Vaiko reminds Modi of promise to attend to SL Tamil issue

vaikoIndian Policy on Sri Lanka Tamil Nadu has been given the first-preference!

As per the India’s External affairs Policy, Tamil Nadu Government will be given much priority. According to the Indian Media reports, a speaker of the Bharathiya Janatha Party has revealed this information. Since Bharathiya Janatha Party has won with overwhelming majority in the recent held  elections.

There was an opinion, that the Government of Tamil Nadu’s support is not necessary. Since the Sri Lankan Tamils issue is not only an important issue in the Tamil Nadu Politics, but also among the People of Tamil Nadu. According to the information, due to these reasons, through the Tamil Nadu Government, Sri Lankan Issue would be handled; accordingly external policy has been drafted by the present Government in India.

Vaiko reminds Modi of promise to attend to SL Tamil issue

MDMK chief Vaiko has reportedly met Narendra Modi in New Delhi yesterday and reminded Modi that he has promised attention to issues of minorities and killings of Tamils by Sri Lanka. MDMK is an ally of NDA (National Democratic Alliance) in Tamil Nadu.

The ANI news agency has quoted Vaiko as saying, “He told me that the minorities within a short time will realize, I (Modi) am protecting everybody. In Kargil, where the minorities form the population, there BJP has won. And one more thing I said in this state five years back, hundreds and thousands of Tamils were massacred and brutally killed by the racist Sri Lankan government with all the logistics, support and help of the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government guided by Sonia Gandhi.”

India and Sri Lanka are often embroiled in situations where both parties claim to have arrested fishermen for wandering away and crossing international water boundaries.