”No” to cheating President Rajapakshas invitation by the Tamil Chief Minister.

121President Rajapaksha was trying to make a false impression to the international community that the Northern PC and the Central Government had a strong relationship by taking the Tamil Chief Minister of Northern Province with him to India. By doing so he was trying to hide the continues racist policies taken by his government on the minority Tamils since the killing of more than 40,000 Tamil Civilians by his Army.

Northern Province Chief Minister C.V.Wigneswaran turned down the invitation extended to him by President Mahinda Rajapaksa to join him as part of the Sri Lankan delegation to the swearing-in ceremony of new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying “acceptance would indicate that there exists a strong co-operative spirit between the Centre and the Province, when in fact, the peoples of the north are engulfed in a climate of fear on account of the presence of the military while the activities of the Northern PC have been stultified.”

Mr. Wigneswaran sent the letter to External Affairs Minister G.L.Peiris on Friday turning down the invitation adding that,” I would be guilty of facilitating tokenism were I to accept such an invitation.” Instead Mr. Wigneswaran said, he has sent his best wishes to the Prime Minister-elect of India through the Indian High Commissioner in Colombo.

Sri Lanka’s Aggressive Agenda To Modi’s Notice

Both during the armed conflict and after its conclusion, the Sri Lankan government made commitments to both India and the International Community to bring about an acceptable political solution. Unfortunately, this commitment has not been honoured.

The Sri Lankan Government on the contrary is aggressively persuing an agenda which:-

  1. Prevent thousands of displaced Tamil families from occupying thousands of acres of fertile valuable land both in North and East historically occupied by these people for residence and livelihood, in violation of commitments made by the Sri Lankan Government to both the Supreme Court and Parliament, and thus subjecting these Tamil families to extreme deprivation.
  2. Is vigorously settling persons from the majority community with state aid on lands in the North and East so as to change substantially the demographic composition of these areas.
  3. Is desecrating and destroying ancient sites of religious and cultural importance to the Tamil Hindu People in the North and East so as to radically alter the ethnic cultural identity of the said territories.
  4. Is impending and obstructing the overwhelmingly democratically elected Provincial Government of the Tamil National Alliance in the Northern Province form functioning………………….. READ ALL

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