Look at the positives side not the discrimination of the Tamil community by us

Champika-300x225President Mahinda says critics should look at the positives in Sri Lanka following the end of the war and not just look at the non implementation of the 13+ political package he promised before the killing of more than 40,000 Tamil Civilians by the Army in May 2009.

The Tamil community has been cheated and discriminated by the sucessive Sinhala governments for 60 years since the independence received from British rule.

 The Tamil youth took arms after their political leaders failed to stop the discriminations by the Sinhala leaders who played the race card to stay in power.

The President recalled that Sri Lanka suffered during the brutal war but is now on the fast track of development but he refused to talk about the killing of thousands of Tamil civilians by his Army.

He however noted that the fast tracked development in the country is being ignored by some who are keen on continuing being critics of the Governments poor Human rights record and failing to implement the promised political package for the last five years.

Refering to Indian politics the Sri Lankan government is confident that with the support of Subramanium Swamy and Sushma Swaraj.

Sri Lanka confident it can fool Sushma Swaraj.