6th June 2018

Sri Lanka’s Foreign Policy Cannot Ignore the Tamil Nationality Question and/or Omit Proposing a Solution.

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Sri Lanka’s Foreign Policy Cannot Ignore the Tamil Nationality Question and/or Omit Proposing a Solution. The foreign policy component of the Viyathmaga sessions completely-omitted the main challenges: how do we successfully combat – not merely decry and denounce – the threat of universal jurisdiction and unilateral sanctions? How do we reverse the diminution of our “soft power”? Sri Lanka’s international relations cannot be insulated from Sri Lanka’s nationalities question. The Tamil question was globalised decades ago and is now more globalised than ever. No serious discussion on Sri Lanka’s foreign policy can ignore this problem and omit the political solution we propose, which is vital in managing our relations with India — without which we lose international space and are strategically-vulnerable. In 2015, Sri Lanka […]

Sri Lanka’s oldest Italian Fiat car in Jaffna

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By. N. Parameswaram, Jaffna correspondent JAFFNA: What an opportunity- the chance to own Sri Lanka’s oldest Italian Fiat car in Jaffna – and that too, one that is only functional, old Italian car. Sixty-year old Kumarasamy Ravichandran, a resident of No. 906/12 Point Pedro Road, Jaffna, is the owner of this car. K.Ravichandran and the Fiat Car Mr. Ravichandran says the car has manual horn and lights and still in running condition. It has two engines, two gear boxes and two differentials. This car was made on 1926 and first purchased in 1932 by the first owner from Colonial Motors; He purchased the car in 1990 for Rs.225,000. This is the only car with “A” serial number in Sri Lanka, he said. The car’s hood […]

Mahinda govt. took USD 20 million as commissions from N’cholai contractor – Who will save them PM Ranil or President Maithiri?

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By Saman Indrajith More than USD 20 million had been obtained as commissions from foreign companies involved in the constructing of Norochcholai Power plant by the leaders of the former government, Power and Renewable Energy State Minister Ajith P. Perera told Parliament yesterday. State Minister Perera said evidence had surfaced from international investigations into certain irregularities involving the power plant, he said. The State Minister claimed that there had been no irregularities recorded in the 11 tenders awarded by the present government for supplying coal to the CEB. Answering a question from UNP MP Nalin Bandara with regard to a company named Nobel Resource Limited which was involved in supplying coal to CEB, State Minister Perera said that USD 366.353 mn had been paid to […]