5th June 2018

TNA deserves a positive response

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by N Sathiya Moorthy In a recent interview to a Tamil newspaper, M A Sumanthiran, TNA parliamentarian and international spokesman, has made an offer that sections of the Sinhala polity truly desirous of a political solution to the ‘ethnic issue’ cannot resist. Unless the idea of a new Constitution is to use the omnibus content to deny the Tamils their due post-war, the ruling UNP-SLFP duo should take the TNA ‘offer’ seriously and act accordingly. Going by the interview, Sumanthiran’s exposition is very much a part of the continuing proceedings of the Constituent Assembly. Though not being made for the first time, there has not been any favourable, or not-so-favourable reaction from any section of the majority/majoritarian Sinhala polity, to the TNA proposal when first […]

Tamil CM Wiggy’s ‘cold war’ with Sri Lanka’s PM Ranil!

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By Manekshaw Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe travelled to Jaffna last week and when the Sri Lanka Air Force VIP helicopter touched down at the Jaffna Municipal Council grounds, he was received by one of the leading business magnates in Jaffna T. Thuvarakeswaran who is the brother of the late UNP Parliamentarian T. Maheswaran and the brother in law of State Minister Vijayakala Maheswaran. Prime Minister Wickremesinghe descended from the SLAF chopper amidst heavy showers and tight security, to once the location of the Jaffna Municipal Council, where stood a building very much similar to the Jaffna Public Library building in architecture. However, the LTTE demolished the majestic Jaffna Municipal Council building, which even housed a cinema, by detonating dynamites, when there were moves by the […]

Gotabaya is suspected of corruption, fraud and even murder….

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Gota A Devout Buddhist, Vegetarian, Feeds Flesh To Pet Sharks By Suranimala Umagiliya – The mainstream Sinhala media is awash with news of Gotabaya Rajapaksa being the front runner from the Lotus Bud party at the next Presidential election. That sums up the pathetic state of the media. The fourth estate must educate and guarantee the citizens right to information. Such information must be disseminated with great responsibility. Information presented with clarity will educate the masses in making judicious decisions concerning their future and that of the next generation. Gotabaya for President? Sri Lankans must be out of their minds or plain looney to even give it a second thought. Here is a man who is suspected of grave crime dodging appearing in Court to clear himself. An educated public will insist that he goes through a legal […]