Tangalle ex-PS chairman’s injuries self-inflicted-JMO

Simon-Danczuk-53303121One of the four JMO’s of the Tangalle Hospital, who examined the accused allegedly involved in the killing of Khuram Sheik, said the injuries on the third accused Tangalle PS Chairman Chandrapushpa Vidanapathirana appeared to be a self inflicted one caused before 24 to 72 hours of her examining him.

Four JMO’s of the Hospital who examined the accused allegedly involved in the killing  and gang rape on the victim’s girlfriend today testified in the Colombo High Court. Their evidence was led by Senior State Counsel Thusith Mudalige.

Doctors J.K.H. Jagath Priyadharsana, Deshani Dhammika, K.L.S. De Silva and Chandana Priyanth gave their evidence before Colombo High Court Judge Rohini Walgamam.

Dr. Priyadharshana said she examined the first and the second accused Obadage Lahiru Kelum and Saman Deshapriya who were produced before her by the Tangalle Police on December 27, 2011.

She said she did not notice any injuries on Lahiru Kelum but she observed a swelling on the right palm of Saman Deshapriya and on questioning him he had stated that it was the result of a fall. The doctor also said they did not appear to be under the influence of liquor.

Dr. Dhammika in her evidence said she qualified as a doctor from the Ruhunu University. She said she did not have any specialized training in forensic medicine. But she practiced as a JMO for six years.
Dr Dhammika said on December 26, 2011 she examined the former Tangalle Provincial Council Chairman Chandrapushpa Vidanapathirana and fourth accused Prageeth Chaturanga and noticed injuries and swelling on some parts of the chairman’s body.

On being crossexamined by defense Counsel Kalinga Indatissa PC the witness said when a person was produced before her for examination she never questioned that person for the history of the injury or injuries.

Dr. Dhammika admitted that it was a lapse on her part not to have asked the history of the injuries. She said patients were normally produced before her by the police to determine whether the person had consumed alcohol. Therefore she never asked the patient for history of any injuries. She said she prepared the report only on her observation and based on the police report.

Dr. Dhammika said the injuries on the third accused’s body were self-inflicted ones. This would have been caused before 24 to 72 hours of her examining the patient. However she cannot exactly say when it had happened.

Dr. de Silva in her evidence said she examined the accused M. Sarath on December 26, 2011 at the Tangalle Hospital and that she did not observe injuries on the accused’s body. She said she never questioned the person about the history of the injuries.

Dr Priyanath giving evidence said he examined the victim Ryan Akalanka on December 26, 2011. On questioning by him he said that during a Christmans Party at nature resort hotel in Tangalle he was assaulted by some unknown people.  The doctor said there were 27 injuries on the body of the victim and those injuries could have caused with a blunt weapon and with the use of fists.( Farook Thajudeen)