Karunanidhi slams Centre’s decision to resend Sri Lankan Tamil family

KarunanidhiManmohan_360x270CHENNAI: DMK chief M Karunanidhi on Saturday condemned Centre’s decision to resend a Sri Lankan Tamil family which came from London to India for medical purposes.

In a statement, Karunanidhi said, “Sri Lanka has requested all the nations to ban 424 Tamils belonging to various organizations. Other countries have refused to accept the Lankan request. But media reports suggest that India has accepted the request and has taken action on it.”

A man, who is among the 424 people banned by the Sri Lankan government, came to India along with his mother from London for treatment. However, without even considering the humanitarian aspect, the Centre had returned the person and this was condemnable, said Karunanidhi.

The demand by the Sri Lankan government, which is accused of human rights violation during the 2009 civil war, to proscribe the 424 people was unacceptable, said Karunanidhi.