PM Modi insisted on 13A – Mahinda’s dummy Jaffna Mayor

PM Modi insisted on 13A – Mahinda’s dummy Jaffna Mayor PM Modi insisted on 13A – Mahinda’s dummy Jaffna Mayor

6206075692_0a59cc568cIndian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, while emphasizing on the full implementation of the 13th Amendment as a durable solution to the Lankan problem, was pleased with the post-war rehabilitation and reconstruction activities being carried out in the Northern Province, Government appointed Jaffna Mayor a well known anti LTTE  Mrs Yogeswari Patkunarajah said. Soon after her arrival in Colombo with the Presidential entourage yesterday, after attending the swearing-in ceremony of Modi as India’s 15th Prime Minister, Patkunarajah said that her meeting with Modi was pleasant and she was able to say good things in favour of President Mahinda to the new Indian Leader.

The Democratically elected Chief Minister Wigneswaren refused to go with the President Mahinda who is closely associated with racist political parties who never keeps his promises made to solve the Tamil problem. His refusal was because the President was asking Tamils to join him to coverup his refusal to implement his promised  13+ amendment before his forces killing more than 40,000 Tamil Civilians in May 2009. eventually Mrs patkunarajah offered to say only good things to Indian PM Modi if she was given the opportunity to join him to India. 
“During the meeting at Hyderabad House, New Delhi, Modi queried about post-war development activities in the North. He emphasized that the 13th Amendment should be implemented in a satisfactory manner in order to find a durable political solution to the Lankan Tamil question. Modi also said India would continue to support peace building measures and reconstruction activities in Sri Lanka,” Mrs Patkunarajah said. 

Jaffna Mayor Yogeshwari Patkunarajah today refused to allow a motion to be passed at the Jaffna Municipal Council calling for ‘more than 40,ooo Tamil Civillians killed in Mullivaikal during the final stages of the war by the Sri Lankan forces’ to be remembered as this will expose the Human Rights abuse by her master President Mahinda.

The Mayor had said that if such a motion is to be presented it should include those killed since 1983 when the war began and not just those killed during the final battle as this will ‘give cover’ to her master Mahinda who was in charge of the forces who killed more than 40,000 Tamil Civilians in May 2009.

However the opposition objected to this saying the motion must only draw attention to those killed during the final stages of the war in 2009 and not since 1983. The Jaffna Mayor however refused to agree to the motion and as a result the opposition staged a walk-out and boycotted the proceedings of the Council today.