13th February 2018

No Agreement Reached So far But Maithripala and Ranil Will Continue Talks to Reach Agreement as the UNP and SLFP Votes Together are More Than Votes Got by SLPP.

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By Dharsisha Bastians Confusion reigned yesterday after reports surfaced that the United National Party, the main stakeholder in the ruling coalition was exploring options to govern independently and show a majority in Parliament, drawing a swift denial from President Maithripala Sirisena that agreements to this effect had been reached with his Prime Minister. Reports about the UNP moves to go solo following the local government election results, claimed that President Sirisena had approved the party’s plan and asked the Prime Minister to show a majority in Parliament, and even agreed to tell SLFP ministers willing to stay on in the Government to extend support to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. “There have been no agreements reached with the Prime Minister on governing local councils or future […]

UNP & SLFP/UPFA Votes Together Are More Than Votes Garnered By Mahinda’s SLPP.

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Govt Must Not Panic Due To LG Poll Result and Over React in Gloom and Doom Because UNP & SLFP/UPFA Votes Together Are More Than Votes Garnered By Mahinda’s SLPP. By Outsider This was after all only a local government election, primarily to pick who will look after and nurture each ward, under the watchful eye of the local PS, UC, or MC, although pre/post-elections generated much political heat. Newspapers have concentrated mostly on victories of Pradeshiya Sabhas, mostly ignoring MCs. Municipality Areas (MCs) are pivotal in view of their extents, location and of course the populace they serve – mostly the more educated and discerning public who have unanimously voted with the UNP – examples being Hambantota, Galle, Kandy, Negombo, Wattala, Panadura, Dehiwela/Mt. Lavinia […]

The Nine Provincial Flags Of Sri Lanka

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 Shannine Daniel At the recent celebrations of Sri Lanka’s 70th Independence Day, the national flag was, in all its vibrant colour, hoisted once again. By now, most of us would be familiar with the colours and motifs on the flag, each representing the different religious and ethnic groups in the country. What we’re probably less familiar with, however, are the flags representing each Sri Lankan province. Here’s a look at the nine flags of the nine provinces of Sri Lanka, their histories, symbols and motifs. Western Province The flag of the Western Province. Image courtesy dailyceylon.com The design on the flag of the Western Province is made up of concentric rectangles. The rectangle at the centre has four white sacred fig (bo) leaves on all four […]