Minister Wimal wants to be the next president?

  • Wimal accuses the ‘Three Rajapaksha Rulers’
  • War was won by Joint government and not by Rajapaksha family.
  • Mahinda may loose next Presidential election.


UNP waiting for Wimal’s next move

Chairman of the UNP Leadership Council (LC) and Gampaha District MP Karu Jayasuriya told The Island yesterday (8) that the party was watching with interest Minister Wimal Weerawansa’s threats to leave the government and, therefore, was unable to make further comments, but they were attempting to resurrect the UNP to face a snap parliamentary or presidential election and also the Uva PC polls.

 Leader of the Democratic Left Front (DLF) and Minister of National Languages and Social Integration Vasudeva Nanayakkara said that he was told that Weerawansa sounded very serious about his threat of leaving the government, but one could only guess what he would do ultimately.

NFF reiterates govt.  must mend its ways

Minister of Construction, Engineering Services, Housing and Common Amenities – Wimal Weerawansa says that two, three persons cannot be allowed to rule the country and things would always not work out in a happy go lucky manner.

Weerawansa was speaking at an interview with the ‘Lankadeepa’ newspaper.

Not directly naming these ‘two, three persons’ , the minister has said that even children of the country know who they are. It was common-sense that he was accusing the three Rajapaksha brothers as ruling Sri Lanka.

Emphasising that the war was won through a joint effort, the minister has rated the management of the government as ‘zero’.

wimal-weerawansa‘As an example’ a discussion about the approaching Presidential elections is held within the opposition. If we think every election can be won easily, such an estimation is wrong. No one can tell that things will work out for us always. However, not a single discussion is taking place on this regard. We should discuss these and come up with tactics,’ he has said.

A political commentator pointed out that Minister Wimal is a man who is like attention seeking child who always wanted his photo on the front page of the papers. But with the report on  abuses in the hands of President by his Ministers Wimal is only a puppet  who will shut his mouth soon.

As a government Minister he went on a ”Fast to Death” Drama in 2013, which all knew that was an attention seeking drama and was done with the Rajapaksha’s support.

‘The challenge triggered from Geneva should be politically managed. It is not an issue limited to the Ministry of External Affairs. The government is faced with taking up a massive role but not doing so. Two, three persons are ruling the country and these persons think all is well,’ he has added.

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