22nd May 2018

Labour party would back the right of the Tamil people to self determination – Jeremy Corbyn

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Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn and big beasts of the party threw their weight behind the Tamil community saying that crimes against the Tamils is still going on in Sri Lanka. At a meeting held in the House of Commons, to commemorate a series of events connected with crimes against the Tamils, Corbyn promised to make human rights and international justice the centre piece of foreign policy in any future Labour government, that would help further the Tamil ’cause’. He stressed, the party would back the right of the Tamil people to self determination and agreed with the “Tamils for Labour” agenda, that included an international judicial mechanism to bring to justice those guilty of war crimes and other violations of international law. The much-hyped, new […]

Lord Naseby meets Sinhale Diaspora at House of Lords

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One of the 1st events representing Sri Lankan Sinhale Diaspora at the House of Lords Last week, the UK Parliament paid tribute to the Sri Lankan Sinhale community living in the United Kingdom with the first-ever meeting pertaining to Sri Lanka, one of the most auspicious days in the British calendar last week. For the first time in history, the Sri Lankan Sinhale community event was held on 16th of May 2018 in the House, of Lords, Palace of Westminster. Mr Ranjiv Goonawardena, organised, chaired and facilitated the meeting, with the collaboration of Right Honourable Lord Naseby, on behalf of the Global Sri Lankan Forum UK (GSLF UK). Mr Goonawardena, in his warm introductory speech, expressed gratitude to the Right Honourable Lord Naseby who hosted […]

Remembering, Nine Years On

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May 18, 2009 is a day that showcases division. To some, it is a day of mourning. To others, cause for celebration. Families in the North and East who commemorate their family members killed during the final stages of the war on May 18 call this day “Remembrance Day”. Conversely, May 19 is known as “Ranaviru Day” and is meant to remember soldiers whose lives were lost during the war. This year’s Ranaviru Day will be held at Parliament Grounds, and attended by Government representatives. In contrast, the Remembrance Day events have been repeatedly blocked in the past – including as recently as last year, with the police citing national security concerns. One year after the end of the war, Groundviews ran a critically acclaimed acclaimed special edition reflecting on whether the absence of […]