Low bred slut who sleeps with senile judges and AGs seeking to save Navy white Van murderer


Low bred slut who sleeps with senile judges and AGs seeking to save Navy white Van murderer !

-not enough her villainies to rescue criminal Rajapakses

(Lanka-e-News – 28.July.2017, 11.20AM)  Lanka e news inside information division believes it is imperative  that  it should reveal to the law abiding citizens of Sri Lanka (SL) , among the judges and Attorney Generals suffering from senile decay who are dilly dallying and withholding   the criminal cases against the corrupt and criminal Rajapakses  , is also a shameless villainous slut  in  the Attorney General’s (AG) department who prefers to sleep with those senile  judges and AGs  even on the pavement like stray dogs  and who dreams of  nothing except immoral and  evil activities to the detriment of the country and the nation. It is learnt  this  low bred  slut is indulging in conspiratorial activities to rescue the Navy white Van murderers .

This villainous slimy ‘lowyer’ representing the AG’s department has unlawfully sought to secure bail for the Navy suspects in the white Van ghastly murders when the case was taken up on the 21 st. This slut  of a lawyer is none other than senior state counsel  Lakmini Girihagama. She is a bosom pal of another  state counsel whom we exposed earlier on as one who  left no stone unturned to rescue the cruel Navy  criminal who brutally killed many  students after collecting extortion payments .

Unbelievably , when the CID informed court in the case filed requesting bail for the Navy criminal ,that they object to bail being granted , this ‘lowyer’ had outrageously told court,  the CID has not adequate  grounds to refuse bail.  While it is not possible for the AG’s department to do anything  counter to the request of the CID , which is also another  government Institution , this ‘lowyer’  however has indulged in this villainy unheeding the orders given by the AG in the morning on the same day. The AG has given clear instructions to her not to do or say anything contrary to the CID ‘s requests in court .

In any event the judge who examined the bail application refused to grant bail meaning that he had understood the gravity of the crime though this slut   Lakmini was  frivolous and uncaring about her own onerous legal duties as a State counsel. In the circumstances the AG can  be compelled to take disciplinary action against her over her controversial  and most reprehensible conduct.

It is well to recall it is  because of this same ‘lowyer’ ,the crooked Gotabaya Rajapakse has been able to evade  the arms  of the law  in connection with the massive fraud involving a whopping sum of Rs. 90 million of public funds siphoned off  by him to erect a monument in memory of his dead  parents. Lakmini with whom the file is,  by pointing out that the signature of Gotabaya is not clear is inordinately delaying action. 

We are reluctantly compelled  to expose the putrid antecedence of Lakmini a notorious slut. We are  reporting  this supported with concrete and cogent  evidence based on her actual  debauched life and lifestyle.

Lakmini is the daughter of a police sergeant and hails  from an ordinary family . During her period at law College as a student , it was former  AG Palitha Fernando who was her lecturer . She was so greedy for lifting herself up  in her career that she got herself involved with Palitha Fernando a married man and much older. She knew lifting  the saree is the easiest and surest way to reach the top , her  bottom  rotting thereby  notwithstanding. Palitha too saw to it she got an appointment in the AG’s department in order to carry on regardless with his lascivious activities  with her . Being  led by his erections more , and less by  his official directions , she could do nothing proper or right.

During the period of illicit love between the ‘itchy bitchy’ and the ‘AG oldie’ there erupted  an embitterment . Lakmini , in keeping with her low breed began to sneak on  Palitha to  a senior state counsel Eva Wanasundara. She told Eva that Palitha was sexually harassing her , and not allowing her to be in peace . One day Eva told Lakmini , ‘I shall wait at the entrance to Palitha’s office when you go into his room . If he tries to use force , you call me’

When Palitha tried to kiss her , Lakmini had hit and scraped him with her nails, whereupon Eva has rushed into the room and noticed the AG in a shocked state with injuries  due to the scraping.

The two parties nevertheless suppressed the incident in order to safeguard their self respect ( if they had any at all  ! ) and the incident  did not receive  publicity . Now that Eva Wanasundara is a  Supreme Court judge surely she cannot tell a lie in regard to this .

After some time this Palitha – Lakmini  love again sprouted . Palitha then sent her to Fiji Islands at her request to help her to  make some money via  her employment there.   Lakmini’s  favorite sex  lust  hobby took the better of her there too. She got around another old judge. Unfortunately for them , one day when they were travelling their  vehicle met with an accident , as a  result the  cat was out of the bag – their secret immoral aims and activities came to light. The outcome : Lakmini  was sent back home. After returning she re -joined the AG’s department.

Even today she follows the instructions of Palitha Fernando the  ‘naki manamalaya’   her illicit lover ,and not  the instructions issued by the present AG who is in fact her chief. ‘Older the bull harder the horn’ is an old adage , and  Lakmini is a faithful follower of it .  

It is to be noted Palitha Fernando who was a judge advocate of the Navy naturally has motive to rescue the Navy white Van murderers. Lanka e news inside information division  is in receipt of cogent evidence to substantiate the fact that Lakmini acted contrary to  official instructions most brazenly when the bail application case was being heard because she was obeying  Palitha Fernando’s  orders. We also have evidence to prove that she discussed  with Palitha Fernando for several hours via phone just before the case was taken up for hearing .

As a news website that always espouses the cause of truth , justice and fair play  come what may , we deem it is our duty to issue a forewarning to Lakmini Girihagama the slut, if she goes on   disrespecting the laws and respecting  only erections of senile judges  while fattening her  purse with salaries paid  out of public funds. When the enraged public react , none will be able to  predict what explosive proportions the fury of the masses can reach . Lakmini will therefore be well advised if she thinks in the right direction for justice’ sake at least from now on instead of being obsessed with erections  alone.

May we inform the public that we shall reveal every detail including name , address and the past records of all those scoundrels and rascals in the AG’s department who are engaging in villainy and high treason with a view to withhold and delay the criminal cases of the Rajapakses , as well as those of the crooks and corrupt of their nefarious decade.

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