April 2017


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The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) confirmed that they would guarantee a significant contribution from the Diaspora in terms of investments in the country’s economy, if the new Constitution solved the Tamil issue and restored confidence in Sri Lanka. TNA MP, Attorney-at-Law M.A. Sumanthiran made these statements in an interview given to the Nation. He further added that the Diaspora was keen in doing so. Meanwhile, on the question of the sale of national assets, the Parliamentarian further noted that it had to be resorted as there was no other conceivable way around addressing the issue of the country’s economy. When questioned regarding the TNA keeping mum on the economy and what they perceived as needed to be done in this regard, he added that the […]

Killing Lasantha And Attacking Journos: Was It Gota Or Fonny Or Both?

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Torture survivor journalist Keith Noyahr informed the Sri Lankan government via Interpol that he would not participate in the ongoing investigations until they arrest the persons who gave the orders for his abduction out of fear for his life, Colombo Telegraph reliably learns. The Keith Noyahr abduction in 2008 took a decisive turn when the journalist made a written complaint to the Criminal Investigation Department a few months ago. Noyahr fled the country with his family to Australia no sooner he was released from hospital without making a detailed statement of his abduction and assault. The CID who were thick into the investigations into the murder of Senior Journalist Lasantha Wickremetunge, assault of Editor Upali Tennakoon were poised to make a breakthrough after much painstaking leg work. They had unraveled the hitherto mystery […]

Sri Lankan Muslim Clerics Say Women Are Not Equal To Men, Defend Marriage Before Puberty

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In an alarming submission made to several parliamentarians and other conservative groups with regard to proposed amendments to the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA), the All Ceylon Jamiyathul Ulama (ACJU) has said that they agree with the Hadith “No people will ever prosper who appoint a woman in charge of their affairs” and therefore a woman isn’t worthy of being appointed a Qazi (judge). The ACJU is the main body of theologians of Muslims in Sri Lanka. In a brief document dated March 2017 of which the Colombo Telegraph possesses a copy, the clerics have said that therefore they oppose the appointing of female judges (Qazis). The Hadiths, which was compiled at least 230 years after the death of the Prophet quotes Muhammad the Prophet of […]

War Crimes Being Pivot Of Transitional Justice Stalls Progress

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By Jehan Perera – Jehan Perera The government achieved its main goal at the UN Human Rights Council at the session just completed in March. It was able to obtain a two year extension to deliver on the promise it made at a previous session of the UNHRC in October 2015. There is a consensus that the government’s performance has been inadequate. The government itself has not denied this. Not one of the four reconciliation mechanisms that the government promised to establish are yet operational. Only one of them, the Office of Missing Persons, has received parliamentary assent, but it is still only on paper. The OMP has yet to be operationalized. In the meantime, the fate of missing persons continues to remain as unknown […]

Sri Lanka’s computer literacy rate is lower in North and Eastern Province

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Sri Lanka’s computer literacy rate highest in urban sector, lowest in Estates and Eastern Province Mar 30, Colombo: According to a National Survey conducted by the Department of Census and Statistics, the overall Computer Literacy reported in first half of 2016 for Sri Lanka is 27.5 percent. The survey results show an increase of 0.9 percent from 1st half of 2015 to 1st half of 2016. In 2016, at least one computer is available in 22.5 percent of households in the country. That is more than one out of every five households owns either a desktop or a laptop computer, the survey said. This percentage is 35.3 percent in Urban Sector and Rural is 20.7 percent and lowest is  Estate Sector 6.4 percent respectively. The highest […]

Sri Lanka appoints War Crime accused Major General Silva a new Army AG

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Criticism as Sri Lanka appoints Major General Silva a new Army AG  Sri Lanka’s appointment of Major General Shavendra Silva, who is accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity against Tamils, to the new position of Adjutant General of the army has sparked widespread criticism. Major General Silva, who commanded the army’s 58 division during the final stages of the ethnic conflict in 2009 where tens of thousands of Tamils were massacres by shelling and aerial bombardment of civilian areas, assumed his duties at a ceremony on Thursday at the army’s headquarters. “The appointment of Major-General Shavendra Silva, an alleged war criminal, as the chief administrative officer of the Sri Lankan Army is a slap in the face to tens of thousands of victims still […]

Another ”Fast unto Death?” Drama by MP Wimal will not have any impact on honest people

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As expected Leader of the National Freedom Front MP Wimal Weerawansa ended his SECOND nine-day ”Fast unto death”  hunger strike yesterday (30), by drinking a glass of milk. National Freedom Front sources said that Weerawansa decided to end his fast after considering requests made by several parties, and former president Mahinda Rajapaksha who realised that the government was not going to cover up the fraud done by Wimal. By Bandara Former Leader of Hong Kong Donald Tsang was found guilty of accusations of corruption against him by the Court of that country. He was sentenced to seven years in prison. The accusation of corruption against the Hong Kong leader was that he could not explain how he managed to obtain on rent a luxury storeyed house […]

Foreign Judges can hear cases – Niran Anketell

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BY SULOCHANA RAMIAH MOHAN Attorney-at-Law and Co-Founder of South Asian Centre for Legal Studies Niran Anketell who has litigated human rights, constitutional law, and civil cases in Sri Lankan Courts for over seven years speaks to Ceylon Today on the government co sponsoring the United Nations Human Right Council’s resolution 30/1. Anketell who also pursued a LL.M in International Legal Studies at New York University and worked at the International Co-Prosecutor’s Office at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) as a Fellow of the Centre for Human Rights and Global Justice says Dr. Dayan Jayatilleke and C.V. Wigneswaran projected that the constitution does not allow foreign Judges, which is false. “The Constitution does not say we cannot appoint foreign Judges,” the human […]

Tamils for Trump: Hybrid Court for Sri Lankan War Crimes Should Be Held in India or UK, Not in Sri Lanka

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 30, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Both Sri Lankan President Srisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe have refused to have a hybrid court in Sri Lanka due to constitutional impediment to the appointment of non-citizens to the highest court exercising criminal jurisdiction; in addition, these Sri Lankans have told the media that having a hybrid court in Sri Lanka might bring the war back in Sri Lanka. It is best to have the hybrid court for Sri Lankan war crimes outside of Sri Lanka. Similar to the hybrid court for Sierra Leone that was held at The Hague, this will assure the safety of the witnesses and the victims and the court will not be restricted by any Sri Lankan constitutional limitations. Rather, it will follow […]

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