30th July 2018

Losing Santhia, part two: from cubs to Tigers

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https://redflag.org.au/node/6442 In October 2017, Santhia, a former high ranking cadre of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (“Homelands”), died in a Jakarta hospital. She was only 42. Almost a decade earlier, she had fled Sri Lanka, via Tamil Nadu, India, with her young son. She had tried to reach Australia, but was stranded in Indonesia. Sponsored by the Tamil Refugee Council, Red Flag editor Ben Hillier travelled to Sri Lanka and Indonesia in November to piece together her story. Santhia’s life was extraordinary yet common; her fate bound to the decades-long national liberation struggle of the Tamils. This is part two in a continuing series. Part one can be found here. Along the Pannai causeway linking Jaffna peninsula with Mandaitivu and Kayts islands, egrets, black-headed ibises and Eurasian wigeons bathe in […]

Sri Lanka’s Successive Genocides Against Tamils

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On Anniversary of Black July, International Community Should Recognize Sri Lanka’s Successive Genocides Against Tamils Washington, D.C.; July 23, 2018 – On the 35th anniversary of the start of “Black July” 1983, PEARL remembers the Tamil victims, survivors, and generations affected by all of Sri Lanka’s atrocities against the Tamil people. Thirty-five years ago this week, the government of Sri Lanka sponsored a brutal anti-Tamil pogrom, tantamount to genocide, that killed more than 3000 Tamils. The government provided voter registration lists to Sinhala mobs so they could identify Tamils and attack them, their residences, and their businesses. The violence lasted for over one week and destroyed 5000 shops and 8000 homes, displacing more than 150,000 Tamils. The Sinhala mobs also raped hundreds of Tamil women and even […]