Rajapaka Never Runs Short of New Tricks

Chauvinists GroupHere are two letters that speaks volumes for itself to show how desperate Rajapaksa is. The moment Narendra Modi gave invitations to all South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) members for his inauguration as the Prime Minister of India, Rajapaksa was the first to grab it. It was not as easy as the land grabs he is carrying out in the Tamil Homeland. This caused such an uproar in Tamil Nadu, that it put Tamil Nadu politicians and Modi into confrontation.
This would have caused merriment in the Rajapaksa camp, as they wanted a continuation of Sonia’s policies in Sri Lanka. That would be a day dream. In the first place inviting SAARC members for this auspicious function is only a formality with no absolute bearing on the future dealings in Sri Lanka. While decimating the Tamils during the Mullivaaikkal Genocide, Rajapaksa had thrown morality to the winds. The 100 million Tamils the world over will not forget or forgive the Sinhalese for killing hundreds of thousands of Tamils.
Moreover Modi had made several statements in Tamil Nadu that he will factor in the opinions of the states in his foreign policy; this the Italian Sonia never did. Like the way she went on a revenge spree, Modi wouldn’t do. Again Rajapaksa has damned himself by allowing the China and Pakistan to infiltrate into Sri Lanka, putting India’s Southern flanks at risk. All these are not matters that could be solved by merely grabbing the invitation card to SAARC first.
Since Rajapaksa came to power in 2005, he never ran short of tricks. The first one he played was on the Italian Sonia. He promised to finish of Prabhakaran and LTTE, but he didn’t tell her that he would kill as many Tamils as possible to make Sri Lanka a Sinhala Buddhist state.
The next trick he played was on US and UK. He factored the US ‘War on Terror’ into his war with the Tigers. He didn’t have to play any trick on China or Pakistan. They were only too pleased to make inroads into Sri Lanka to hit at India’s buttocks. Thus he managed to get all the supper powers in the world to finish off the LTTE and thus fulfil his ambition to create a Sinhala / Buddhist Sri Lanka. He also gave Prabhakaran the opportunity to claim the title of being the greatest hero in Tamil History and perhaps in the world as a victim of International Treachery.
Now the time has come for reckoning in Sri Lanka. The UNHRC resolution of March 27 2014 has fixed Sonia’s Congress and Rajapaksa Brothers and Armed Forces. Sonia cannot go to the court and say that she gave Rajapaksa permission to kill only the LTTE as he has ample evidence to the contrary. US and UK wanted Rajapaksa to win the war but not kill the civilians or those who surrendered. US bravely brought the 2014 Resolution in UNHRC, but poor Manmohan Singh had to abstain during the voting. If not for the May Indian General Elections, India would have voted against the resolution.
Now Rajapaksa comes out with another trick On 23. 05. 2014, G.L Peiris faxed a letter to Sri Lankan retired pensioner, Justice C.V Wigneswaran to accompany Rajapaksa to Modi’s inauguration of 26 May 2014 and Wignes replied as follows.
23 .05. 2014

Professor G.L. Peiris, MP,

Minister of External Affairs

Hon’ble Minister!

Your Fax of even date to hand.

I’m grateful for the invitation extended on behalf of H.E. The President to accompany him to grace the occasion of the swearing in of Shri Narandra Modi, the Prime Minister Elect of India, even at this late stage. I reply having considered your kind request in the company of my Board of Ministers.

It is an auspicious sign that the historic election of Shri Narendra Modi has revived in the Government of Sri Lanka a sense of co-operation and partnership towards the Northern Province. Given the untold hardships of the Peoples of Northern Province and the strictures on the functioning of the Northern Provincial Council, this is indeed welcome.

However, I regret to inform you that I’m unable to accept your kind invitation. Primarily, because acceptance would indicate that there exists a strong co-operative spirit prevailing between the Centre and the Province, when in fact, the People of North are engulfed in a climate of fear on account of the continued presence of the Military while the activities of the Northern Provincial Council have been stultified. I would be guilty of facilitating token, were I to accept such invitation. Nevertheless I have already sent my best wishes to the Prime Minister Elect of India through the High Commissioner for India in Sri Lanka.

