‘Lands in Killinochchi was captured by the Army from the LTTE’ so the Army refuses to give it to the Tamil owners.

MAHINDAA group of people who had come from Chavakachcheri held a protest in Kilinochchi demanding a land which had been used by the Army after it was captured from the LTTE, the army said. 

“A group of 40 people arrived in Chavakachcheri staged a protest in Kilinochchi asking for the land. The land was captured by the Army from the LTTE. None of the protesters had legal deeds for the land although they claimed it was theirs,” Defence Ministry spokesman, Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasooriya said. He said the land was adjacent to the land where the slain LTTE Leader used to commemorate Martyrs’ Day.

A Tamil civilian asked if the Army claims the lands in Tamil area are theirs now than did we have TWO countries before May 2009? This attitute of the Sri Lankan governments defence Ministry is an good example of how poor the Tamils are treated in Sri Lanka after LTTE was defeated by Sri Lankan Army. The Sri Lankan Sinhala politicians, Racist Buddhists Monks  and Sinhala Military forces are justifying the course of the LTTE which was fighting for the rights of the Tamil Community in Sri Lanka. If the Sinhalese will continue to cheat and discriminate the minority Tamils than the Tamil community will have no choice than to support another uprising by the Tamil youths against the Racist Sinhala government.