution, representatives of each community in this country have been suggesting various proposals for inclusion in the Draft. BY Mirudhula Thambiah Ceylon Workers Unity Alliance General Secretary Suppiah Sathasivam said it is necessary to establish a Separate Ruling Unit for Up Country Tamils.  Former Minister and the Leader of the Ceylon Workers’ Congress (CWC) Parliamentarian Arumugam Thodaman points out that Tamils of recent Indian origin (Up Country Tamils) should be recognized as a separate nationality in Sri Lanka by allocating them a Separate Ruling Unit.  Meanwhile Menaha Kandaswamy, General Secretary of the Ceylon Workers Red Flag Union said that what was important was that the plantation community must not be recognized as […]

Real “Chavakachcheri Bomb” Lies in the Heart of Colombo and Not the Northern Province

1st April 2016 // 0 Comments

By Malinda Seneviratne There’s nothing funny about explosives and explosions. Nothing to salivate about. And yet, we are hearing guffaws and seeing people licking their lips. All this because some explosives were found buried in Chavakachcheri. The derision obviously comes from the Opposition or rather those affiliated with what is now called the ‘Joint Opposition’. Obvious because of the way the two camps have broadly viewed two interrelated factors: terrorism and security. The movers and shakers of this regime have a long history of pooh-poohing threats to national security. On the other hand, those in the Join Opposition have a long history of being fascinated with national security to the point of paranoia. Similarly the former set has always hobnobbed with the LTTE and bet on […]

NP Governor: Chava explosives meant to cause destruction

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Governor Cooray By Shamindra Ferdinando Northern Province Governor Reginald Cooray yesterday said that the deadly cache detected at Meesalai, Chavakachcheri had been brought there to cause destruction.  The armaments couldn’t have been brought in for a peaceful purpose, Governor Cooray said, asserting that moderates always attracted the wrath of extremists. The NP Governor was addressing the media at his Battaramulla office.  Asked whether President Maithripala Sirisena could have been targeted by the LTTE, Governor Cooray said various theories could be propagated. The former minister said that he could claim that he was being targeted whereas others may claim that various other individuals and places were the likely targets.  Cooray recently succeeded H. M. G. S. Palihakkara, former Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as […]

Protests demanding UN intervention

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BY CHARMINDA RODRIGO The National Movement for Consumer Rights Protection (NMCRP) will stage a protest demonstration opposite the United Nations HQ in Bauddhaloka Mawatha today (1) to urge them to investigate and intervene in protecting the rights of consumers in the country. Chairman of the NMCRP told media yesterday that the Consumer Protection Authority was established in accordance with the UN Consumer Rights Declaration of 2003.It was done with the noble intentions of safeguarding the rights of consumers. However, we do not see any positive interventions made in order to achieve its objectives. Hence we have no option but to force the UN to intervene in the operations of the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA). He further noted that prices of essential commodities such as flour […]

Mahinda should make a statement in Parliament: Ranil

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Responding to former president Mahinda Rajapaksa, who had told him that the government should focus on the country’s security following the recent detection of hidden arms and ammunition, and the comments made by former minister G. L. Peiris, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said yesterday that Mr. Rajapaksa should make a statement in parliament and Professor Peiris should divulge to the police all of the information he had on the subject. Speaking at a function in Colombo, Mr. Wickremesinghe said Mr. Rajapaksa should make a statement in the House so that they could discuss it and take measures to safeguard the country. “We can discuss the incident in parliament and take suitable steps if he makes a statement,” he said. “I doubted whether this function would […]

Explosives were wrapped in a Sinhalese language newspaper which was published in 2007 – Police To Interrogate GL Over Suicide Jacket

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According to the police the explosives were wrapped in a Sinhalese language newspaper which was published in 2007. Police believed that the explosives were hidden during the war. Defence Secretary Karunasena Hettiarachchi has ordered the police to record a statement from former foreign minister G. L. Peiris over the discovery of a suicide jacket among other explosives recovered in Chavakachcheri on Wednesday. Hettiarachchi told a news conference at the government information department today that even though the discovery was ‘routine’ and based on a tip off, it appeared that the former foreign minister had more information about the explosives, and hence an investigation will be launched to obtain more details from his over his claims that the explosives were to be sent to Wellawatte. Addressing […]

When Tamil Eelam was justified in 1983, is there any reason to deny in 2009 after the worst massacres amounting to genocide were carried?

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Vaddukoddai Resolution: A Watershed In The History Of Eelam Tamils By Eelaventhan Manickavasakar – The Vaddukoddai Resolution of May 14th 1976 is a watershed in the history of the Eelam Tamil freedom struggle. The late Dr A.J.Wilson former head of the political science department of Brunswick University, described it in his book, S.J.V Chelvanayakam and the Crisis of Sri Lankan Tamil Nationalism, 1947 – 1977 – page 128, as the turning point when Eelam Tamils turned their minds towards liberation: “In the years after the onset of the Sirimavo government’s policies underlining Sinhala majoritarianism, the Tamil people turned their minds towards liberation and self-determination. Tamil youth understood such concepts as a meaningful step towards freedom and independence, for them – it was the only way […]

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