5th March 2018

Demo against vandalism of Hindu temples

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A mass demonstration was held yesterday in protest against the attacks carried out on Hindu places of worship in various parts in the Northern Province. Several Hindu organizations, Hindu religious leaders and representatives of various temples had participated in the demonstration, carrying the Nanthi (Bull) flag, the symbol of Hinduism. Hundreds of Hindus chanted slogans against the attacks on Hindu places of worship and called upon the government to prevent such attacks. According to the organizers several Hindu places of worship in the Northern Province, particularly in the Mannar District, have come under attack in recent months. The attackers have destroyed the statues of the deities placed inside the inner shrine rooms of the temples in the isolated areas of several villages in the Northern […]

Sexual Violence – Namal Rajapaksa must teach his father Mahinda

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Namal Rajapaksa attends Commonwealth conference on preventing sexual violence Sri Lankan parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa was a controversial participant at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Forum in London this week, taking part in discussions around conflict resolution and preventing sexual violence despite his continued denial of human rights abuses committed by Sri Lankan troops. His attendance raised criticism amongst Tamil diaspora groups and human rights organisations, which comes despite Mr Rajapaksa’s support for a Sri Lankan military offensive which concluded in 2009 and saw the deaths of tens of thousands of Tamil civilians. In London, Mr Rajapaksa attended the session on ending sexual violence chaired by Baroness Nicholson, claiming that Sri Lanka has been “always empathetic toward this area of discussion” and that it was the “end of […]

OMP and Enforced Disappearances Bill: Promise of justice for an invisible crime?

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The Government moved to appoint commissioners to a permanent Office on Missing Persons this week, empowered to investigate and trace tens of thousands of cases of persons forcibly disappeared during two insurgencies and a 26 year civil war. The OMP mechanism and the Enforced Disappearances Bill that will criminalize the act of forcibly disappearing persons in Sri Lanka for the first time offers the best chance in a long time to help thousands of families find answers and to say, as one nation, “never again” The untimely loss of a loved one can be unbearable. But the experience is even more horrific to those whose kith and kin have simply disappeared without a trace, perhaps never to return. While many families have languished in their […]