August 2018

Gotabhaya Rajapaksa Think His “Economic Empowerment” Solution Will Result in the Sri Lankan Tamils Giving Up Their Long Struggle For Political Equality and Rights?

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Does Gotabhaya Rajapaksa Think His “Economic Empowerment” Solution Will Result in the Sri Lankan Tamils Giving Up Their Long Struggle For Political Equality and Rights? A leading English-language newspaper reported on Saturday, July 28, in a story entitled ‘Prez polls 2019’ that: “Gotabhaya Rajapaksa on Thursday (July 26) told Colombo-based senior Tamil print and electronic journalists that countrywide economic empowerment was the key to post-war stability…Rajapaksa said so when the Tamil media sought his views on a gamut of issues, ranging from the status of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution enacted consequent to the Indo-Lanka Peace Accord to the government responsibility in respect of squatters…V. Thanabalasingam, former chief editor of a popular Tamil Daily and currently consultant at another reputed Tamil language newspaper, tweeted […]

Government Needs To Build On Its Northern Achievements

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By Jehan Perera – Jehan Perera Military personnel stationed in the North are often perplexed when told that their continued presence is objectionable to the local population. Their experience is different. When they ask the people about their presence, the answer they say they receive is a positive one whether in term of preserving law and order or in terms of providing material assistance. The sceptic would point out no civilian population in a post-war setting would be willing to tell uniformed military personnel that their continued presence is objectionable. But this may not be the only truth of the matter. On a visit to the North we went to the northernmost point of the country in Point Pedro. A plaque there says that this area was […]

Mahinda group conspiring to avoid holding a presidential election

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Chamal No, Dinesh No, opposition has no winning ‘jockey’ for 2020 presidential election ! Vasu laments – conspiracy the only solution (video) (Lanka e News – 30.July.2018, 7.30AM) The pro Rajapakses  following the defeat on 2015-01-08 ,who have not changed and  stranded  at one place in the opposition are unable to select a suitable candidate for the presidential election, and  are hence conspiring to avoid holding a presidential election , said Vasudeva Nanayakkara , who is himself  a key figure  among the pro Rajapakse group  when addressing the TTV , a new media channel. He went on to say the quandary is so deep that they have agreed to abstain from speaking about a presidential candidate . Yet , when responding to a question posed […]

Gota’s conspiracy hatched in Vihara: his ‘military junta’ to create an LTTE ‘ghost’ under guise of searching for buried LTTE weapons !

2nd August 2018 // 0 Comments (Lanka e News -31.July.2018, 11.45PM) The search  for the arms and gold  hidden by the LTTE which is being  carried out by digging at various places. Though nothing was found these  operations are well planned and conducted by the pensioned military major General junta who are now  moving heaven and earth to propel Gotabaya to power. During the initial stages  following the good  governance government coming into power , based on  spurious information employing various individuals searches for  weapons and gold  of the LTTE were conducted in the North. It is specially noteworthy , this is now a futile  routine operation so much so it is being carried out weekly. The latest of this series of  excavation  was that conducted in the Ammankulam tank […]

Mahinda and Sajin Vaas put Ian Paisley in trouble!

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Former President received a Dubai night life gift from Sajin Vass! It took only one night for Sajin Vaas to take complete control over Mahinda Rajapaksa. The former President met Sajin Vaas for the first time in Dubai. Popular businessman Ravi Wijeratne had acted as the intermediary between the two parties. Sajin Vaas gifted the former President a chance to experience Dubai night life. By the time Mahinda Rajapaksa returned, Sajin Vaas had already become his chief counselor. Those who know about Sajin Vaas say it is a miracle to see someone who does not surrender to his Wine, Women and Wallet theory. Eventually, an MP of the British parliament also became a victim of Sajin Vaas. Sajin Vaas put Ian Paisley in trouble! MP […]

Abduction of 11 youths: Some Defense counsel requested to favour Navy individuals: CID

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During the magisterial inquiry relating to the alleged abduction of 11 youths in 2008, Director of the CID Shani Abeysekara today revealed that, several years ago, some of the defence lawyers, who currently represent the suspects, have requested him to favour several Navy individuals, who were at that time not named as suspects into the inquiry. At the onset of the inquiry, President’s Counsel Shavendra Fernando and Counsel Asith Siriwardena raised a question over the inclusion of some details relating to them made by the prosecution on February 8, 2018 in the B report. In February, the prosecution in a further report had included about some alleged involvement of the two defence counsel in the investigations. These details only appeared in the B report as […]

Immediate developments of Northern and Eastern provinces under President’s supervision

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The Presidential Task Force appointed by President Maithripala Sirisena to monitor the development projects conducted in Northern and  Eastern provinces where the development activities retarded due to the war held its first meeting, chaired by the President at the President’s office today(30). President Sirisena insisted that that people should be provided immediate benefits making that development programme more efficient and systematic. President also mentioned that even though the government has done a considerable amount of work to uplift and the lives of the people and develop infrastructure in the Northern and Eastern provinces the people are not sufficiently aware of it. The President also said that government has obtained positive results in the programme conducted to build national reconciliation and co- existence among the people […]

Alleged youth abduction case Two Navy Officers allowed bail

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The Colombo High Court yesterday (30) granted bail, under strict conditions, to two Navy Intelligence officers, who were in remand on charges of abducting and causing the disappearance of 11 children from Colombo and its suburbs 10 years ago. The bail order was given by High Court Judge Champa Rajaratne, having considered a petition filed by K. Gamini and Thushara Mendis. The High Court Judge ordered each suspect to be released on cash bail in Rs 100,000 each and two sureties of Rs 500,000 each. She also ordered that the wives of the two suspects and a Government servant should be produced as guarantors. Judge Rajaratne also impounded the passports of the two suspects and ordered that their passports be handed over to the Court. […]

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