I earnestly hope that the spirit of partnership and goodwill expressed by your kind invitation would nevertheless continue to ensure that the electoral mandate of the Northern Province would be fulfilled and the fundamental rights of its People are preserved.

Yours sincerely,

Justice C.V. Wigneswaran

Chief Minister

Northern Province

To add insult to injury Hon. R.Sampanthan wrote the following letter to Modi, congratulating him in his inauguration as followers.

R Sampanthan MP

R Sampanthan MP

Shri Narendra Modi,

Prime Minister,

Prime Minister’s office,

New Delhi,

Dear Prime Minister

I write to you as the leader of the Tamil National Alliance, the political formation in Sri Lanka democratically elected at different levels of government, to substantially represent the Tamil people particularly of the North East in Sri Lanka.

We extend to you on behalf of the Tamil People is Sri Lanka our warmest congratulations on your resounding victory at the recently concluded elections to the Loke Sabha and on your appointment to the high office of the Prime Minister of Bharat – India. We extend to you and to your government our very sincere best wishes for the successful discharge if your onerous responsibilities.

We look forward to working closely with you and your government to further strengthen genuine ties between Sri Lanka and India and also to ensure violence doesn’t recur in Sri Lanka, and that all Sri Lankans are able to carry on their lives in territories they live in, based upon equality and justice.

Following the anti Tamil program of 1983 Sri Lanka accepted India’s offer of its good offices, to bring about a final and acceptable resolution of national conflict in Sri Lanka. This has been a continuing process though at times interrupted. India has and continues to play a role.

With the elimination of the armed conflict in May 2009 violence came to an end every opportunity came about to bring a permanent end to the conflict based upon equality, justice and genuine peace.

Both during the armed conflict and after its conclusion, the Sri Lankan government made commitments to both India and the International Community to bring about an acceptable political solution. Unfortunately, this commitment has not been honoured.

The Sri Lankan Government on the contrary is aggressively persuing an agenda which:-

  1. Prevent thousands of displaced Tamil families from occupying thousands of acres of fertile valuable land both in North and East historically occupied by these people for residence and livelihood, in violation of commitments made by the Sri Lankan Government to both the Supreme Court and Parliament, and thus subjecting these Tamil families to extreme deprivation.
  2. Is vigorously settling persons from the majority community with state aid on lands in the North and East so as to change substantially the demographic composition of these areas.
  3. Is desecrating and destroying ancient sites of religious and cultural importance to the Tamil Hindu People in the North and East so as to radically alter the ethnic cultural identity of the said territories.
  4. Is impending and obstructing the overwhelmingly democratically elected Provincial Government of the Tamil National Alliance in the Northern Province form functioning.
  5. Is continuing to violate the fundamental and human rights of the Tamil people in the North and East so as to deny them equality before the law and relegate them to the status of second class citizens.
  6. The excessively disproportionate and oppressive presence of the military, particularly in the North and  also in the East, construction of substantial housing facilities for the military, the grave inconvenience and disruption caused to civilian life, the gender based violence, the involvement of the military in agriculture, farming, fishing and in commercial activity have a serious and adverse impact on civilian life.

These actions by the Sri Lankan Government undermine all efforts towards reconciliation, permanent peace and harmony, and further create an environment that could promote hostility which the Tamil people certainly do not desire. We also submit that these actions of Sri Lankan government are clearly indicative of lack of genuine commitment on the part of the Sri Lankan government to evolve an acceptable political solution.

We consider it our duty to bring these matters to your notice at the earliest possible opportunity. We do so in the belief that an honourable peace based upon justice and equality must prevail, and that Bharath’s – India’s role would ensure that. We request that an opportunity be afforded to us to meet with you and others in Government at your earliest convenience.

With our warmest regards and very best wishes.

Yours Very Sincerely

R. Sampanthan

Member of Parliament, Trincomalle/ Sri Lanka

Leader, Tamil National Alliance

Please, after having read all these, draw your own conclusion on what reception awaits him in Delhi. He thought he can get away with murder by getting Wigneswaran to accompany him to Delhi, but he failed. Let us wish him the Best.