Mody is a Mere Mortal-Do not Expect an Indira in India soon

By Dr C P Thiagarajah

The Indians in general and the world Tamils in specific expect an immediate appearance in India of a strong personality such as Indra Gandhi, a David Cameron or a Candian PM Stephen Harper after Mr Modi won the Lok Saba election on an anti-Sonia-Rahul (revulsion) wave. Prime Minister Modi will need time to even reach the stature of Madame Jayalalitha Jeyaram the Tamil chief minister of Tamil Nadu. She dwarfed the Modi wave in the last election by her tsunami victory for her ADMK party in Tamil Nadu.She won thirty four out of the 39 seats in Tamil Nadu, a record. This she did by her strong conviction and devotion to the preservation of human rights of Tamils in Tamil Nadu and elsewhere particularly in Sri-Lanka where the UN reports publicly declare that its president Mahinda Rajapakse, a suspected war criminal. As commander in chief of the Sri-Lankan armed forces he gave orders to kill surrendering civilians, breach of trust by bombing civilian Tamils in the ‘No Fire Zones’ declared by the Sinhala government and executing the under aged son of the LTTE leader Balachandran after he surrendered with his body guard.

M_Id_391375_Modi                                      Mr Narendra Modi

Mr Modi is a hard worker who rose from a tea boy as scornfully described by a congress educated aristocrat Brahmin, to be the Prime Minister of a huge democracy in the world. Though he got an external Masters degree from Delhi University he has still got to learn the secret of being a sterner stuff like Indira Gandhi or Stephen Harper or Hon David Cameron. Otherwise he will go down in history as the Gujarati who failed to uphold human rights. Imagine how many Guajarati spent their miserable lives in the Caribbean islands because their forefathers failed to protect their human rights?

He was advised by the mandarins of the Southern block to invite all heads of the SARC in an attempt to invite the war crime accused Mahinda Rajapakse of Sri-Lanka. These civil servants were responsible for supporting Rajapakse to wipe out the unarmed minority Tamil civilians for reason best known to themselves alone. The satanic civil servants of the previous regime is silently undermining the Modi government by misleading him under the guise of guarding foreign policy. Modi lacked the intelligence to pin point this slip to his party leaders and stop the invitation to the suspected  war criminal who is about to face a UNHRC inquiry for such crimes. Some of the Indian civil servants will be trapped in the inquiry. Therefore they are attempting to mislead Mody to white wash their crimes through participating in the function where Modi government will officially take over the government.


Indira Gandhi                           Hon David Cameron                  Mr Stephen Harper                   Madame Jayalalitha

Indira Gandhi was a real Hindu Indian that saved India from the clutches of Pakistan. If not for her India would be facing terrorism from external sources financed by the people who want to see India disintegrate into smaller states so that Hinduism could be erased off from India. She made her own decisions in politics and of course was advised wisely by her permanent secretary G  Parthasarathy. She believed in justice and upheld human rights and the rule of democracy. It is a well-known fact that Indira Gandhi supported the Tamils of Sri-Lanka as she knew their history well.

In the present yuga (time) Hon David Cameron and Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper stand out unique as the protectors/stalwarts of human rights. They  are the only two statesmen I can immediately recollect,  who are spending part of their valuable time to the preservation of human rights of the down trodden in the UN and other world assemblies.

In comparison to Mr Modi former head of the colonial master UK, Hon Mr David Cameron is all for an inquiry against the war crimes committed by the majority race Sinhalese against the minority Tamils of Sri-Lanka. He singly opposed the other members in the CHOGM and demanded from the war crime accused Rajapakse to conduct an inquiry into the alleged war crimes or else face an international inquiry. When the accused Rajapakse failed to comply David Cameron moved the censure motion in the UNHRC that paved the way for an inquiry. He at the same time allocated enough funds to the UNHRC to conduct the international inquiry. It has been reported that Nobel peace prize winner former UN head Koffie Annan will head the investigating team. A good outcome for a valiant fighter of human rights. May he live long?

Beating all is Prime minister of Canada Mr Stephen Harper. He not only refused the invitation to attend the CHOGM but also refused to fund the Commomwealth Association if it did not remove Rajapakse from the position as head of the Commonwealth organisation. So devoted and true to human rights values are these gems of the world. Will all good men emulate these young die-hards? Iris philosopher said “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”. Mr Modi should if you wish need not do good to Tamils but at least do them no harm/ wrong by inviting a war criminal and giving him a chance to white wash his crimes and claim respectability among the educated and the politicians. If Mr Modi is to be reminded Rajapakse is now a forbidden character in the West.

Dr C P Thiagarajah