TNA Parliamentarian visits landslide victims

1939899_367615490079771_1109382148186830721_nBY Our Batticaloa  Correspondent

S. Yogeswaran was the first Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Parliamentarian to visit the landslide victims in Koslanda on Thursday.
The Batticaloa District TNA Parliamentarian along with a group of volunteers from his electorate visited the two IDP centres at Sri Ganesha Vidyalaya and Poonagala Tamil Vidyalaya where the civilians who have escaped from the landslide have been sheltered.

TNA Parliamentarian and the volunteers who went with him to Koslanda distributed relief items to the victims and they also interacted closely with the civilians who have lost their kith and kin.

Batticaloa District Young Hindu Federation had also joined the TNA Parliamentarian in his humanitarian mission.
Meanwhile, a Hindu organization from Zurich, Switzerland has also granted financial assistance through the TNA Parliamentarian, Yogeswaran, who had visited Koslanda.
Speaking to the landslide victims, Yogeswaran said that new solid separate houses in safer areas should be put up for them in future.