Sri Lanka Participation Overshadows C’Wealth Games – TGTE Writes To Hague

102 (5)The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam has today written to the British Foreign Secretary William Hague, for support and to formally advice the Commonwealth Secretariat and Commonwealth Games Federation that the prestigious Commonwealth sporting celebration risks being overshadowed by questions raised about human rights abuses and genocide in Sri Lanka, by their participation in the Games.

Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran -PM - TGTE

In the letter, the TGTE Ministry of International Affairs expressed concerns and raised the following points:

  • The role that President Rajapaksa may play at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.
  • The continued arrogance of the Rajapaksa regime to the International Community and their non-conformance to the values and principles of the Commonwealth, as well as their refusal to conform to the UN HRC Resolutions.
  • Their continued structural genocide on the Tamil Homeland in the island of Sri Lanka, the use of the Sri Lankan army to colonize and seize land belonging to the Tamil population.
  • The Tamils are continuing to live in fear and terror, and many are still fleeing by boats as refugees.

It also highlighted that:

  • The British Government still has the obligation and responsibility to the Tamils in Sri Lanka to correct its wrongs. Successive Sri Lankan regimes have denied equal political rights and continue to subjugate the Tamils.
  • There are no signs of equality or political devolution despite the conclusion of the war five years ago, with the massacre of 70,000 people, behind closed doors.
  • Britain now has the opportunity to lead and call for a UN conducted referendum for the Tamils in the north and east, the Tamil Diaspora who were forced to leave the country, and for the thousands of Tamil refugees scattered around the world, to decide their future destiny.
  • And Let the Games be a proud moment for the Scots and the city of Glasgow, and an inspiration for justice, accountability, regional stability, peace with dignity for the Tamils.

“TGTE will continue to pursue a peaceful permanent political solution with the support of the International community.” said its Ministry of International Affairs.