In an interview to NDTV television, Sri Lanka defense secretary Gotabaya Rajabakse said “I will be surprised if my military did not rape Tamil women.”

“I will be surprised if my military did not rape Tamil women.”

killingThe defense minister of Sri Lanka, Gotabaya Rajapakse, who is also the brother of the President of Sri Lanka; in an interview said he will only be surprised if Sri Lanka army do not rape Tamil women.

Both the president and the defense secretary are already been accused of genocide of Tamils. The defense secretary in another interview arrogantly said we will not allow UN or anyone else to conduct any kind of investigation into the allegations.

China and Russia vehemently defends the officially rapist government of Sri Lanka from facing any investigation on the allegations. In the meantime UN panel report that accuses Sri Lanka of crimes, UNHRC verbal reports that demands Independent International Investigations are being shunt by countries on the orders of China and Russia.

Having assisted the genocidal Sri Lanka government to defeat the freedom struggle of Tamils, appears to take the charges of genocide, war crimes, officially rapist policies, crimes against humanity seriously and attempts to find internationally acceptable resolution in the face of mounting opposition by genocide and rape abetting China and Russia.

Sri Lanka: Continuing  Mass Rape by Gvoernment Troops
News on the mass rape being undertaken by Sri Lanka military, with the international support of south Africa and it’s all.


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