Wimal and SLMC threatens to quit the government but Government confident they will never leave

dummiesSLMC threatens to quit the government

Governing party ally, the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) has threatened to quit the ruling UPFA government over several issues. SLMC Leader, Justice Minister Rauf Hakeem has said there are accusations that the SLMC only wanted posts in the government. However he has been quoted in the media saying that the party is not focused on government positions and added that the SLMC will not hesitate to resign.

Hakeem and the SLMC have had several rifts with the government which have been reported in the media. Last month Hakem had said he stood by a decision to submit a report to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay related to reconciliation issues and issues faced by minorities in the country.

Hakim & Basher pressurized to forego their Ministerial Post

According to the information, Sri Lankan Muslim League Party President Ravuf Hakim and Highest Member of the Party Basher Seguthawood were given with pressure to forego their Government Ministerial Portfolios.
The Government has been continuously rejecting the Muslim Congress Party; due to this they have been asked by the government to forego their designations. Eastern Province Party’s senior politicians are warning Hakim “If we continue to bear the Government’s repressive measures, the members of the party will abandon the party”……………….. read all

Wimal insists ready to quit the UPFA

National Freedom Front (NFF) leader and Minister Wimal Weerawansa insisted today his party is ready to withdraw from the ruling UPFA Government if the Government fails to accept proposals put forward by the NFF.

Weerawansa said that his party will be presenting a 12 point proposal to the President which was adopted at the NFF convention recently.

The Minister said that the proposals will soon be presented to President Mahinda Rajapaksa and will seek a meeting to further discuss the proposals. He said that the outcome of the meeting will be made public and if the meeting ends in failure then the NFF will shift its focus on its own political agendas.

Asked if that meant the NFF will leave the Government, Weerawansa said that the NFF had already stated it is ready to leave the UPFA alliance if the Government does not accept the proposals. The government Ministers had laughed at the Weeravansa’s