October 2016

Prime Minister hosts 2016 Diwali reception at Downing Street English

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Prime Minister Theresa May welcomed people from across the Hindu, Sikh and Jain communities to celebrate Diwali at Downing Street. Prime Minister Theresa May hosted a reception to celebrate Diwali and welcomed more than 150 key figures from across the Hindu, Sikh and Jain communities. His Excellency Dinesh Patnaik, Acting Indian High Commissioner and Jitendra Patel, Trustee of Neasden Temple were joined by the Prime Minister in the traditional lamp lighting ceremony. The Prime Minister was also joined by the Secretary of State for International Development, Priti Patel, Secretary of State for Local Government and Communities, Sajid Javid, Lord Gadhia and Foreign Office Minister Alok Sharma. The Prime Minister said: Thank you, and welcome to 10 Downing Street. It is great to have so many […]

R. Sampanthan calls for federal system

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North-East must be merged to secure rights of Tamils – R.Sampanthan Northern and Eastern provinces should be merged in order to secure the rights of Tamil people, said Leader of TNA and the Opposition in parliament R. Sampanthan. Pointing out the progressive move of Sinhala settlement in the Eastern Province, he warned that such Sinhala settlement would affect the minority community of Tamils. He said establishing a sole region would save their rights. He added that the merger of North and East is not a matter of Chief Minister but for the rights of Tamils especially to secure the tradition, culture, language, arts of Tamils there should be a sole region for them. He stressed that he had no intention to talk of injustice of […]

Rajapaksas secretly plan for a coup to grasp power?

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Rajapaksa brothers allegedly plan for a coup to grasp the power of the government, a website stated. Rajapaksas’ recent statements mostly to persuade the military personnel to turn against the government stating that the previous government did many things for the benefit of the military personnel and the present regime does not consider them much. On recent statement of Dr. Rajitha Senaratne’s statements with regard to the Bribery Commission and secret plan for coup, Mahinda Rajapaksa defended only of the Bribery Commission and have not responded on the allegation of coup. The silence of Rajapaksa, on the other hand, seems to prove the statement of Minister Rajitha. Meanwhile, the Rajapaksas try to make use of the tensed situation which was due to the killing of […]

Global Tamil Forum welcomes the UN Special Rapporteur’s statement on minority rights

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Global Tamil Forum welcomes the UN Special Rapporteur’s statement on minority rights and calling on Sri Lanka to act decisively to not to lose the momentous opportunity to bring lasting peace and reconciliation among all communities PRESS STATEMENT 22 October 2016, London   Global Tamil Forum welcomes the UN Special Rapporteur’s statement on minority rights and calling on Sri Lanka to act decisively to not to lose the momentous opportunity to bring lasting peace and reconciliation among all communities   The Global Tamil Forum (GTF) welcomes the end-of-mission statement by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on minority rights, Rita Izsak-Ndiaye, urging the Government of Sri Lanka not to lose the momentum gained in January 2015, and show its commitment to minority rights through concrete action. […]

Sri Lanka’s Northern Province Chief Minister Wigneswaran refuses to hoist LTTE flag

24th October 2016 // 0 Comments

COLOMBO: The Chief Minister of Sri Lanka’s Tamil-majority Northern Province, C.V.Wigneswaran, refused to hoist the LTTE’s flag at a function organized by the pro-LTTE organization Tamil Coordination Committee (TCC) at Harrow in London on Sunday. When the Chief Minister came to know that in the meetings of the TCC, the Tiger flag is invariably hoisted and homage (Veera Vanakkam) is paid to the dead LTTE cadres (Maaveerars), he said he would not be able to speak at such a function as that would lead to problems back home in Sri Lanka. An Australia-based lieutenant of his, who had been a bridge between the TCC and Wigneswaran, then got in touch with the organizers and asked them to cancel the flag hoisting ceremony. There upon, the […]

Brian Senewiratne, Sexual Violence Against Tamils In Sri Lanka

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By Charles Ponnuthurai Sarvan – Prof. Charles Sarvan I’ve never met the author (hereafter sometimes referred to as BS), a medical doctor long settled in Australia, but have heard of his reputation as a human-rights campaigner fighting against discrimination and injustice, be they based on ‘race’, religion, caste or skin-colour. Among the recognition he has received is the Canadian Genocide Educators Award (2008). On 13 January 1898 Émile Zola published an open letter to the President of France accusing him of ‘racism’ and injustice in the case of Dreyfus, a member of the small Jewish community. Zola’s ringing J’accuse! is now a common generic expression of outrage and accusation against those who use power unjustly and cruelly. Sexual Violence can be seen as a Sri […]

