State Terrorism in Sri Lanka

Nallur Temple surrounded by troops

Troops besiege Uthayan office in Jaffna

Troops outside Thinakkural newspaper office in Jaffna

TNPF office blocked off by army

Access to TNA office blocked by army

Jaffna blood donation centre blocked off by army

Sri Lankan military restricts access to Keerimalai Temple

1The Sri Lankan military has restricted access to Keerimalai, blocking Tamils from entering the town on the Jaffna peninsula, famous for its temple.

Events to commemorate the 5 year anniversary of Mullivaikkal at the temple were cancelled as the army blocked all main roads leading to the town, reported GTN.


Army on the Thellipalai-Keerimalai road are only letting through Sinhalese tourists and stopping Tamils to go to the temple to perform rituals for those that died in the war,Uthayan reported.NPC Councillor Ananthy Sasitharan was one of those blocked from going to Keerimalai at a checkpoint close to the town.

“When they stopped me from passing I asked them whether they had anything in writing, explaining the reason, but the soldier said it was a military order, and no one can pass,” she told the Tamil Guardian.

In protest Ms Ananthy sat on the road for 30 minutes, but left as the soldiers became more aggressive.

“They started shouting at me to leave and then TID officers in civil started taking pictures of me. I was worried for my safety so I left,” she said.