29th May 2018

After 3 years in office – PM outlines plans for North

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Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday focused on the need to link the Northern Province with southern development corridors to develop its economy focusing on agriculture, fishing, tourism and manufacturing. Wickremesinghe speaking in Kilinochchi during a visit to the war-affected Province noted that despite the war ending nine years ago, the region had not seen an economic regeneration. He pointed out that despite the development of infrastructure significant challenges, especially on poverty, water and housing access remained in the area and required Government assistance. He acknowledged the region would need a multipronged approach including better education and employment opportunities to improve its GDP contribution and provide better living standards for its residents. “Out of the nine provinces in Sri Lanka, we must remember that the poorest […]

Crossovers taboo under 20 A – MP’s will NOT be able to make big money to cross over which is a political culture of Sri Lanka

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The 20th Amendment to the Constitution (20A) proposed by the JVP has prevented crossovers of MPs against the collective decision of the party, JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said. The MP, speaking at a press conference at the Party Headquarters in Battaramulla yesterday to brief on the content of the 20A to abolish the Executive Presidency, said cheating voters by crossovers has become a common occurrence leading to instability in Parliament. “The people’s mandate gets distorted as a result of such crossovers. When the party initiates disciplinary actions against such MPs, they obtain stay orders from the District Courts. This prevents the party from taking action against any such MP till his term ends. We have proposed in the 20A that no court has the […]


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Trekking the Khumbu Wall is always at the risk of death or I would say death is imminent! Some Ice Walls are of 80 or 90 degree slopes. The worst is and one could not really believe is that we see ourselves how some of our colleagues embrace death before. Sri Lankan mountaineer Johann Peiris reached the 290030 feet high summit of Mount Everest at 5.50 in the morning of May 22 according to Nepalese time. A professional coiffure and model, Johann is a swashbuckling sports adventurer as well. His efforts to trek the Everest Summit in 2016 was botched due to a technical defect in his oxygen tank, when he had only 448 meters to reach the ‘Promised Land!’. His companion Jayanthi Kuruuthumpala of […]