TGTE to go ahead with events in UK

Visuvanathan-RudrakumaranBritain has not imposed any ban on events organized by the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) over the weekend despite the Government claiming it had sent evidence against organizations proscribed recently under a UN Security council resolution, including the TGTE.

The TGTE, in a press statement today, reconfirmed that it will be hosting the “Say No to Sri Lanka” international Conference on May 17th in London, to formulate innovative political and legal strategies for boycott, divestment, and targeted sanctions against Sri Lankan political and military leaders and sanction against Sri Lanka itself.

TGTE said it will also be hosting a special exhibition from May 12-16 in front of the British Parliament in London to highlight mass killings and Genocide of Tamils.

TGTE leader V. Rudrakumaran said that the Tamil people need to take the sense of loss and mourning to their ‘collective memory’ and thereby recommit themselves to the political dimension and revitalize their tasks of collective action – to seek justice, to bring the genocidal acts of the Sri Lankan Government to an end.

Rudrakumaran is also among those proscribed by the Sri Lankan Government. (Colombo Gazette)