Jaffna incident

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The untimely deaths of two Jaffna University students have sent shock waves throughout Jaffna and the Inter University Students’ Federation has also expressed its dismay over the incident. Preliminary investigations have revealed that Nadarasa Gajan and Pavunaraj Sulakshan were killed when they were speeding on a motorbike. However, the autopsy report of the Jaffna Judicial Medical Officer Dr. U. Mayurathan has confirmed that the rider of the motorbike was hit by a bullet on the right side of his chest and the pillion rider had injuries on the back of his head and died of head trauma. The incident occurred late in the night around 10:45 p.m. last Thursday near the Kulappiddy Junction at Kokuvil on the Kankesanthurai (KKS) road when they were returning to […]

New constitution needed: Premier

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“We should all join hands and think of taking the country forward. We should all make a joint effort to develop the country by shedding the dark shadows of a 30 year war from our minds,” he said. The Prime Minister was addressing a Daham Hamuwa at the Sri Vivekaramaya, Pengiriwatta, Gangodawila to mark the opening of a new Dhathu Mandiraya on Saturday. Prime Minister Wickremesinghe who said he wanted to take the opportunity to delve something on the constitution, said they have appointed a Constitutional Council to formulate a new constitution. He said when the Constitutional Council met they appointed a Steering Committing with himself, several ministers including Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe, Susil Premajayantha and representatives of all parties. Various views and ideas are submitted in […]

On The Killing Of Jaffna University Students: In Search Of The Right Path

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By Purujoththaman Thangamayl – Purujoththaman Thangamayl The incident of two Jaffna university students being killed due to gunshots by the police has set off countless arguments and debates. A majority of these arguments come from one single perspective. They highlight this incident as a ‘racist attempt’ or as ethnically motivated. But, there exists a necessity to list out the issues surrounding this incident. That will be the healthiest way to deal with it. Firstly, the fact that the students have been subject to shooting amounts to their killing being an act of murder. If the Police Officers had committed this act they need to be punished. This is because, when police officers on night patrol do not have the power to attack someone in a […]

More Army Promotions To Murder Suspects!

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Despite of serious allegations levelled against the Sri Lanka Army (SLA), last week they have once again granted a promotion to a suspect involved with the murder of the Founding Editor of The Sunday Leader Lasantha Wickrematunge. Highly reliable inside sources of SLA, who wished to remain anonymous, told this newspaper how the Commander of the SLA had granted a promotion to Brigadier Anura Wanniarachchi to the rank of Major General on Thursday, October 20 without considering that Wanniarachchi is accused of concealing evidence from Wickrematunge’s investigations. Although it is the practice of the management of any institution, leave alone SLA, to go through the past records of their employees before being promoted to a higher rank, astonishing revelations show as to how the Sri […]

Ex-Mayor of Batticaloa and eight others arrested for running a brothel

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By Ananth Palakidnar Former Mayor of Batticaloa Sivageetha Prabakaran and eight others, including her husband were arrested, by a special Police team yesterday, for running a brothel in Batticaloa. The Police raided the house of Sivageetha and arrested her along with her husband Prabakaran, two women and five men. All nine are expected to be produced before Batticaloa Magistrate M. Ganesharaja today, sources said. Informed sources said the brothel was in operation at the house of former Mayor Sivageetha Prabakaran, which is located on the Batticaloa-Trincomalee Main Road. Under the guise of renting out rooms, the former Mayor was operating the brothel in connivance with several others, sources said. Sivageetha was the General Secretary of the Tamil People’s Viduthalai Pulikal Party, led by former Northern […]

Tamil businessman gave the Tories more than £1m in donations in the year before David Cameron announced £6.6m in aid to Sri Lanka

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David Cameron announced that £6.6m was being set aside for Sri Lanka  Included help for Tamils forced from their homes during the civil war In the year before the announcement, the Tory Party registered donations of more than £1million from Lycamobile owner Tamil businessman Subaskaran Allirajah  By PAUL BENTLEY FOR THE DAILY MAIL Foreign aid to Sri Lanka was significantly increased after a Tamil businessman from the country oversaw donations of more than £1 million to the Conservative Party, the Daily Mail reveals today. David Cameron announced last November that £6.6 million was being set aside for Sri Lanka over three years, including help for Tamils forced from their homes during the civil war. In the year before the announcement, the Tory Party registered donations […]

Kill opposition Leader Sambandan and CM Wignes and put the blame on the LTTE

23rd October 2016 // 0 Comments

Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran, who is in the UK attending the signing ceremony to twin Kingston with Jaffna, were posed the following questions by Ceylon Today and his responses are stated below: ?: Has there been a threat to your life? Why is the security division talking about political motivations; and your thoughts on their refusal to give additional security? A: None should stoop to such low level in politics to transform a serious matter into a political gimmick. Political considerations seem to pervade all our institutions and it is regretted. A person from Balapitiya sent me an email in Sinhala over a month ago. Around end of September, I got a call presumably from the same person, confirming he had sent such […]

Northern Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswran aligned Royal Borough of Kingston with Jaffna city

