Zakir Hussain was planning to attack targets in India, Sri Lanka and Maldives

  • On 19 June 2009, the US State Department reported to India, according to Wiki Leaks, that Pakistan based Lashker-e- Taiba (LeT) had established a facilitation centre in Sri Lanka.
  • September 2010, Indian intelligence leaked to the media that the Maharashtra bakery bomber, Himayat Baig had claimed while in Indian police custody that he was trained in Colombo. 
  • On 8 July 2013, bombs exploding in the world renowned Mahabodhi in Buddha-Gaya, India’s National Security Advisor Shiv Shanker Menon, told top authorities here that the bombs had been planted by Muslim extremists
  • On 22 August 2013, leaked message to media claimed that Indian intelligence had been received that LeT was preparing for an attack on South India from Jaffna.

download (1)Former Muslim parliamentarian M. M. Zuhair, PC, yesterday said that the Government of Sri Lanka should engage immediately with the Indian authorities for a top Sri Lankan police team to visit Chennai and join in the investigations underway into the case of Sri Lankan Muslim Zakir Hussain, who was arrested in Chennai on 29 April under India’s anti- terror laws. The danger is Zakir Hussain in captivity could be used, in one of several external strategies to destabilize Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka must be vigilant in this regard as false pretexts could easily be employed by external powers to legitimize entry to the country, as seen in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.”

The Government’s obligation in these types of cases is not merely to watch the interests of the Sri Lankan but also to cooperate with Indian investigators for a full and fair investigation. The Sri Lankan team needs to gain access to the Sri Lankan national forthwith, ascertain the nature and the contents of statements and other material attributed to him and others so far and coordinate in particular the Sri Lankan side of the investigations. An impartial but meticulous investigation is vital to ascertain the true implications of this arrest and to take appropriate remedial action.

In this regard, Dr. Rohan Gunaratna of Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University has told P K Balachandran of Indian Express that Zakir Hussain was planning to attack targets not only in India but also in Sri Lanka and Maldives! This is a serious allegation. But on what evidence has he made this accusation? He must disclose the evidence and sources to the Sri Lanka police chief and facilitate a full investigation. This is vital in view of foreign power play in the region targeting Sri Lanka.