8th May 2018

Seven Nigerian confidence tricksters arrested in Sri Lanka

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By Shamindra Ferdinando Seven Nigerians have been arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for cheating Sri Lankans out of large sums of money. The CID had arrested the group on Friday (May 4) in the Hikkaduwa police area, a senior police spokesperson told The Island. Sri Lankans had parted with large amounts of money with one woman losing Rs. 9 mn to a Nigerian conman. The Nigerians had got in touch with Sri Lankans through the Internet, offered them valuable gifts such as gold jewellery, diamonds etc. The official said that the gullible Sri Lankans had subsequently opened bank accounts under their names and handed them over to the Nigerians along with debit cards. The Nigerians had basically enticed Sri Lankans to deposit large […]

Building of NEW Buddhist temples in North and East by Government

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Racist Sinhale Buddhist party the National Freedom Front (NFF) today condemned the Tamil National Alliance’s (TNA) alleged attempt to halt the construction of NEW Buddhist temples by government in the Northern and Eastern regions where Tamils live who are Hindus, Muslims or Christians. Racist Sinhale Buddhist party NFF National Organizer MP Jayantha Samaraweera said according to media reports the TNA had informed the Unity Government that it completely opposed the construction of NEW Buddhist temples in the Northern and Eastern areas. MP Samaraweera said TNA Parliamentarian M. A. Sumanthiran had stating to a national newspaper, had vowed that he would never allow constructing NEW Buddhist temples and had backed this issue from 2011. He said the NFF strongly condemned MP Sumanthiran’s racist statement. Sri Lanka had seen Sinhale racist […]

Jokers as politicians and political clowns

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The mighty deed, they say, has at last been done. The Great Reshuffle is complete. The world saw, turned on its side and sighed, and returned to sleep, tired of Sri Lankan gimmickry. I remember an old Latin saying which, in English, went something like this — the mountains are in labour and the result is a ridiculous mouse. Since the earth shattering shake-up initiated by the two main prongs of the yahapalana government last week even the mice, ridiculous or not, have gone into hiding. Mahinda Rajapaksa, never short of a joke or two, seems to think that the very mention of Field Marshal Fonseka as Minister of Wildlife has driven rodents and bigger beasts into forest cover though why that should happen he […]