October 2016

Tamil pontificator Wigneswaran declares federalism is also the solution for the Sinhalese

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In an interview with Nation, Northern Province Chief Minister CV Wigneswaran shared his thoughts and views on the Ezhuga Thamizh (Tamils arise) event which evoked mixed to negative responses from the South. Following is the full interview: Q : What is the reason behind organizing such an event at this juncture? The majority of the Tamils believe that our rights are going to be sacrificed at the altar of convenience soon. Till today nothing concrete regarding what rights the Tamils are to receive under the new constitution have been conveyed to us. If there is going to be secrecy in formulating the proposals either the Sinhala community or Tamil community or both are going to feel cheated at the end of it. We, Tamils, may […]

Sampanthan deserves a bow

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Northern Province Chief Minister CV Wigneswaran is a man in a hurry. He has to be, because he will be 77 years of age next month and if he is to carve a niche for himself as a hero in the Sri Lankan Tamil political arena, he has to do something noteworthy and do it soon. Therefore, he organises Eluga Thamil (‘Rise, Tamils’), a protest campaign in Jaffna last Saturday. The protest saw all shops closed and public transport came to a near standstill as private bus operators joined in. A protest march culminated in a public rally at Muttraveli which was addressed by Wigneswaran and a few other like-minded politicians although the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) kept away. In his speech at the rally, […]

Sri Lanka received help from several countries, even from those states in competition

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By Charles Ponnuthurai Sarvan – Prof. Charles Sarvan I am neither a military analyst nor a military historian. I have read but little on military matters, and what follows are very much the thoughts of a layman. As a student of Literature, my concern has been with the victims, and not with the so-called makers of History. My sympathy has been with the Trojans and not with the victorious Greeks; with devastated Carthage and not with proud, imperial, Rome; with the Native Americans, and not with the Europeans who dispossessed and decimated them; though not at all an anti-Semite, I am with the Palestinians and not with the bullying Zionists. Isaiah Berlin in his ‘An Essay on Tolstoy’s View of History’ observed that “history normally […]

The main weapon Rajapaksa had used throughout is racism, separatism and nationalism.

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Both the President and the government have promised at their respective election campaigns to create a better society in the country and move the country forward with a rich political culture. The majority of the country believed this election promise and elected both Maithripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickremesinghe as their President and Prime Minister respectively. It had been clearly indicated by the people that the majority of the country had been fed up with racism, political and ethnic polarization of the society and extreme nationalism. The majority in the country expected to get rid of the political ideology that had been practiced for 10 years under the Mahinda Rajapaksa administration. They expected to see a proper ideological replacement to re-unite and depoliticize the society that […]

President in the UN vs Wigneswaran in the North

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by Easwaran Rutnam While the government is doing all it can to set a good example to society and the Opposition, there are a few thorns among its roses it is being forced to deal with, sometimes with much embarrassment. One such ‘thorn’, at least according to some Sri Lanka Freedom Party members in the government, is Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka. The United National Party member has been very outspoken in Parliament these days and he does not hide the vengeance he has towards the former regime, especially former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his brothers. In Parliament last week Fonseka went out hard on the Joint Opposition, accusing them of being part of a corrupt regime. The former Army Commander took offence to the verbal […]

Tamils resort to nationalism to shore up eroding political base

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In its list of demands, the ‘Eluga Thamil’ (Tamils Arise!) rally in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, on Sept 24 included phrases that form the bedrock of Tamil nationalism – ‘Tamil nation,’ ‘sovereignty’ and the ‘right to self-determination.’ This is because the Sri Lanka government and Tamil politicians supporting the regime are deemed ineffective in preventing the Tamils’ political power base from eroding, and supporters of the rally believe that nationalism is the bulwark against such attrition. The rally was called by the Tamil Peoples’ Council (TPC), a loose coalition of political parties, civil society organisations and religious bodies co-chaired by the chief minister of the Tamil-majority Northern Provincial Council (NPC) C. V. Wigneswaran. “Elected representatives cannot deliver the goods unless backed by a peoples’ movement,”said Wigneswaran, explaining the […]

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