Losing The Peace

Functioning Of N&E Provincial Councils

301658_267213786651958_2021022703_nAlthough on paper the same powers are devolved to all Provincial Councils those in the former North-East Provincial Council and the present Northern Provincial Council have been stultified in their functioning by the manner in which the Governors of these two provinces have used their powers with respect to these two Provincial Councils (the former North-East and later Eastern Provincial Council) and the Northern Provincial Council. Unlike the manner in which the Governors have functioned in the South where they have played a largely passive role and allowed the Chief Ministers and the Councils to function as per their initiative, the Governors in the former North Eastern Provincial Council and later in the Eastern and the Northern Provincial Councils have stymied the legislative and executive powers of these Provincial Councils.
There are several ways of blocking statute making by the Provincial Councils…………... READ ALL 

Losing The Peace: Why The LLRC Report Is Not Implemented

The non-implementation of 13A within a limited time horizon and the continuing institutional siege of the Northern Provincial Council leave a political vacuum in which non-violent agitation by civil society led by the youth cause a confrontation with and a crackdown by the state. Delhi supports a hard-line resolution in the UNHRC, Geneva in March 2015, which commences the countdown.

Five years after the thirty years war we are in a time of transition to a termination. It can go either way: tenuous equilibrium and a modus vivendi or a bloody tragedy as finale. The foreseeable future of Sri Lanka will depend on the Mahinda-Modi equation. There are at least two broad scenarios ……………..  READ MORE 

Australia Will Push Lanka On LLRC

The Australian Government has said it will push Sri Lanka to implement the recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) and to engage with domestic and international stakeholders to advance an effective and transparent reconciliation agenda…………..  READ MORE