15th March 2018

Getting away with killing Muslims is not easy as killing Tamils.

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There is a potential threat of domestic terrorism of a new type. The excellent choice for Minister of Law and Order, Ranjith Madduma Bandara, and the Defence authorities under President Sirisena and Ruwan Wijewardene must coordinate to face this new, existential threat. It was on March 3rd, after Ampara but just before Teldeniya, that an impressive young Sri Lankan scholar, Dr. Sara Dissanayake, warned that the State had not recognized right-wing extremism and far right hate crimes as a national security threat (“Why the Government Needs to Overcome the Fear of Labelling”). She has proven spectacularly correct. Her analysis came a few weeks after security scholar Prof. Rohan Gunaratne accurately identified ‘Sinhala Only’ as the beginning of the country’s slide into chronic cycles of conflict. […]

Sinhala Doctors at Teldeniya Govt Hospital Refused To Treat Bleeding Muslim Assaulted by Special Task Force Accusing Injured Victim of Being a “Thamby Terrorist”Destroying the Country

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Details are emerging of Sri Lanka security forces and public officials collaborating with ultra nationalist Sinhala Buddhist mobs in a riot against Muslims. Doctors on duty in a government hospital denied treatment to injuries from a severe beating by members of the island’s elite police combat unit, alleges a Muslim official from the central hills. A Sinhala doctor at the Theldeniya hospital had turned down the request to treat bleeding head wounds received at the hands of the Special Task Force (STF), Abdul Saleel Mohamed Fazil told JDS by phone. ‘Muslim terrorist’ The doctor had repeatedly referred to the wounded man as ‘Thambi’, a derogatory Sinhala term widely used against Muslims, while other medical officers looked on. “The doctor accused me of being a ‘Thambi’ […]

UK urges Sri Lanka to prosecute those inciting religious hatred

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The British Government today urged Sri Lanka to prosecute all those who have been leading and inciting religious and ethnic hatred. The British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka James Dauris said that thousands in Sri Lanka have been frightened and worse by ugly violence in recent weeks. “Really important that the government and authorities apply the law and prosecute all those who have been leading and inciting religious and ethnic hatred, including through social media,” the High Commissioner tweeted. The High Commissioner also said that it was good to hear that Viber is unblocked and working again. He also shared the hopes of everyone who wants to have Facebook and other social media platforms fully working quickly. “Free social media has a key part to play in successful […]