23rd October 2016 // 0 Comments

By Manekshaw Yaadhum Oore Yavarum Kelir which means, “To us all towns are one; All men our kin”. Tamil being one of the ancient languages in the world this ancient Tamil poem was rendered by Kaniyan Punkundranar, a foremost Tamil poet who lived in the Sangam period, between 300 BCE and 200 CE, in South India. Realizing the significance of the poem which emphasizes all human beings as one family, the United Nations has taken this poem as its motto. Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran signing a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) linking Britain’s Royal Borough of Kingston city with Sri Lanka’s Jaffna city last Tuesday (18) had highlighted the Sangam period poet Kaniyan Poonkundranar’s poem on global brotherhood which is now a reality […]

Jaffna JMO confirms bullet hit the rider

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By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan Pandemonium reigned supreme at the Jaffna Teaching Hospital mortuary on Friday, where bodies of the two youths, whose deaths were deemed ‘accidental’ by the authorities, were lying there for further investigations. The Judicial Medical Officer confirmed to Ceylon Today that one of the students, the rider of the motorbike, had received a gunshot injury to his chest. However, till late evening on Friday, the Police Department did not mention anything about a gunshot but claimed it was an ‘accident’. They kept on saying the two students met their deaths when the motorbike they were riding crashed on to a nearby wall in Kandarodai, a few kilometres off Jaffna town on the KKS Road. Nearly 300 to 400 Jaffna University students were […]

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres Could save Lanka at UNHCR

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UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, the then head of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, began a three-day visit to Sri Lanka on 25 July 2006, the first such visit by a UNHCR head to the country, when the armed services had just begun to make inroads into Tamil Tiger terrorists held areas in the North and the East of the country. Now as head of the apex body, Guterres will preside over the destinies of Sri Lanka when the UNHcr takes on the US resolution demanding a “transparent and independent war crimes probe” with foreign agents represented on a probe team. The UNHCR said in a release at the time that “The purpose of his visit is to meet displaced people in the […]

Jaffna Police mistook the students for a motorcycle gang and fired – Law and Order Minister

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Oct 22, Colombo: The police initially has not revealed the truth about the fatal shooting of the two Jaffna University students, Law and Order Minister Sagala Ratnayake said. Speaking to BBC Sandeshaya, the Minister said the Jaffna police was on alert on the information they had received about roaming motorcycle gangs in the city. It has been revealed that in that atmosphere when the police observed two youth on a motorcycle riding in the night ignoring traffic signals, they panicked and fired, the Minister said. The police originally had said that they shot in the air, the Minister added. The Minister, noting that if the police reveled the truth at the time, there would not be such a controversy now, stressed that the police have […]

Two New Deaths During A Mourning Week: Jaffna Mourns!

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At the backdrop of mourning for the hospital staff who were shot down during the IPKF rule some 29 years ago, this month of October on 21st, allegedly by the IPKF, and religious rituals for the slain Tamil journalist Nimalarajan, who was killed 16 years ago this week, two more youth met the same fate, reportedly gunned down by the police in Jaffna near Kokkuvil, Friday at about 11.55pm. The apparent shooting was not confirmed to any till the postmortem report was released midst fear and tension. Some noted that there were incidents where two gangs brandishing swords had clashed in daylight in Jaffna town a few days ago over, where the deployment of more police patrols were needed to further tighten security. The two […]

Some of the new £5 notes are being sold for hundreds of pounds – here’s why!

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http://www.getwestlondon.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/new-5-notes-being-sold-11927785 The long-awaited new £5 note is finally here – and it seems it might be worth a lot more than a fiver. Issued by the Bank of England last Tuesday (September 13), it is smaller, stronger and made of polymer, meaning it can apparently survive a trip through the washing machine. Instead of prison reformer Elizabeth Fry, the note’s back features Winston Churchill. But what you may not know is collectors have recognised that since these are the Bank of England’s first ever plastic note, some will be rather unique. Loans at Home saw just how special they were to some people, when they found notes going for more than £200. READ MORE New £5 note features Sir Winston Churchill – and it’s plastic! […]

Weerawansas Becoming Millionaires Within Months

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http://www.thesundayleader.lk/2016/10/16/weerawansas-becoming-millionaires-within-months/ Controversy surrounds the purchase of building blocks in Hokandara, post 2008, by Shashi Weerawansa, spouse of National Freedom Front leader and former Minister of Housing and Construction Wimal Weerawansa. It has been revealed that Shashi Weerawansa alias Ranasinghe Randunu Mudiyanselage Shirsha Udayanthi had spent nearly Rs. 8.2 million to purchase four plots of land to her name from Alubogahawatte/ Delgahawatte. Some plots of land in the area is said to have been gifted by Shashi’s sister, Ranasinghe Randunu Mudiyanselage Chamari Sulochana Ranasinghe. The Weerawansas owned only a four-perch land at Mawaramandiya, Kadawata where they ran a communication center for their day-to-day expenses, prior to Wimal Weerawansa’s defection from the JVP to ‘strengthen’ the hands of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa in 2008. While being a […]

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