3rd August 2017

Ban TNA to realize reconciliation – Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera

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BY PANCHAMEE HEWAVISSSENTI The European Court of Justice (ECJ) delivered a judgment recently annulling measures against the LTTE, namely the designation of the LTTE as a terrorist organization. In spite of the ECJ’s ruling, the European Union (EU) stated in a press release on 27 July that LTTE remains listed as a terror organization by the EU. Commenting on this latest state of affairs with regard to the now defunct terror outfit, Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera said despite EU’s listing of LTTE as a terror organization and actions taken to temporarily freeze the funds belonging to LTTE, the LTTE cohorts record an annual thumping income of USD 300 million and possess sufficient funds to regroup and launch an attack to seize the northern part of […]

Missing Persons: Responsibility of a State

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BY SUGEESWARA SENADHIRA Any Nation is responsible for the welfare of its citizens. A Nation facing trying times due to terrorism, internal conflicts, militancy and/or extra-constitutional attempts to seize power could be saddled with the issue of killings and disappearances of some people. The missing persons could be members of terror outfits, revolutionary organizations, members of State armed forces or law enforcement agencies or even civilians. Such disappearances could result in parents searching for their children, wives waiting for their husbands, inability to find remains to bury under religious customs and no death certificate as proof of their existence and demise. The Bill to establish the Office of Missing Persons (OMP) was first announced on 22 May and the Bill was gazetted on 27 May […]